Elite army, Air borne's training for killing Gaijin and Journalist

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This troop is air borne, the most elite in Japan ese army. If we carefully think about army ‘ s role, their main aim is killing Gaijin (foreign people) and journalist. Yes, they are always training for killing you (foreigner) and me (journalist). But you know, different with former Japanese army in WW II, now days Japanese army have nev er killed Gaijin (at least) directry as a job until now. It ‘ s trune. But in fact there are lots of suicide in Japan ese army because of strict rule of army.
This troop, air borne is the most elite, the most tough and most strong people. It is fucking difficult to be air borne. There are lots of heavy tests for it. And the final test is famous for that fucking heavy task. Applicants are throwed away in the deep mountain area with poor equipments. And they must stay there and survive by theirselves in three mont h. Sometime they eat grass, sometime they eat snake, and sometime, sometime they must eat insect. Yes, their food life is as if England people ‘ s one. While some people go insane, survived applicants (sometime it is same people with such insane people) are approved of air borne, the most elite troop in Japan ese army. And they are them. They are really great and good personality people.
I hope even if they kill themselves, the opportunity to kill you (foreigner) and me(journalist) will nev er come in future.
but if Gaijin is fucked, you should go to fucked Gaijin
(sorry but, as a Japanese who is born and grow up and live in Japan, I am not willingly to answer to any questions that provide Japanese army’s informations which are useful for invasion to Japan. You konw, Japan is now sorounded by lots of angry asian country that hate Japan. and sometime they actually attack Japan by missile or something.)

soldier communicate with someone frequently. something will be happen.

small troop go somewhere in line. it seem unusal situation. something will be happne.

in the sky, plane come flying.

that hellicopter is dangling truck.

dangling truck and gun battery too.

suddenly helicopter drop off them.

and fly away !

after that, another helicopter come.

and this time, helicopter come here with lot’s of soldiers.

after dropped, soldier start to set up.

and lots of bases is setted up.

this time, helicopter come without dangling.

but after landing, lots of bike troop comed out.


and lots of soldier come.

when i look left, lots of plane is there.

and they come flying here.

they seem to start attack.

not only plane, but also jeep and tank and bike.

and they seem to fullfill their mission.

they fly away to somewhere.

after the demonstration, trampet’s sound is heard.

This man is boss of Japanese army, Mr.Oono

This is traditional style celemony of Japanese air borne.

and follwing viecles are some military equipments.


  1. Hentaikid says:

    >Yes, their food life is as if England people ‘ s one
    This made me laugh.
    It’s funny how normal people object to you taking photos but all these heavily armed soldiers didn’t mind.

  2. luthor says:

    These are great pictures Masa. How were you able to get access to take them?

  3. tom says:


  4. DeadlyFreeze says:

    Very cool mesa, first time I have seen training of japanese army.

  5. taku says:

    Hello Masa, how did u take all these great pics… amazin !! keep up the great work you do, and we all look forward to your future articles 🙂

  6. blagh says:

    I love the pictures with the flying away helicopters…very nice ^_^

  7. pete says:

    Masa, how were you able to get so close? Was this a public demonstration? I used to live near a base here in the states and even though it was a little crappy one, you couldn’t gain unathorized access without serious risk…

  8. ranting sweed says:

    its funny to see that all the helicopters are US technology -20 years. but good pictures anyway. was this demonstraton just open to te puplic?

  9. slingstone says:

    IT IS GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is in picture #50!
    He is in the trees above the 3 tanks!
    He is dark green!
    Do you see him?

  10. slingstone says:

    oh yeah,
    I also took some photos of Japanese soldiers (fighting in Iraq)
    I will email them to you

  11. Mike says:

    I can understand why it is “fucking difficult to be air borne”. First there are the obvious dangers to the mother and then the child is required to immediately begin flapping his/her arms.
    =======from MasaManiA
    Difficult to understand it.

  12. D'lite says:

    i’m from an asian country (which is.. Singapore), but i don’t hate Japan.
    =======from MasaManiA
    THank you. I love singapore.

  13. rolly says:

    Strange that JSDF has such outdated equipment. The Huey helicopter hasn’t been in the American inventory for over 10 years. I presume that the reason is that the cost of new equipment outweighs any benefit. Great pictures of the sky full of helicopters, though. I’m inspired to watch “Apocalypse Now”.
    I dig the Japanese soldiers on dirt bikes. Perhaps some of them are bosozoku in civilian life?
    This was quite clearly a “media opportunity”. Nobody gets this close to the military without being invited. I’m impressed that Masa had enough clout to get an invitation :).
    Still, at some visceral level, seeing the meatball (hinomaru) insignia painted on military equipment gives me the chills.

