Hare Krishna maybe not drug addict but

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Hare Krishna is one of the top level odd religion group in Japan . I think average Japanese people think that Hare Krishna is same as Aum Shinrikyo cult member that is famous for the most big terrorist group in Japanese history.
Because Japanese people need not religion in their daily life, so lots of Japanese peple have no interesting in religion and lots of Japan ese people is very poor konwlede about religion. So we are two type people. One is completely don ‘ t have interesting in religion. The other is completely devoted to favorite religion.
Hare Krishna is really unusal approach to us. See pictures. Their costume, their make up, their behavior. You will not be surprised because you are used to seeing cosplay photos. But in case of Hare krishuna, their behavior is also completely strange in Japanese society. they sing a song with unfamilliar language on the street, and beating the portable drum crazingly ringing while walking, suddenly start to dance in crowded place. And the most odd point is that they are always smiling in spite of staying in Japan ! sorry but it is impossible not to think that they are expensive drug addiction people eventhough it’s maybe not so.
But it is very difficult to explain why they are behavioring so without thinking about it or it must be very special method they have. I really want to know their special method to get high.
and this time, I encounter the moment when non-related non religion Japanese start to devote religion ! see the following picures !

In crowded place, they suddenly appeared with portable shurine and unfamiliar costume for Japanese.

and start to singing, beating, ringing and dancing on the crowded side walk !

It is compeltely not fit for the most modest Japanese elegant feeling on the street.

so they stare at Hare Krishna coldly. but on the other hand….certainly few Japanese people go crazy with them.

Look the brown jacket man !

At first, he peep Hare Krishna reservedly.

And Hare Krishna seem to get influence him.

THis man start to move his body.

and he attempt to get into them.

Now, he completely synchronise with Hare Krishna !

“Hey, You, What’s a fucking bad dance.”

“Now I show you Japanese style cool dance. See it !”

Yes, his dancing is Japanese traditional style dance, Bon Dance.


  1. Lawson says:

    I don’t like these guys. They are always in the airports… acting like weirdos.
    ========from MasaManiA
    it’s interesting.

  2. Adamu says:

    Oh man, Krishnas in Japan. Do they really need to take their singing carnival on the road like that?
    ========from MasaManiA
    Tokyo have a lots of street singer. They are just one of them.

  3. spinkick says:

    american hare krishna wear orange jammies and infest airports, feeding off terrified passengers who give them money to go away… they sing “hare krishna, hare krishna, hare hare, gimme money”
    I’m not sure what else they do.
    maybe watch airport CNN.
    =======from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report !

  4. Fuck Hello says:

    As already having been said; I see these dudes all the time in the airports. They walk around and tell people random things and try to make people understand. They scare me, they’ll probably attack sometime.
    ========from MasaManiA
    American airport is scarely.

  5. kenji says:

    i think if you see them sing and act in the subway or train station, it means its suicide bombing time. watch out!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes, very scarely.

  6. Andrew says:

    So, Masa, was that older Japanese guy just dancing as a joke? That’s hilarious.
    I don’t think you need to worry about Krishnas. they are quite harmless. They are pretty sober, clean living folk.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Any religion people should be so.

  7. jeff says:

    I’ve never seen Hare Krishna’s carry around a shrine before. It almost looks like some kind of matsuri (minus the loincloths).
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes, that’s right

  8. ALexius says:

    Hi, Masa!
    In Argentina we also have hare krishnas, they dress in some kind of orange gown and they always want to give you a kind of propaganda paper, but here they never sing nor play any percussion :/.
    Cheers, dear sir.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report.
    In Japan, they give us propaganda paper, and after giving it, they ask moeny for that paper.

  9. vishnustone says:

    in the second to last image some of the harry krishnas seem to be floating away!
    maybe you can tie some string to them and hand them out to children as funny looking ballons!
    anyways these krishnas’ do not look to harry to me;
    they are Bald Krishnas!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Their favorite action is jumping

  10. クリス says:

    We have many Hare Krishna in Canada. They reside in our airports and stand in front of book stores. I once bought a Hare Krishna cook book for $2, the man wouldn’t leave me alone until I bought one. Then he left to chant with other Hare Krishna. The book had many recipes on making ‘holy ice-cream’ and ‘holy pudding.’
    Religion really is a universal thing.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Recently the definition of religion seem to change.

