Japanese blue joy and irritated naked man !

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June 8, 2005, Japan defeat North Korea ! and got the ticket to attend World cup Soccer Germany 2006.( If this is not soccer match, the country that make nuclear bomb would decrease). This match was unusal match. FIFA ordered Japan & North Korea to play its World Cup qualifying match in an empty stadium in Bangkok, as punishment for crowd trouble by North Korea earlier this year.
North Korea is very dangerous country. Sometime North Korea fire missile to Japan without notice, or take Jap away to make them North Korean’s spy’s teacher. But Japanese government still give lots of money to North Korea to support them. So lots of Japanese have been frustrated. “Why do we must help North Korea that attack Japan ?”
So it must be big trouble if North Korea and Japan fight with Fan in Stadium. and noble people and mass media and government emphasised that we shuld not care about political matter, it’s just a sports. and we, nomal people dont care about such people’s voice. we just seem to enjoy soccer match.
and we win ! and Japan was colored by blue at the moment. Because Japanese team’s uniform is blue ? Yes, and you konw, Japanese police’s uniform is also blue.
Even we congraturate sports team wining, our joy is blue.
Warning: Dont miss the fucking exiting fan’s and naked man’s victory dance movie! Movie link is bottom but if the traffic become heavy, i maybe shut it down because my server is poor speck.

But you can see we are surrounded by blue uniform police !

Police seem not to be congraturate Japanese soccer team wining.

and one person cannot endure the blue joy. so he undress blue uniform.

Even though his friend stop him, he get into the blue uniform police team.

and he breast to police box !

Now naked man VS police battle began !

Exiting fan’s movie!


  1. dementia says:

    Why did the police arrest the naked man? He still has underpants.

  2. emilie says:

    O_o…. is there always naked people who walk around like this in tokyo?? …..hinhinhin

  3. Breakdown! says:

    My god…what the hell!? Thank god I always manage to miss these insane near-riots in Shibuya.

  4. ashbloem says:

    This looks wonderful! I wish I had been there.

  5. meichu says:

    omedetou! i saw the game on cable, BS 2. i’m glad japan won. my fave player is okubu, but he was drafted by majorca, i think, anyway, i wish he would be with team japan next year at the world cup 😀

  6. Pectral says:

    Japs are Number 1!!!
    They’re the best. They borrow the best and, unfortunately, some of the worst ideas from around the world, incorporating them into their own culture, while maintaining their unique, world-class, Jap qualities.

  7. Kasica says:

    Hehehe blue ppl rlz!
    Anyway per 100% japanesse team is better than polish..Fuck:(

  8. starpause says:

    thanks for the sports update, too bad your server is so fucking slow! you’re too popular masamania. is there a skateboard scene in your city? i want to see japanese skaters.

  9. Joe says:

    Hey Masamania,
    We had a huge celebration like that in the streets here in Boston, Massachusetts, USA when our baseball team the Red Sox got into the World Series!
    Unfortunately, the police shot rubber bullets at the crowd and killed a girl.
    =============from MasaManiA
    Japanese police do nothing. just soround us with a scarely face.

  10. j says:

    perhaps bad dog meat for the N. Korean team before game or no playstation to relax… I am glad Japs beat the communist jarks.

  11. miekler says:

    Thank You for picture of passionate Blue people! Yeai for Japan Soccer Team! Police always in big attendance for fun things, never around for bad things. I think Police want to jump and shout too. Thank You for the fan movie! It is very nice!

  12. Margaux says:

    That’s cool as shit. I’m also a big fan of the “Hanshin Tigers actually winning” Party back in 2003. Young people are entitles to a party.
    When this shit happens in NYC…the idiot cops grab everyone they can and arrest them. They can’t charge them with anything, because no one is really being disorderly. They just feel they have the authority to do whatever they want, and push people around. It really sucks.
    But displays of joy like this make me smile.
    =========from MasaManiA

  13. Makkura says:

    Love this entry. Everyone seems very happy that they beat North Korea– everyone except the police. Why do they act so mean?
    FUCKYOU, blue police.

