Mad Mime, the most silent anger in Japan

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WHen we get angry, usually it come up with very big sound. Someone scream, roar or beat something to express their anger.
But at that time, there are no sound aroung there, but certainly there are anger, very very strong anger !
But no sound. because the anger was aroused from pant mimer.
If you want to know the reason why this pant mimer got angry, please Click the “READ MORE” link !.


(What’s a fucking bastard ! Pay money ! )

( Put your money into this box, this……………)

( Hey, Are you serious sir, ha ? Pay money, here, now, this box, here! here ! HERE ! PAY MOENY IN HERE !!!!!!!!!!)

(I am entertainer to make you entertaining )

( …… if you don’t pay money….)

( I low my head so that you cannot enjoy my performance )

( What’s the fuck, you ! why are you still be there ?)

( Why do you keep take a picture without paying moeny ? )

And suddenly, He start to move gradually !

He start to walk slowly

He start coming up closely

His body start to seem bigly

He start to get angry heavly !

His eye brow glow big by his mad

He is now MAD MAX ! ………………….but silent.

I at last stop to take a photo. I abandened to take a photo, I escape with my bare life. I run away to save my life.

I can run away, and he cannot catch me. He come back to his place, and I took a picture from far away.

I have never known that Pant mime is so exiting thing even though very silent.


  1. Mr Agabashi says:

    Very Angry Man. I really like the matrix style picture of arm movement.
    Thank you for doing your website, I like to see pictures of Japan all the way from England because I can get to the Alps cheaper than Japan!

  2. Dannier says:

    European pant mime don´t like photos either

  3. Dutchy says:

    Hehe, you should have pulled his mask off and quickly take a picture.

  4. notjonathon says:

    It’s nice to know that mimes suck regardless of where you are. Apparently the lameness of mimes is a quality without borders.

  5. Dollar Bill says:

    Hi Masa,
    Angry pantomime man looks like he’s still pissed about the A-bomb being dropped on Japan. The French are angry (and rude, but that is beside the point) and they also have pantomime men, but they are called Le Petomane in France. Has Japan ever heard of Le Petomane? The greatest was a 19th century French farter There are not many Le Petomane men left in France. Most modern French men stink like farts and a good Le Petomane can no longer get any business in France since no one can tell the difference between a French man and a Le Petomane man. Do Japanese pantomime men work farting into their act like Le Petomane men used to?
    Your friend in America,
    Dollar Bill
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    THank you. and I don’t know. actually, your question is difficult for me for my poor language ability.

  6. Dollar Bill says:

    Hi Masa,
    Here’s a haiku for you:
    Japs are fucking nuts.
    Thems all act like George Takei*
    Most silent anger.
    Your Friend in America,
    Dollar Bill
    *Played Mr. Sulu on Star Trek

  7. Adrian Bodi says:

    Wow, i think mimes are as dangerous as lions, tigers, and naruto cosplayers. You were lucky you saved your life.

  8. boombasstic says:

    he dont seems to be wearing a mask.
    hey masa, why didnt you fuck the angry pant mimer?

  9. ChrisV82 says:

    Do Japanese mimes do anything besides demand money? In Western Countries, our mimes pretend to be in boxes or pretend to climb ropes. Of course, they’re not as angry as your mimes.
    =================from MasaManiA
    If we dont pay, they never move

  10. Dollar Bill says:

    RE: If we don’t pay, they never move.
    Hey Masa,
    Now I get it! In America, land of the free, we have similar paint mimes.
    In America, scary black men spray-painted themselves silver from head to toe. They even spray paint their gang-banger sunglasses silver.
    The silver man stands immobile, until somebody puts money in his pot, which causes him to gyrate for a while. The silver man then stands still until the next donation. He usually doesn’t kick your ass if you don’t put money in his box. At least when he is standing still, he’s not robbing you. They are fucking scary, I tell you!
    I think they paint themselves silver to look like a Japanese robot from the song lyrics “Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Mata ah-oo hima de. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto, Himitsu wo shiri tai”
    Your friend in America,
    Dollar Bill

  11. Cody in Tokyo says:

    He who runs away, lives to fuck another day. Good pictures.

  12. Roger says:

    Damn, I wonder how much they make doing that? I figure it can’t be much. What motivates them to do that?
    I was looking for the bird in there somewhere but I think he would have come after your ass if you flipped the bird.
    Love your site!
    Roger in U.S.

  13. クリス says:

    In Canada our mime hug people.
    Japanese mime should learn from Canada mime.
    Less mime violence will happen.
    Keep up the good work, Masa.