  11. Dhruva says:

    Their teachings are the oldest in the world. It is all about the science of bhakti yoga or devotion to Lord Krishna..God.
    It is not a religion but the science of knowing our real self apart from our gross material body.
    Krishna consciousness has been practised since time immemorial.
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report.

  12. Pramodh says:

    Ah yes, the Hare Krishnas…
    They’re a spin off of Hinduism, and focus on only one deity, Krishna(obviously! :p). But the Hare Krishna religion didn’t come from India!! It generated in the late 1960’s in the U.S., when Americans tried to get all exotic and spiritual with Indian culture.
    Those Hare Krishnas were probably singing in Sanskrit, a language older than Latin. A lot of the songs written about Krishna, came from Hinduism and it’s ancient Sanskrit texts a long time ago. I wonder if these people know what they are singing.
    Wow, there’s an Indian guy playing the drums in the second picture.
    Are there a lot of Indian people in Japan? There are a lot of Japanese people in India. They even have a Japanese Association there. The NHK news channel comes on in India as well. In fact, there’s even an Anime Channel in India now.
    Is the only thing that came from India to Japan, curry? What other aspects of Indian culture can be seen in Japan?
    Oh, by the way… your site is awesome, Masa!!!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your big report. I can know lots of thing.

  13. Big Gary says:

    In New Zealand we also have Hare Krishnas. They have an all you can eat restaurant with only vegetarian Hare Krishna food. They do not eat animals, but they dance in the street with cows.
    ========from MasaManiA

  14. Rence says:

    fucking hippies

  15. Sausage says:

    We see these kinds of displays all the time in Singapore during their festivals.
    ====from MasaManiA
    but i heard that singapore is very strict law country

  16. vir-jin says:

    find the original beatles sound here
    =======from MasaManiA
    THank you for your help

  17. Crouton says:

    Masa- Hare Krishna are the biggest idiots around. It is all a scam. They get large donations from wealthy donors in India, Japan and the West and live like idiots while partying at night. Does anyone know about the sexual harassement case by one of their leaders at a Hare Krishna Temple in New York?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    it’s interesting report. thank you.

  18. Jasmine says:

    I think, when you believe in someone, something, a religion, life would be better. It is the real chicken soup for the soul.
    =========from MasaManiA
    I see. Certainly believing give us power.

  19. Nick says:

    I saw Hare krishna guys here in New Zealand as well. As far as I know they use collected money to distribute free food for poor people in large quantity, like in Africa or for Tsunami victims.
    They seems like a weird just because of wearing this indian clouth and singing Indian style songs.
    However their religion quite deep in meaning and has long history.
    I think their singing on the street its just a top of the iceberg, lots of good things about them just stayed unnouticed.
    In mine opinion.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your report

  20. shotta says:

    they have recently filed for bankruptcy. In the 60’s-80’s alot of their leaders were molesting the children. Now the children have grown up and are suing them.
    Most of the leaders have now left because they were either 1. Drug & Gun running 2. Child molesters 3. Perverts 4. Murderers
    The divorce rate of the krsnas is at 60%, higher than anywhere else.
    You would jump around with a dazed looking smile too if you were only allowed 4 hours of sleep and pumped up on suger.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your imformation

  21. i-freak says:

    To tell the truth, I don’t know much about hare krishnas but, compared to other cults, even mainstream religions, they seem pretty harmless.
    ======from MasaManiA

  22. La La Ru says:

    You claimed that American airpots are scary. Have you been to America, Masa? Not that it matters, I’m just curious.
    =======from MasaManiA
    I have gone to America several times

  23. kaivoo says:

    O_o) wow… its seems warm .
    warm things among cold-city.

  24. Edviziuz says:

    Interesting Masa, have you seen other religious groups in Japan, like mormons or mennonites?
    =======from MasaManiA

  25. hardyandtiny says:

    I like hare krishna, good radicals, not perfect, but better than most.

