Cosplay phots gallery vol.2

From my cosplay photo album, I pick up 69 photos. Please enjoy it.
Click the picture to see 69 cosplay pictures.
Notice, there are no special meaning the number “69”. Just coincidence. This time is also just coincidence.


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  1. I must design my own costume at once. That way cosplay fans in Japan will dress up as “Ghost of a flea” and their ki-energy will form a web of power bringing world peace.

  2. What a great presentation! However, it appears as if some males are dressed as females. Are they guys dressed as girls? No offense, but are these men homosexuals, cross dressers or transvestites? What do people in Japan think of men dressing in women’s clothing?
    Do most young people dress in costumes or is this a minority?
    I enjoy reading your website and I thank you in advanced for answering my questions.
    Thank you,
    I also noticed that I have never seen any fat Japanese people unlike most fat and lazy Americans!
    ======================from MasaManiA
    They are just playing.

  3. As someone else said: Japanese people like to take things to the extreme. Looking at these pics I can’t help but agree. 😉

  4. I like the variety of characters that Japanese cosplayers do. At American conventions, most people cosplay as Inu Yasha. And they’re fat.

  5. well, being part of an indies VK band, we do tend to crossdress…it’s usually a part of being in the VK. Visual Kei…is just another name for glam rock, we dress in eye catching clothing is all…being flashy is what it’s about…so we wear gowns, leather, anything eye catching…and if you’re wondering, I’m as straight as a ruler…sorry if my english is bad, I’m still studying english…gomen gomen..

  6. Do you all pretend to dress up as WW2 Japanese soldiers and butcher our grandfathers, rape our grandmothers and slaughter our baby?
    ===================from MasaManiA
    certainly we have bad history. it is very sad history. lots of young Japs also don’t think good about these thing.

  7. スゲ~。

  8. Masa, just to let you know, I think it’s “Cosplay” instead of “Coplay.”
    Have a merry Christmas and keep up the updates!
    ==================from MasaManiA
    THank you, yes, it’s a big mistake, hahaha

  9. This is a great collection. The costumes are wonderful. Where were the pictures taken? What was the event?
    ====================from MasaManiA
    this kind event sometime holds. my friend tell me.

  10. It seems you have some very ugly people in Japan, and also some very pretty people in japan..
    Do you see the same thing among us Americans? Or are we all the same?
    Also, some of you look really short.. and trollish.. Why is that?

  11. I was going to say just women, but NO. Why are Japanese PEOPLE so skinny? Don’t they eat enough? Is there a good reason so be just like a matchstick?
    I’m sick of too skinny men and women in Japan. Men dress up as women because they can fit their clothes, but even I can’t fit their clothes.
    ================-from MasaManiA
    Have you ever thought that your country people is too fat ?

  12. They are too fat, but there has to be a healthy inbetween. I am always afraid that I’ll break a Japanese person one day by falling on them on a train or something, and I’m not even fat.

  13. Why do some Japanese girls have such fat roundy pig faces? and they look alike too…why? its like half of the girls in the photos are related by faces alone.

  14. some funny, some ridiculos, the guy in blue wear are so atractive 😉 and the girl dressing like a arabian is very funny, she really looks like the character of the cartoon serie, but I don’t remember the name of this serie.
    and the photo of the gun is cool!

  15. Yes, it is as good as the other cosplay photos! By the way, Masa, are you fun of Kama Sutra? Or you have pasion with the number 69?
    =====from MasaManiA
    No meaning, just coincidence.

  16. These japanese cosplayers are more at my level
    they do it right
    Tips for Cosplay:
    1:use the right materials dont get the cheapest because its cheap study the charactors clothes to find out the fabric and get the right color.
    2:Do a charactor that is more your weight type I’ve seen way too many fat people dress as skinny people.
    3:Look like the charactor your doing.
    4:Take youre time.
    5:Weapons size I’ve seen many people with short katana I recomend bokken.
    6:Dont use toilet paper as bandages use real bandages.
    7:Use a sewing machine.
    8:Use pictures as examples.
    9:think about what charator to be.
    10:parodies like sailor bubba are good.
    11:you dont always have to have a big giant sword for inuyasha or sanosuke.

  17. Adoro este puto pais!!!!! Donde en el mundo se podria hacer esto mas que en Japon!!! Es genial, la gente hace lo que le da la gana y no les linchan por la calle!!! Estoy loco por ver todas esas cosas de cerca!!!

  18. uuuhhh
    i’m from germany and i think the majorety of the people are so ugly….and the dresses???to me they look like clowns..scary clowns!!!

  19. I’m from Germany, too
    and I think, it’s great, not as boring as normal people -.-”
    they don’t look like clowns, never seen a clown?

  20. You people should chill and enjoy the pictures. The japanese girls are the most beautiful girls in the world!! No matter how they differ. Nobodys perfect. Respect them as you would others.

  21. Wow none of the girls in all of the pictures are hot. Maybe one is cute if that; rest look like dudes. In any case never going to go to one of these events might think a guy is a girl and visa versa!