  14. drixxx says:

    “Most modern French men stink like farts and a good Le Petomane can no longer get any business in France since no one can tell the difference between a French man and a Le Petomane man”
    too bad that such a great site of discovery has that kind of racist so-called humoristic comments. to answer you, dollar bill a mime and a petomane are completely different things but it’s gonna be hard to explain; by the way, are you from Texas or Alabama to be that smart and proud of it.
    Once again, Masa, congratulations 4 your pictures and your words. U gotta be a kind of Story teller. keep on this way , one of your fans.

  15. zhi yang says:

    haha, thats like so funny, you really crack me up all the time…
    btw, which part of japan do you live in?
    i’m going to japan soon…cant wait to see all those amazin shiit
    =================from MasaManiA
    THank you, and I live in Tokyo, and my office is in Roppongi whrer it is famous for the foreinger’s town.

  16. USA#1 (Japan #2) says:

    To drixx,
    Hatred of Frenchmen is not racist. Hatred of another because of nationality or country of origin is not racist. Being a Frenchman, you play the roll of a victim very well, but America and England will not save your coward butt this time.
    USA#1 (Japan #2)

  17. Naruki says:

    Dollar Bill is pulling your leg. Those weren’t black men in silver paint. They were white. Well, one of them was hard to tell, but the rest were definitely white.

  18. the_Etruscan says:

    I wish the ultra-nationalist hot-heads who post here sometimes would take a lesson from Mr. angry pantomime and shut the fuck up every once in a while. Are we still bickering about WWII? Some people you just can’t take anywhere without them making an issue out of military supremacy. In psychology, they call it “borderline disorder” when someone is constitutionally incapable of seeing anyone else’s point of view but their own. But don’t worry, not all Americans are ugly Americans, only about 51%. Maybe they’ll manage to out-grow adolescence whenever they get drafted to Iraq.
    In the meantime, fuck you Masa! Great site, fantastic photo-essays! Gambate & Kampai!

  19. Rasputing says:

    Interesting, sir.
    It looks like someone has stolen his balls and he cannot find them and must do an eternal search.
    Excellent motion picture with the hand. Asian people are good with cameras, lol.
    Thanks for update.

  20. Wannabe Ninja says:

    Fuck angry pant mime! I did see good mimes at Mibu-dera once. I guess it was called “Kyougen” though. すごく面白いサイトなんだよ!

  21. x says:

    He shouldn’t move without money, but he does anyway!

  22. Leo says:

    Strange mime! What model of camera do you use?
    =======================from MasaManiA
    At this time, I use Sanyo Degital Camera. Not so expensive one.

  23. Mac says:

    If you can be so small as to bring up WW2, then you can also bring up the american war for independence.
    The french help against the english is the only reason why America isn’t still an english colony. The american army was nothing in those days and the french contributed with basically everything.
    Conveniently forgotten facts?

  24. Natas Liah says:

    Hey Masa, it’s me NATAS LAIH again.
    Did you know Marcel Marceu is the worlds most famous mime from France!
    Have you heard the album “MARCEL MARCEU’S GREATIST HITS”? 30 minutes of silence, with the sound of applause and people clapping at the end on both sides! It was a real LP released a few years back.
    I think anyone who is always silent would have to be an angry person.

  25. I lurve masa says: is the best site on the Internet right now. And I should know, because I’ve seen pretty much the whole thing.

  26. Tuxie says:

    Masa, please make a photoserie when you make pancakes! That would be awesome!
    Love from Sweden.

  27. Joe Lebowski says:

    “There are not many Le Petomane men left in France. Most modern French men stink like farts and a good Le Petomane can no longer get any business in France since no one can tell the difference between a French man and a Le Petomane man.”

    I see that the americans fatass will continue to make us laught a lot with their stupidity… thanks to you dollar bill, and congratulation to your president… (et vive les prejuges…)
    Your Friend in France

  28. trebenaid says:

    As an American I would like to say that dollar bill speaks for himself. Not all of us are bigots. Not even most of us are bigots. Only a few bad apples that make it look bad for the rest of us.

  29. VanRotten says:

    He looks like Ming the merciless.Where’s Flash Gordon when you need him?

  30. Joe Lebowski says:

    yes I know… but dollar bill seems to like prejudices, so…

  31. That guy really scares me, you shoulda changed clothes and came back and took more pictures, bug him enough until he seys something.