  26. jeff says:

    To Edviziuz:
    Yes, there are other religious groups in Japan that love to bother people.
    I’ve had lots of Japanese Jehova’s Witnesses come to my apartment and try to give me pamphlets and lectures and whatnot. There are also lots of American Mormon missionaries around — they’re easy to identify since they wear short-sleeved dress shirts with black ties and always travel on bicycles in pairs.
    It seems that there’s nowhere you can go to escape religious nuts.

  27. Sn00py says:

    I’m in New Zealand too, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them around…at least certainly nothing like this.

  28. b_as_jazz says:

    There is more to it then just “crazy hare krishnas”. Like any other religion or group of people some will become commercialized… ask you for money and all that. But don’t put down something because their behavior is strange to you. I think more of this kind of behavior needs to take place in Tokyo where people walk around with such cold faces and gaijin (specially indian) are treated with disrespect. Liven things up a bit will ya.. be original and more open. Smiling when you see something strange is better for your spirit.
    =========from MasaManiA

  29. dettol says:

    there is a hare krishn restrarunt in nakano. pretty cool people run the place who dont try and push their spiritualism on you.

  30. hw says:

    “sausage” probably was talking about the hindus here in singapore. the hindus are not the same as hare krishnas. but on their religious festivals they often have big parades. these are not prohibited at all.
    singapore has some strict laws here but a lot of people overseas seem to have think that we cannot do anything. i heard of some japanese tourists who carried ashtrays around because they were afraid that dropping cigarette ash will get them fined. (not true!! lol) actually i think we are not so rigid these days, u see cosplayers, punks, skinheads and weirdos on the streets doing their own stuff without any problem.
    sorry for long and partially off-topic post… 🙂

  31. 42TMOFTUAE says:

    To hw…
    I was in the U.S. Navy for a while, so I was able to see much of the world. One of my favorite places was Singapore-and not just because Haw Paw Villa was so cool to look at. 😉 I enjoyed the fact that the city was so clean-gum was banned, (I never had to deal with gum stuck on my shoes there) and there was no graffiti.
    My only problem was the exchange rate-$40 for a drink at TGIFridays?! Damn! 🙂
    BTW, the T-shirts depicting some of the local laws were great-like the picture showing that pissing in elevators was banned!

  32. Jackie says:

    now’s a great way in dealing with captured terrorists convert them into hare krishnas! Or make a bunch of them dance in front of the terrorists!

  33. ratnesh says:

    Hare Krishnas are sobar and nice people. I love them.

  34. biteenbois says:

    In France, Hare Krishna is considered as a sect. Adepts also dressed in orange sari. They have to do exactly what Guru says. Some adepts have been seen under the rain without a move until the guru comes and decides it’s time to walk away.
    They have to sing all day “Hare Krishna, Krishna hare” so they could not think anymore. And after they are like vegetable… They don’t eat much and don’t sleep much… better for the manipulation. And of course, adepts give all their money to the group. What a lovely community ! But i prefer your Website Masa that keeps me laughing my ass off ! Jya ne

  35. juicio says:

    I try to eat Hare Krishna food as often as possible. It is only $3 US for a huge plate of really delicious food. They also use the honor system for payment, but everyone pays because everyone else pays.
    They may seem weird, but every day they seem to be happy!
    They seem to be happy, and really that’s all one needs!
    hypnotic drug to convert you.
    They also use the honor system to pay, but they are standing there watching you.

  36. Klim says:

    I like Krishnas!!!!!
    In Ukraine this is one
    of main religion!