  14. BakaSeki says:

    Blue Police need to keep their jobs, so they need to “do something” or else they might get fired…
    btw, do u think Kim Jong Il might order kidnapping of Japan soccer players/fans? Hope not…
    ============from MasaManiA
    No comment. hahaha

  15. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    That’s pretty cool that Jap had won…but that celebration there….seems to mee a littly sissy XD
    Maybe this kind of celebration is similar like any ohter celebration in the world…Here, same thing…if Chile win, people gets togheter to celebrate the victory in streets, squares and go for few drinks…cause that’s the patriot spirit is all about…strangely,all the people feel patriot when that kind of event happens, but not me, in my case…i don’t really care if our national soccer team wins or looses…Soccer SUX (and a lot) for me, because chilean soccer is so poor and bad and, beside i hate that sport since i was child. I prefere winter sports like snowboard or ski… well…
    Anothers pics well taken…but not so amazing than the previous pics…exept, maybe for the “naked guy” wich seems happy to show up everybody his underpants XD
    Blue uniforms? nice….chilean soccer team uniform is red (t-shirt is red) y our police wear green uniforms…anyway…green sucks!
    And a last detail…police look with scarly face?? doing nothing??? very impressive…
    saludos Masa…
    =============From MasaManiA
    THank you

  16. spinkick says:

    seems like there were more people BEHIND the police than in front of them… 100 police surrounding 50 loud, excited fans while thousands watched…?
    I bet all those cops wanted to get naked too… 😉

  17. kakkoii says:

    hahaha! Nihon ga ichiban desu yo! I’m so glad that Japan beat NK! It’s too bad that a NK player decided to attack two Japanese defenders at the end of the match, but he got a Red Card for it, so it’s ok.
    Here in America I play for a team called Shogun. Everyone (except me) is from Japan and works here in Chicago. We wear the Blue and Grey Japan national team Jerseys proudly! I think it’s cool that the emblem has the mythical 3-legged crow on it, holding a soccer ball.

  18. R. Elgin says:

    I think having so many somber-looking police just standing there and watching would encourage people to get naked instead of preventing it.
    It is so naughty. 😉

  19. Elisa says:

    So funny… I think. By the way, do you call that “naked”? I wanted to see his… parts… fuck xD

  20. Minako says:

    O_O So much police!
    That´s big difference with Barcelona. When Barca wins here the whole city is in party. And no police appears even if there is people making noise untill very late (Police is maybe in Party too?)
    It´s Shibuya Station traditional place to celebrate Football victories? In Barcelona and Madrid celebration is traditionally in one speciffic place. Is it like that in Tokyo?
    =============from MasaManiA
    Shibuya st is traditional place that police attack people.

  21. Edviziuz says:

    Maybe the North Korean soccer team brainwashed Japanese Police after losing.
    ============from MasaManiA
    You have a good journalistc view, i hope it’s just a joke.

  22. Abowo says:

    Woah man, that’s a great crowd of ppl…
    But nothing like when F.C.Barcelona won the last League Cup, that was… crazy :3.
    Anyway, congrats~.

  23. bob says:

    soccer sux

  24. La La Ru says:

    Go Japan! =)

  25. natto says:

    In New York nobody seemed to notice the Japanese victory… Me and the roommate were checking it live via internet Japanese text site… GOOD STUFF!
    I was wearing my Inamoto jersey and sweating like a pig and trying to imagine the empty stadium. I guess you could probably hear every fart and grunt. Strange. I wonder which team farts the most?

  26. Packetguy says:

    Yo Masa,
    Another excellent entry. Keep up the good work.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  27. Freeza says:

    Hey! in the 9th picture the guy on the front has Portuguese words on his shirt! why is that? i can read “o medo de perder” but its not completed… means “the fear of loosing”.
    its so stupid that they arrested that guy! lol here in portugal wen portugal wins you can see really naked ppl allover the place lol and police only gets happy about it lol
    by the way masa, keep up with the awsome work!
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report.

  28. noltha says:

    soccer and naked ppl are inseperable
    good work Masa~ Love it!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  29. honk says:

    hey masa,
    nice site. love the images. love the content. even thought the japanese didnt match the brazilians, they plaied the better ball. im a grafic designer/illustrator form germany and it would be nice if you could help me doing a job. i need to do an illustration for a magazine, would be cool if u write me email.. late
    ============-from MasaManiA
    THank you.

  30. Skull Rabbit says:

    The police arrested him so they could take him back to headquarters, if you know what I mean 😉 haha.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Now i am thinking

  31. rolly says:

    Too bad Japan got so thoroughly spanked by Mexico. They were lucky to escape with a tie with Brazil.