  22. Bishop…a tip. if you pull your head out of your arse or toilet, wherever it is stuck you’ll actually see that most of the girls are very cute, and a lot are damn hot. And if you can’t tell between a guy and girl…ummm..get help..NOW.

  23. i think most young americans are “obeese” nowdays is because america has no teen activities for them.
    and they chemically poison the food the children eat…
    and there is no walking…you drive O_O
    ride a bike…car will run you down or crazy killer may grab you -___-
    children are at risk of pedophiles
    but mostly it is what they are putting in the food.not too much food,but steroids and stuff…
    if they enjoy cosplaying then let them obeese or not if it’s fun to them,beauty is in the eye of the holder.
    almost forgot! HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU HAVE A SEEDLESS WATERMELON!?I understand why noone eats fruit anymore!!!!it’s sour ,not the season for it,always changing something!!!let things be before there is nothing left !!!

  24. I think skinnyness is in there genes..duh
    all races have different features -__-
    also cosplay is not about being sexy
    it’s about your costume and having fun
    ..layoff calling them ugly…if you can say that so quickly than you are an ugly person.
    Anyways I like all of their costumes ^—^
    p.s- i think most young americans are “obeese” nowdays is because america has no teen activities for them,and they =chemically= poison the food the children eat…with stuff that makes you gain,and there is no walking or riding a bike…if you do car will run you down or crazy killer may grab you -___-
    children are at risk of pedophiles too
    but mostly it is what they are putting in the food.not too much food,but steroids and stuff…
    the obeese can be pretty too They have models,beauty is in the eye of the holder anyways.
    almost forgot! HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU HAVE A SEEDLESS WATERMELON!?I understand why noone eats fruit anymore!!!!it’s sour ,not the season for it,or their always changing something!!!let things be,before there is nothing left !!!
    OMG I typed alot O_O

  25. Kurenai Rulzzzz!!! Also Chouji and Hinata. But I really dislike that Ino ><
    Jirayia and Tsunade, seems like their wigs are falling :S
    Sailor senchis pretty good!!!

  26. Tips for doing a good cosplay:
    I agree with getting the right materials, thats where this comes in.
    How about, try to look like you’re making an outfit instead of a halloween costume! Some of the cosplay outfits look like something my little brother or sister would wear for trick or treating. Cheap and inaccurate. We can try to put ourselves above that standard, right?
    Heh..I’m being Toshiya from Dir en Grey next time.

  27. Hayate392,
    “skinnyness” or the opposite are usually not genetically pre-dipossed. in some cases people have a disorder in which they are fat no matter what they do, BUT this is quite rare. body shape maybe genetic such as ebony ladies having nice round soft bottoms and curvy bodies. but either way if an american, black, white or what ever person eats the same thing that japanese people eat and they do not have a disorder, they too will not be obease. just look at many second and third generation asian americans. they eat the same thing that most fat americans eat and thus achieve the same large, lumpy, fat, love handle having shape.
    there are ugly japanese and ugly americans, ugly white people ugly black people etc, and the same amount of beauty within each as well. Many times people think that people of a different “race” than them all look the same simply because they never take the time to individualize members of the group. for example when you see people of the same race they look different than yourself, your family, you friends etc you know and see alot of those kinds of face and are used to differentiating them. So if you hang out with asians, or blacks or what have you for a long time, you get tons of friends in that race they start to all look different too.
    ALTHOUGH the japanese in particular do look more alike than most other human populations because they have been on that tiny isolated island for so long and experiencing a lower amount of gene flow than other people. the longer a group is isolated the more and more they begin to look alike through the reproductive generations.
    For those of you have been asking really rude questions like “why do they have piggy faces, why are they trollish/dwarfish etc” thats not a very nice way to ask questions about a group of people, sounds like you are being racist for example “why do white people have such pointy turned up noses?” or “why are white people’s butts on their backs e.g. love handles, instead of in the proper location even if they are not fat?” these questions im sure dont sound very nice to those of you who are white so people realize what you are saying and how it comes off.
    to the guy who said he likes japan better than america partly because there are 60% worth of “do-able” chicks at this japanese cos-play and only 5% do-able chicks at american ones…take a second and think about why that is….Cos-play is japanese, it is normal in japan for the most part…so normal “cute”/”hot” people are participating in it. In contrast it is not really normal in america, most of the people obsessed with japan and anime in the state are NERDS!!!! GEEEKS, AKIBAKEI!!! and if nerds and geeks were typically HOT they wouldnt be called nerds would they? Normal hot americans do things like go to the club, mall, etc they dont hang out at a Cos-play, but since you are i wonder if you would judge yourself so harshly….., are you one of the 60% or the 5%. if the latter please be quiet youre comments are a waste or reading time
    well hope i have enlightened you on some level

  28. nice site
    nice cosplay
    and nice girls
    i really want to lick them
    their faces and asses
    but only trannies outside, please !

  29. I think that if people who are plus sized want to cosplay as long as they are having fun what is the wrong in it. I think there are too many assholes out there. Leave these people alone and fill the shoes of people who are just trying to enjoy their cosplay.

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