  37. Ajamidha says:

    I like song of George Harrison
    “My Sweet Lord”
    My sweet lord
    Oh, my lord
    My sweet lord
    Oh, my lord
    I really want to see you
    Really want to be with you
    Really want to see you, lord
    But it takes so long, my lord (hallelujah)
    Oh, my, my lord (hare krishna)
    My sweet lord (hare krishna)
    My sweet lord (krishna krishna)
    Oh, my lord (hare hare)
    I really want to know you (hare rama)
    Really want to go with you (hare rama)
    Really want to show you lord (aaah)
    That it won’t take long, my lord (hallelujah)
    Oh, my, my lord (hallelujah)
    Oh, my sweet lord (hare krishna)
    Oh, my sweet lord (hare krishna)
    My sweet lord (hallelujah)
    Oh, my sweet lord (hallelujah)
    My sweet lord (hare krishna)
    Oh, my sweet lord (hare krishna)
    My sweet lord (hare hare)
    My sweet lord (hare rama)

  38. Marcos LaBanca says:

    Hare Krishna, gosta e curte quem quer, eles seguem a sua religiao e pregam isso pra quem quer ouvir do mesmo jeito que todas as outras religioes fazem, vendem seus incensos e seus livros sem jamais forcar ninguem a isso.
    Aprendam a aceitar a escolha de vida de cada pessoa como ela e.
    Marcos LaBanca

  39. larpus says:

    ateh ai esses filhos da puta existem? putaqueopariu ein, bando de gente de cabeca fraca q cai na armadilha de algum q tem dinheiro e vai tirar dinheiro deles… coitados…

  40. JR says:

    Well, I am one of the Hare Krishna’s who sings and dances on the streets. I had done it for many years in many towns and villages and all continents. Japan as well. Tokyo was one of my favorites, people are nice there. 🙂
    Idea behind the chanting is to purify oneself and atmoshpere by joyful singing of Lord’s names. It is done privatly and known as meditation, or done publicly and known as kirtan.
    One can also join and sing the names of Allah, Jesus or Jehova if he is religious, if he is not , he might just appreciate the fun. Best chanting is there in Australia, India and New York city. Please see big parade in Manhattan on June 11th.
    I know that many people have very little clue what is it all about or just consider it a weird cult practice. But, for my 20 years of yoga practice, it works, helps me to concentrate, calms me down and gives yogic powers as well.
    try it, it’s free.
    As far for people who behaved rude or were freaks, well ,that’s life. Idiots are everywhere.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report.

  41. anil says:

    Nice pictures!! Yah hare krishna’s are also in germany, I see them singing(not dancing yet) near the city centre’s of many cities.But only thing crazy for me giving prasad(like sweets or food) and asking money for it. Me being Indian and a Hindu, hate this kind of behaviour of collecting money in the name of god. Especially one guy in my city, he is really scary for me, always comes behind and keeps the sweets n expects at least a Euro or more.But rest of other group is freindly and do their singing peacefully! But based on one guy one can’t ridicule whole of them as a cult or etc. Thanks Masa and you have quite cool site.
    ===========From MasaManiA
    Thank you and yes, I also think it is not good to collect money in the name of god.

  42. Guna says:

    Before good people place negative comments about the Hare Krishnas, please learn about the philosophy http://links.krishna.org/. Its not some sect or cult. Its a science that dates back thousands of years.
    Chanting in the streets is meant to spread and remind people about the love of god whom are currently too busy loving only their money,wifes, dogs etc. It is a selfless act.
    OH Yeah, bad apples are always there, nobody is perfect as the teachings. I can’t imagne why we can’t spare a few cents for a spiritual cause.
    Like some others I used to laugh and ridicule them but now they have my utmost respect.

  43. DogRunner says:

    In the past I have been approached by Hare Krishna devotees in many different places. They handed me flowers and foods and pamphlets and books. They always asked for money. But I never gave them anything. Because I never asked for what gave me: they thrust it in my hands. So, it was a gift. Impolite to demand money after giving a gift.
    I know little of the religion/cult/sect/
    science other than what the mass media has presented. It’s descriptions were: Hare Krishna disgard material things and desires; they devote themselves to the teachings; and they sing & chant & dance & put things in your hands and demand money. Other descriptions were also the hired armed body guards, palatial hotel suites, extravagant feasts and Rolls Royce limousines the Hare Krishna hierarchy where chauffered in while the devotees were chaperoned 24 hours a day, slept on the floor in overcrowded dorms, were given meals only if they made thier donation quotas and rode subways and buses.
    Read some of the Krishna stuff. Read some Hindu stuff. Did not understand it: don’t need to understand it. The illustrations in the books were interesting, though.
    Chanting in the streets, and dancing, and playing drums & flutes to “spread and remind people about the love of god” is nice & all that but demanding “a few spare cents for a spiritual cause” is counter-point to the edict of non-materialism. Except, of course, when the payment is due on your Mercedes-Benz.