  32. wannabe poledancer says:

    Masa, since you want to be “mania of the truth,” why do you say such hateful things about North Korea?
    Don’t you know that every single country has good people and bad people?
    And how can you bring up what North Korea has done to Japan, and ignore what Japan has done to Korea?
    Ne, ne, kiite. I am a BIG FAN of you. But, I’m disappointed in this posting.
    Japanese are really good sportsmen. I mean, their attitude towards sports is the best in the world. Why couldn’t you write about that, instead of bringing up one-sided politics?
    =============from MasaManiA
    suoud hateful ?

  33. steve says:

    apparently i am vister number “7 7 7 7 7”
    i’d like to thank god and masa, for making this possible
    ===========from MasaManiA

  34. Moni says:

    Yes too bad for japan for loose with Mexico, but very good for Mexico ^^ right? =)

  35. JT says:

    The police arrested that naked guy only because he’s naked?? Here in Indonesia, whenever there’s a soccer match going on, there’s at least a riot where the supporters from both team decided to take matters into their own hand. The supporters for the winning team made fun of the supporters from the losing team and the supporters from the losing team just can’t take the fact that their team had lost. The players are fine, they just go home. But after the match, you can always see the supporters both team clashed. There’s gotta be at least 1 car got destroyed, sometimes couple cars got burned. The police?? They’re afraid of the supporters. They just stand there and do nothing. At the end, the supporters are just sick of it and just went home. Pretty sad huh? Btw, love your site Masa. Your pictures and reports just made my day.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Naked man never be arrested.
    and thank you

  36. Yaken Slovakia Unlimited says:

    Football (scukers say soccer^^ no offence) sucks. Sports suck. But even more the fanatical supporters suck. Just a bunch of idiots who want to kick someones ass no matter what. And win/loss of ‘their’ team is a good reason, they think.
    But even worse are “fans” like i know from Slovakia. We have a pretty good ice hockey team. Not the best, but one of the best. When they win, all the people say “WE won!”. But when they lose they say “THEY have lost.”. Fucking hyppocrites. This is why I hate sports. It’s only about money and hyppocricy. If i could post a picture of my middle finger raised, i would. REAL HIGH.
    BTW: FUCK NORTH KOREA! With a Hydrogen bomb dildo.

  37. NelC says:

    Why should Masamania write about shit that went down between Korea and Japan 50 years ago? He wasn’t around then and he’s never been taught about it. Fact remains that North Korea is batfuck crazy /today/, it has nuclear weapons, fires missiles over Japan, and kidnaps Japanese citizens and gives the wrong bones back. And Kim Jong Il is the crazy son of a crazy stalinist. All true things, and only tangentially related to Japan assassinating the Empress of Korea 100 years ago, taking over the country and forcing Koreans to take Japanese names. Hey, anybody can make a mistake.

  38. Katie says:

    That guy was only half naked…oh man…this is a rip off. Don’t put a title irritated naked man if there is not a real naked man…lol…good job.

  39. Hamanaka Osamu says:

    Why do all these Japanese supporters get so excited when most Japanese people insist they don’t love their country? Yes, that’s right, often heard in Japan: “日本人は愛国?E

  40. Daan says:

    Every country got some blood on his hands … cant deny that!
    Masa posts what he wants to and the visitors ad a little more now and then.
    Call it ; INTERACTIVE
    ^__^ ChEerS
    ===========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  41. Hamanaka Osamu says:

    I am not saying national pride, especially your sports teams, is a bad thing. I just wonder why Japanese people try and deny they have pride in their country.

  42. Bangkok says:

    Where are the naked girls?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Naked girls are busy to fuck with me.

  43. Real footage of what it’s like being Kim Jong-il’s bodyguard
    Japan may have defeated North Korea and North Koreans may be starving, but they’re no pussies! Check out the shit a North Korean goes through to be a body guard to that John Ill guy:

  44. morticum mothfly says:

    i love japanese people. how can u not?

  45. Cyrus says:

    The only true competition for Japan in Asia is Iran, and that is because they have Aryan blood

  46. fishegg says:

    Actually, Masa, the site seems to be loading faster tonite! Great film, btw, thanks for the laff!

  47. alfredo says:

    congrats masa!! you also did good matches at the Confederations Cup recently, win to Greece and almost win to Brazil!! see you in Germany 2006!!!
    alfredo (argentina)

  48. Nakasosi says:

    fuck all jap to death!

  49. eee says:

    Congrats masa, N.Korea sucks… it is a pity my team China didnt qualify for the World Cup final.

  50. Dragon says:

    hmmm….i’m not much for soccer myself, but the points made about north korea interest me.

