Cosplay phots gallery vol.3

Hi, six nine cosplay photos again.
This time I picked up sexy girls cosplay 69 photos from my cosplay photo album.
Please enjoy it.
Click the picture to see 69 cosplay pictures.
Notice, there are no special meaning the number “69”. Just coincidence. This time is also just coincidence.

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  1. How come you only took pictures of women masa?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    just picked up woman’s photos this time

  2. That is one impressing Cloud costume complete with buster sword.
    Masa, is posing for pictures the only thing that happends at cosplays or are there ‘shows/acting’ etc also?
    ============from MasaManiA
    I don’t understand your question.

  3. Katten means:
    At a cosplay contest, do the entrants perform a skit? Or is the contest judged only on costume? At some cosplay contests outside Japan the people do impressions, or sing a song, or act as their character, and they are judged on costume + skit (cos+play). How about in Japan?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THere are no contest. No competition, no race. Just Cosplayer come and play costume and go home. that’s all.

  4. Some of these girls look delicious. I like those tender looking legs and their juicy asses. They should participate in AV production.
    Others are simply fat and ugly. But I respect their courage to go down there and show themselves. How do you feel?
    =============from MasaManiA
    This time I carefully choice cute girls. Enjoy. Every body have each their own charm. you need efort to find out it. and then the world become paradise for you.

  5. Masa, do you ever dress up when you go to Cosplay events? What do you wear? Can we see pictures? Please????
    ========from MasaManiA
    No, I dont do cosplay.

  6. “This time I carefully choice cute girls. Enjoy. Every body have each their own charm. you need efort to find out it. and then the world become paradise for you.”
    I think that’s good advice.
    I like this type of post, but my favorites are the ones that show other aspects of Japanese culture I wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. I’m glad that you’re a maniac for truth!
    ==============from MasaManiA
    thank you

  7. the “diagonal” shot is the wackest pseudo-artistic bullshit photography ever conceived by every high-schooler with a disposable camera. masa you should know better. my neck hurts.

  8. The chicks could be hotter. Most of the chicks in this batch are average-looking. And there’s definitely not enough emphasis on T&A.
    But I support the decision to only photograph women. Let’s face it…who wants to see a bunch of cosplay pics of dudes? Come on! When chicks cosplay it’s sexy. When dudes cosplay it’s totally gay.

  9. I enjoy your website MasaManiA, keep up the good work.
    How often do these cosplay events happen, weekly, monthly, yearly?
    =========from MasaManiA
    I dont know the exact number, but often.

  10. Kubigaitai, sometimes the diagonal shot is necessary depending on the constraints of space and the focal length of the lens. Shame on you.

  11. ^nice… ‘Masa’ is also a ‘gook’ if you hadn’t noticed
    I never understood the attraction… They’re nothing but glorified otaku, aren’t they?

  12. ……
    Anyway, I’m still waiting for the day for someone to step up to them and tell them they look like BLOODY IDIOTS!

  13. Wow, these pictures make it seem that only hot women enjoy cosplay, or did you just “forget” to post the fat ones?

  14. Hey Masa! Just wondering since you attend these events, do you actually recognize what anime/cartoon the cosplay is coming out of, or do you just take pictures?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Just take pictures sir.

  15. Woah, nice pictures, Masa.
    Would like to know where some of them are from, but it’s cool. That Cloud one kicks ass.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    At cosplay show in Tokyo. There are such events often in Japan.

  16. Masa, great pics. Last year I ran into a cosplay show at Harumi wharf … are these pics also taken there? Where can I find out, on what date such an event takes place (especially at Harumi)?
    Thanks for your help and keep on going 🙂
    ==============from MasaManiA
    It is hold on 12/30 at TFT hall in Harumi.

  17. MasaMania One of the girls is a GUY be careful next time. the 56th pic down
    =======from MasaManiA
    Now we are in unisex age. Dont miss the trend.

  18. great work as usual, Masa. Do you need a special pass to enter the show and take photos? Will cosplayers will pose for anyone to tale a picture, basically?
    =====from MasaManiA
    No need special pass, and lots of cosplayer give you pose.

  19. pic # 5 is very nice, the girl is older, but trying to look younger by her submisive pose, or maybe this is her nature?
    anyway she has a cute look and a solid sense of contentment
    when are you going to update ninja shot?
    can you tell me of other sites like ninjashot?
    ========from MasaManiA
    I think there are no such site, like ninjashot, this is the reason I make it. and i will update someday.

  20. Very, very, very beautiful costumes! Besides, the women are very beautiful too.
    If I comprehend that right, these costumes are imitations of comic-/anime-heroes?
    There must be x-hundreds of these anime-heroes in Japanese comics?
    =======from MasaManiA
    Yes, that’s right

  21. Gee, rolly, but some of us straight female types just aren’t into getting all hot and bothered over the girls…
    Honestly, I just like some of the costumes, regardless of the gender of the person in them.

  22. Masa….
    You seem to have a talent at capturing the essescnes of the Japanese cosplayers. They all look very nice as opposed to American cosplayers. Most of the ones over here are a bunch of overweight,aids infested, cum swallowing, gutter sluts who need to have their rectums pulled out there fucking throats
    and if you are offended by that comment, then you’re the exact type of person that I am making reference about. if you feel the orgasmic need to respond to this, by all means go right ahead and do so. it will more than likely be answered with a sharp retort.
    ===========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  23. Masa,
    I LOVE YOUR NINJASHOT WEBSITE!!!!! Seriously, best website out there. I really enjoy this website too. You are amazing, keep it up!
    =======from MasaManiA
    THank you

  24. Are these cosplay conventions all female? That`s how you make it seem. It kinda reminds me of historical re-enactors in Europe. Do you have those in Japan?
    Cheers, Ben
    ====================from MasaManiA
    male also.

  25. does girls where all nice looki8ng but still they doesnt have the quality maybe you can send me one of your nicest picture thank you…

  26. I enjoy reading each of your articles. Some are great!
    I’m not Japanese, the photos & articles here quite fantastical to read & see.

  27. Nice girls, but I like the intelectual type, around 30 years old, clever, elegant and educated woman. Do you have something like that?
    Anyway, I will send the photos to one of my friends who will really enjoy them.

  28. what’s not to like? cute lil’ japanese girls
    dressed as their fave heroes yum yum ^^
    hmmm, im a bigger perv than i thought
    but seroiusly folks, i loves masa kep up
    the good work otaku in ny

  29. Damn the girl in pic #5 is freakin hot. Does she want a penpal? hehe 🙂 But seriously, You take awesome Photos Masa. Your photos truely capture what life is like beyond the boring normality of what most people call life. Thanks for delving into such places and coming back with these awesome photos for those of us stuck in this sad loop of a normal life to see. Cheers 🙂

  30. hey man, most of these chicks are hot..i’m gonna have to go to a convention when i go to japan next time…maybe pick up some of these girls…lol

  31. I find this a most interesting site ,that I forget about ,then come back to.
    My daughters love anime and living in Australia I drive a Magna,swap for Manga.
    Anyway u arsehole keep doing it.(one against the Bush voting stinking yanks).
    PS Not everyone votes for john howard.

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