  44. suraj says:

    Hare Krishna is my way of life and i in their group n 4 ur case dun insult them.Its their culture in japan it may be unknown seeing them but in my country they are also rare sight but in teh us there r plentiful of them so dun insult tehm
    Hare krishna Hare rama

  45. Dhanu says:

    I was wondering why devotees in other countries ask for money in return for prasadam. I never knnew of that

  46. SURAJ says:

    Btw its kind a good ting that this website is up it shows that really we are in teh kali age.I dun deney that its wrong to collect money in teh name of god but it goes 4 a good cause.Can take more pictures of teh hare krishna devotee and keep updating but dun criticize them

  47. john says:

    Singing & dancing in the streets isn’t so bad. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people did it too. Better than fighting & killing each other.

  48. indo-gaijin. says:

    Masa: great writing and pics.
    Indo loves you Jap… 🙂
    You write on serious subjects crazily or on crazy subjects serioulsy, but never insult anyone. (cept for what you call jap…)
    Krishna will bless you!
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your deep understanding. Yes, I have no intention to insult anyone.

  49. Regina says:

    Hare Krsnas Rock…and all your guys that think bad about them dOnt no what ur talking about. Its not just a cult its everything. Chant Hare Krsna like george harrison and be happy
    –Hari BOl–

  50. sridhar says:

    Hare Krishna is cool going society, I found in this society they are not meat eaters, no gambling, no intoxication like alcohol, lSD, and others, no illiscit sex. They are not hippies, but the society which made hippies into gentle men.
    I found from them that Hare Krishna means loving each other, be happy. They say that we can only do this by Chanting
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare,Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
    What ever it may be, they are harmless to the society.
    MasaMania good collection of pictures you have.

  51. Jay says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    First of all let me convey my regards to all those who visit this site and all those who have posted comment as well.
    I appreciate and accept each and everyone’s comment! Everyone in the world is free to think and comment, it’s all upto him or her! And we must respect that individual thinking 🙂
    The question for discussion is not whether Hare Krishna are good or bad, the question is what is good for you and what is bad for you?
    If you want to live a happy life , free of everyday headaches, and enjoy your life without hurting others, it is a good idea to look within yourself and study what you are, once you know who you are, and what can you do in this world making you and others happy and at peace, you are though in religion! The costume and the language and the style is just a matter of choice and has no impact on the peace, love, and study process. Fools are those who get deluded by what they see or hear, wise are those who look into the meaning and try to understand the depth and intent behind some activity they heard about or sees at any point in their life. (For eg, money raising may not be a business, it may be a charity work to help redistribution to people in need or those who are victimised because of natural or man made disasters; you got to be intelligent to see a bigger and clear picture)
    If something sensible (not a drug) can help you live a happy and peaceful life, then it worth anything! Be it Christianity , be it Islam, beit Hinduism, be it Buddhism, or be it non-religious humanitarian activity, or be it Hare-Krishna!
    It is always better to work toward something without expecting fruits out of it (which may eventually come anyways even if you dont expect), rather than sitting idle and criticising things arround, in an unproductive excercise.
    So, arise from darkness of ignorance, awake from nights of day-to-day life problems, and start working toward your goals in life, making yourself and others happy!

  52. Karna says:

    Hi there,I think the Hare Krsnas are the best people on earth,they’re are giving LUV.
    If you want to know more about them,check the nearst templo in your city.
    They are very nice people.