  32. Brandon says:

    “I see that the americans fatass will continue to make us laught a lot with their stupidity… thanks to you dollar bill, and congratulation to your president… (et vive les prejuges…)
    Your Friend in France”
    Ugh yeah sorry about this Dollar Bill guy, really. Not all of us are xenophobic like him, there’s a lot of us who are open to and like to explore other people’s cultures, like me. Sorry…

  33. Joe Lebowski says:

    yes I know it Brandon… and you know, in france it’s the same, a lot of frenchs hate americans since the iraq war… but some of us continue to like america, the open-minded america, the true america, Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen and Woody Allen’s america…

  34. Talia says:

    oh my! Attacked by a scary catipillar-brow mime! I think most Americans don’t really like mimes, so there are no mimes around anymore, but their used to be when I was little…hmm…

  35. Ahso says:

    If mime friend knew others, he could do something like this:

  36. brett says:

    mad mime is silent but dangerous. i see he have big problem! but what is big problem?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    I dont know

  37. sob says:

    He is a bullshit.

  38. Shin says:

    I met angry mime once. But he was different.
    It was in Rome.
    His performance was the worst I ever seen, and all mime are bad performance to start.
    At the end, he come to us (we were in outside restauran) and want money. We tell him we do not support mime. So he stop mime, and begin to talk. He tell us that mime is art, and that we should give him money. He say some nonsense, that mime is a discovery and journey. He start yelling, so restaurant make him leave.
    Mime is stupid. Mime should get real job or die.

  39. Fear thar Lear says:

    im speaking as an Irish person, America’s little buddies on the edge of europe, and for every one cool american i meet i hate to say that we get so many ignorant hills of flesh from the deep south its hard to shake off the predjudices. And the French are cool, if a bit cold( desole, mais il est devenu vrai de nos jours). we should all be more like the japs. you know… a bit strange and not so hard headed.
    Ar son na cuise! mura bhfuil tu abalta me a thuiscint grad leat! vive la gaelic, mar ‘se an teanga is dathula sa domhan.

  40. brett says:

    maybe mad mime is mad because he does not have super eurobeat cd!? or is he mad because he is pained by unvoiced desires?

  41. La La Ru says:

    Right, technically he’s entertaining in public.
    So, it’s your choice as the public to pay him or not. =P
    He shouldn’t get mad at you.

  42. bluemanstone says:

    I hate mimes

  43. bluemanstone says:

    I still hate mimes

  44. 42TMOLTUAE says:

    Here’s a crazy idea for about half of the people who posted here: What if you judge each PERSON by their comments and not each person’s COUNTRY?
    I know, I know, wacky kabuki me…Just another ‘bigoted’ American…

  45. bluemanstone says:

    here’s a crazy idea for you navy wave
    how about not judging anyone, for it is judgment that creates racism and hatred to begin with
    take your flag and shove it so far up your ass that you stand at attention 24 hours a day
    your ignorance is an embarrassment to your country

  46. Dollar Bill says:

    France rejects EU constitution on May 30, 2005?!!?!?
    OK. Maybe the French people aren’t such pussies. They saved their country by turning down the European constitution. Even so, France will wither away as a country since their money is tied to the monies of all the other euro trash countries. How stupid can the French government be? Don’t they know that money equals power and power equals government. Giving control of your countries’ money to others means giving control of your government to others. The best thing that can come of this is the death to the stupid French language and to the “art” of Pantomime.
    Japan and USA are #2 and #1 respectively and will never let their government be controlled by any country other than the USA. Frenchmen still stink like Le Petomane and French women have sloppy pussies. Also, Pantomime is for fags.
    America … Fuck Yea! George Bush kick’s ass!
    Dollar Bill

  47. Dollar Bill says:

    Masa, if you were going to shoot a French mime, would you use a silencer?
    Q: Why is the 2005 French tennis open played on dirt?
    A: Because the French arn’t better than pigs.
    Here’s what my friend, Five Dollar Bill has to say about the French: “Fuck France. You bunch of snail eating, wine swilling, street mime watching, berret wearing, hairy armpit having, cigarette holder using, non-bathing, obnoxious fucking pussies. I’m planning on having a vacation to France. You guys could surrender to me. It would be a lot of fun; Fucking you like Bitches.”
    =============from MasaManiA
    If french mimer is nude girl, i will shoot it.

  48. Mark says:

    To the individual who claims that the only reason the United States is not an English colony is because of the French, I only have one question: Do you honestly believe that 220+ years after that war the US would not eventually been successful against the English? The War of 1812 proves you wrong on that point. As for the French, it is a good thing that the English did not enlist the help of very large numbers of Germans ( or Prussians, as modern Germany did not exist until 1871); the French would have surrendered immediately.
    As for the asshole who thinks he is an amateur psychologist, the french have what I believe is known as “delusions of grandeur”. They act like they are a world power when if fact they would get their ass kicked by the Salvation Army and their economy is the laughing stock of Western Europe. The term “french military” is an oxymoron.
    I will close with an old, but very apt, joke: Why did the French plant trees on both side of the Chanmps’ Elysees? So the German Army could march in the shade

  49. dementia says:

    I think mimes are creepy!

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