  51. Erica says:

    I love your website. Please keep it running forever 🙂
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  52. Eli says:

    Masa you rock fucking rock!!!!!!!!!! I am from San Francisco, and we have a small Japantown here. They sell Japanese stationary and crepes. There is also a sort of big tower and a few small record stores.
    Anyway, you are awesome. I know at least 13 different women who want to have sex with you. Unfortunately they all live in San Francisco. So come to San Francisco and visit!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you. I love San Francisco very much.

  53. HolyDonkey says:

    …OMFG….What is wrong with you people? That happened a long time ago. Can’t they just let it go? This is like Japan and China neither one is willing to just get over it. I am sick and tired of the crap they keep bringing up. Please don’t tell me its the same with North Korea and Japan.
    By the way MasaMania or whatever get the facts straight this site is not better than CNN.

  54. 42 says:

    The situation is the same…North Korea still has a number of Japanese citzens they kidnapped within their borders. They use them to train their spies in Japanese language and culture so the spies can ‘blend in’. NK has even claimed that some of the Japanese people they kidnapped are dead and offered to send the remains to Japan as a show of ‘good will’. The remains were not even from any Japanese people; they were Korean. The human remains story happened only a year or so ago (Masa, you probably know how long ago better than me…).
    No, the animosity is still alive and well between the 2 countries.
    Whether you like Masa or CNN better is your own opinion. Stick with news you want to see. I do.

  55. hello masa good work i like thejapanese team good luck in germany 2006 bye
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you. and forgive me my being busy.

  56. hello masa good work i like thejapanese team good luck in germany 2006 bye
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you. and forgive me my being busy.

  57. hello masa good work i like thejapanese team good luck in germany 2006 bye
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you. and forgive me my being busy.

  58. hello masa good work i like thejapanese team good luck in germany 2006 bye
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you. and forgive me my being busy.

  59. La La Ru says:

    Hey, Steve. I’m vistor “7777” too. Masa is playing joke on us? =P
    ==============from MasaManiA

  60. bill says:

    what is masa mania? i am already in love with cummerboy crowd surfing jap mas mannin. i want to fuck his mouth

  61. Blake Smith says:

    i fucking love japanese roits, especially when hot guys crowd surf, and i think i saw some kid from my school there, but he is japanese in the picture, so i dont think that it is him, anyway, rock on japanese ppl and keep looking stupid, its hilarious

  62. Datsun says:

    Masa, I found your site by way of a google search for an unrelated topic, but now I am a big fan. You have real style! I thank you for showing Americans the real Japan and not the “Otaku Fantasy” Japan they all think they know.
    Well, as many suspect, the Japanese government is just paying off N. Korea to keep them from blowing up everything or killing people. Yes, it is odd that Japan and others (like the Clinton administration) are/have supported a government that is in reality a puppet of the Chinese Communists. If China wanted to change the government of NK then it would happen, but they do not. China has a vested interest in using NK to distract the other nations of the world from issues like Taiwan and the ever increasing world influence of China (both economically and militarily). China has designs, in my opinion, of something approaching control of other nations and using large multination corporations as puppets for their own purposes; the multinationals should be careful about putting so much in China out of greed thinking that it is worth it to take advantage of Chinese people. But, who is taking advantage of whom? The Chinese are the ones using the multinationals. These investors should be careful, as they could find themselves out of China when the government has no more use for them and can not learn any more from the multinationals in terms of technology transfer (Audi had a factory in China “nationalized” if I am correct). Japanese corporations and American corporations as well as others are guilty of the above actions.
    This distraction is one of the main reasons the NK is still operational. The Chinese just rattle the NK chain a little when they need to.
    Kim Jong-il is a little B@S#$@# that gives no care for the suffering of the NK people. He must die and reunification/integration with SK must happen for the good of the world. For those that have not seen the SK made movie “Shiri?E you should see it. It deals with the NK issue (still it is an action movie, so don’t expect it to delve into it too deeply)
    On the soccer side, this win is great! Kind of like when the American Ladies team beat out the Chinese Ladies team; hey Communists! How do you like them apples?
    Again, Masa love the site and keep telling the real truth (not that boring CNN or Fox will; both are so biased one way or the other).

  63. Nee says:

    Thailand Vs Japan
    100 – 0
    ========================from MasaManiA
    In case of actual war, i think it maybe different result.

  64. turner says:

    thats just plain nasty..who wants to see a naked japanesse guy??

  65. Steph says:

    I love Japanese men!!! I’m glad Japan won!

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