  53. Carl says:

    I came across the Hare Krishnas 2 years ago, here in the U.S. midwest. Met one of their book-distributors on the street. I’ve been reading up ever since.
    Their philosophy is vast and incredibly deep. And it is genuine ancient Vedic stuff, called Vaishnavism. The chanting and singing on the street is only the tip of the iceberg. The Hare Krishna Vedic philosophy beats Christian, Muslim or Buddhist theology any day.
    I think stupid people take one look at their monastic costume and poke fun, or feel embarassed. Then they feed on rumours and spread those rumours. Or they make hasty generalizations after meeting a couple of less-than-perfect devotees, or hearing about those who joined them but then became corrupt. I don’t see anything wrong if they pass out books or food and ask for a small donation. I got a hardbound Bhagavad Gita for just $5! Why can’t godly people ask for money? The money goes back into more books or food distribution. Money, like everything else, belongs to God, and should ideally be used in His service. Nothing ‘bad’ or ‘dirty’ about money per se. “Materialism” simply means material things for their OWN sake.
    I also don’t see why the “gentle” Japanese pedestrians should be “alarmed” by this procession. I’ve seen more weird, obscene and idiotic things done by the Japanese in public. And what’s the fuss about the costumes? It just a simple attire, like even Buddhist monks wear. Dunno why that’s so strange in Japan, which imported half its religious and philosophical culture from India anyways! But I guess nowadays the Japanese like to imitate the materialistic West…
    Chill out folks.

  54. zero says:

    Hare Krishnas aren’t weirdoz.. It teaches people how to develop true love for God.. Only the intelligent accepts its philosophy because they know the cycle of life and they know the real purpose of it.. At first I find them weird but when they started to talk, it’s all about God.. At the time of your death, maybe you’ll remember them..

  55. "ME" says:

    The ‘shrine’ they were carrying – it’s like a drama replaying an ancient pastime in India. It’s done in many places in the world.
    They didn’t appear in the 1960’s, that’s just when the religion was bought to the western world, and when the major vedic scripts were translated into english.
    The reason they don’t sing and dance in the streets of some contries its because it’s illegal in some places. Don’t understand why, it’s not hurting anyone is it? It may be annoying, but it doesn’t hurt.
    It is true the Hare Krishnas get lots of large donations. But visit a temple sometime and see how the mojority of them live. The money is spent on maintaining the temples, and is used the whole world over for charitable projects like free food for poor people. One temple in India provides a free school for thousands of kid. Another provides free food for 20 schools in it’s state, Delhi temple has free food for anyone who visits. No obligation, you don’t have to enter the temple.
    The sexual abuse in Hare Krishna society has been a huge problem in the past, as it has been in any religion where celibacy is encouraged. It’s sad, but not the fault of any one religion, but rather a few idiots who are not following that religion and taking advantage of weaker people. This will happen anywhere.
    They don’t focus on only one deity, there are many. They consider Krishna as the supreme God, but say he has many manifestations, or incarnations. This has been written about in the vedas, which are books that are millions of years old.
    Some of the kids who were molested are suing the temple involved. The temples are not going bankrupt, and the money they will give is not going to the kids who were molested. It will be used to set up an organisation to help any child who was hurt by the Hare Krishna movement, or any child who will be in the future.
    Yes, a lot of their guru’s left. Good thing really, does anyone want a drug dealer, gun runner or child molester to remain in power? It’s not that they left on their own accord, once they were found out, they were forced to give up their power.
    Anyone who says they have to do exactly what their guru says is crazy. A guru is supposed to give instructions to benefit our spiritual life and ultimatley take us to heaven. A Hare Krishna guru usually says to chant, preach and go to temple, as well as give charitable donations. One who said to stand in the rain is not a Hare Krishna. There are many different groups that call themselves Hare Krishnas, it doesn’t mean they are all the same.
    If you don’t want to give them money, tell them no. If you walk away and they follow you, a few swear words will surely make them leave. But if the worst a gropu made up of millions of people around the world is ask for a few dollars, how does that make them any worse than any other? So many peeople take our money for a ‘good cause’ and it just goes down the drain. They’re not hurting anyone, becuase it is a non-violent religion. Just let them be, ignore them. But before critisicing them, find out a little bit about what they are really talking about. You might not agree, and that it your right, but it’s their right to offer it to anyone who’s interested.

  56. kdawg says:

    funny pics.
    I have heard that in japan you never ask the Q “How are you?” because they would have an emmotional melt down if they had to answer that (with work/family/urban stress etc). Is it true? lol
    Anyway as for the krishnas – they are all pervasive. I know them quite well, mainly coz I’ve been one for 10 years. You can’t imagine how much fun it is to hype up some one with the chanting (like the guy in the brown jacket). Mostly people lead such stressed out lives that they can only appreciate the chanting when they are drunk (which leads them to think that the devotees must be intoxicated too).
    As for our religion – well – read the books – but hey who is interested in religion these days. It is more often the case of saying “This is halava. This is the samosa. We believe the samosa tastes better with the chutney.”

  57. citralekha d.d. says:

    and I love my lord krsna,I dont care of what people say,maybe they think that we are crazy.. and I say..Yes we are crazy for God!!!!!

  58. NocheSolar says:

    my sweet LORD
    I really want to see you!!!
    Los devotos son gente linda y positiva…
    son maestros fidedignos y uno debe aprender siempre de un maestro fidedigno…
    pueden ekivokarse cientos de veces, humanos son…
    pero sus ensenanzas son perfektas porke son direktas de nuestro kerido senor Krsna…
    Antofagasta, Chile

  59. lol says:

    😀 hare means “praise” in sanskrit so hare krisna is praise krisna 🙂 hare is not a name 😀

  60. StevieG says:

    Hare Krishna are ok, just sing and dance and chant and bang the tamborine, groovy life i guess…they’re international too, there are worse ways to live…!!!

  61. StevieG says:

    Boomshanka (may the seed of your loin grow fruitful in the belly of your woman)

  62. David says:

    I love Krishna too.
    I studied and practiced bhakti-yoga with the Hare Krishna devotees in New Zealand for 3 years.
    It’s all good.
    The philosophy is deep and profound.
    This website has many of the Hare Krishna’s philosophical texts online:
    Develop love of Krishna and you become permanently happy.

  63. Healer says:

    It is so funny that people of Japan like Buddhism, but don’t know Hinduism! Buddhism comes from Hinduism. Buddhism was basically a former sect of Hinduism.

    That is why many of the same deities are there. Japanese people pray to a lot of the same gods! Because they were in texts translated from Sanskrit, to Chinese, to Japanese. But they don’t know that. So they laugh at the Hindus! Hindus worship Saraswati. In Japan you call her Benzaiten. Hindus worship Lakshmi. In Japan you call her Kichiyjoten. Kannon is Avalokita in Sanskrit. Shintennou is Lokapala in Sanskrit. Japanese people are just uneducated what they are even laughing at… LOL

    Like the Buddhists, ISKON people were a sect of Hindus… they mainly worship Vishnu or Krishna.

    He is even on Sailor Moon! His name is Yaten Kou. He isn’t really a sailor. They make that part up. He’s supposed to be an important deity.

    I think the problem is people are being uneducated and racist. It makes me sad, really.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Healer.
      Thank you for your knowledge about Buddhism and Hinduism.
      I think lots of Japanese people understand relation of Buddhism and Hinduism roughly.
      But Buddhism influence have been strong for long time and prevailed,
      so lots of Japanese people feel unfriendly things to Hinduism even though it’s origin of Budhism.

      in addition that, biased view is prevailed by Japanese cult, Aum Shinrikyo. They do lots of bad things.

      There are lots of bad people who teach incorrect information intentionally to make use of religion power.

      and i think it lead some racism.

  64. Joseph says:

    Disappointed to see that japanese people are so narrow minded, siddhart Gautama ( Buddha ) was a hindu king who left worldly pleasures to start a new sect of Hinduism called Buddhism. So japanese people indirectly pray to a hindu guru.

    Yoga, meditation also comes from Hinduism. Hindus invented the numeral system ,surgery also comes from a hindu guru called Sushruta (father of surgery ) . So people need to educated more to appreciate other cultures. I think the western influence & Japan’s defeat in the world war has made people more narrow minded. Also the hindu contribution to maths & science is also not taught in school due to euro centric teaching in school.

    Pearl judge (justice Radhabinod Pal ラダ・ビノード・パール) was a hindu jurist who gave all the Japanese not guilty verdict in the world war 2 trials. There are also lots of similarities between shinto & Hinduism. We practically worship the deities the same way

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