  14. hafiz says:

    those are great pictures masa.i am from singapore too.
    =======from MasaManiA
    THank you. great, Singapore.

  15. Ha, they seem to be having fun! 🙂

  16. jp says:

    cool, i like the helcopters and the trucks
    japanese army’s commander seems to me very kind
    masamania, if you want to host (some of) your photos in my image database on japan, please contact me: photographer@cyberikono.com
    jean philippe
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your help !

  17. cliff says:

    dude that is some sweet potographs man i love helecopters but how come they let you so close did you not get told off
    if you get too close in england to army exersizes you get told off

  18. Fuck Hello says:

    Shit. The soldiers look like puppets when they hang in strings from the helicopter.
    It’s cool how they lift the old dude up and carry him around. Makes him get more status. That guy is cool.

  19. kenji says:

    where was this anyways? the outskirts of tokyo? masa, you seem to be the only journalist there? lucky!

  20. Andrew says:

    What is the general feeling in Japan about having troops deployed overseas?
    =======from MasaManiA
    there are no dominated opinion now.

  21. James says:

    People here used to say that little green men come from mars.
    No we know little green men come from Japan.
    Please excuse me while I put on my gi and grab my boken to fight invasion of little green Japanese men.
    ======-from MasaManiA
    Dont forget, Jap army is training for killing Gaijin everyday.

  22. p.toid says:

    “I am not willingly to answer to any questions that provide Japanese army’s informations which are useful for invasion to Japan.”
    Chances are pretty high the Japanese army is full of Chinese spies anyway; they certainly wouldn’t have a hard time blending in, except for the haircuts like Moe from The Three Stooges.
    ======from MasaManiA

  23. Diru says:

    I can see GODZILLA too!!!!!!! Picture 49
    That is just too damned cool…
    Masa you seem to bring out the little things that would be missed at a glace.

  24. vir-jin says:

    I also want a playground to set on fire!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Set on fire to your love.

  25. Jasmine says:

    Wow! These pictures looks like they’re from confidential army files o_O thank you, Masa.
    P.S.: Just a note, the usual English diet for people in England doesn’t have insects.
    ====from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information

  26. vir-jin says:

    Then I have to burn you! It’s against the law to kill a moral entertainer. I will get death penalty and the last bit of fun will be dead, too. I will be a dead gaijin soon…
    =======from MasaManiA

  27. slingstone says:

    I do not see GODZILLA in pic #49,
    he is in a few other pics, most notably in pic #50, but he is not seen, as far as I can tell in pic #49…
    I believe that you are not counting the original first post pic, the picture of the (ch 47 chinook helicopter), oh well
    where else do you see him?
    he is in other pics also!

  28. Ed says:

    These pictures rock! Some remind me of Godzilla shows and others remind me of the helicopter attack scene in the movie ‘Apocalypse Now.’ Masa, your government spends all that money for anti-Godzilla equipment, so why not use the Army to kill fucking gaijins in North Korea and Sakhalin Island? Jap government needs to teach dumb North Korean gaijins to not shoot missles over Japan, and I would like to fish for salmon in Sakhalin Island without paying $100 for Russian Tourist Visa. Those Russians are criminal mafia gaijins anyway. Fuck the North Koreans and fuck the Russians.
    ============From MasaManiA
    THank you
    Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

  29. i-freak says:

    Thankyou Masa, with the information provided by your pictures we can start planin an invasion of japan. Vow to your new master.
    ======from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  30. naranjita says:

    japan’s been planning an invasion for a long time now. but the army won’t take part in it. first there was the tamagochi, then the aibo, then Q-rio! i swear, that thing comes equipped with deadly laser beams! everyone will be too busy watching 2nd-rate anime and para-para-ing to DDR and then one day it will be too late! beware!!

  31. Edviziuz says:

    Those are awesome photos. I didn’t know the Japanese Army would let independent journalists take pictures at their military bases.
    Off-topic: What’s with all these porn links?
    ======from MasaManiA
    Just a spam.

  32. R. Elgin says:

    It’s funny Masa because, here in Korea, people still are angry with Japan because they feel that the government has never dealt fairly with their recent history of aggression in Asia (Korea, China, etc.) Even now, many Koreans are angry with Japan because of some old right-wing nuts in Japan claiming Dokdo as being Japanese when it is actually Korean.
    The Japanese military still makes many people nervous.
    =========from MasaManiA
    thank you for your message.
    Japan also have lots of people who hate Korean (and of course Chinese).
    But you know at the same time, recently Korean culture become very popular. lots of Jap girls are crazy for Korean Idol.
    in other word, there are many kind of people.
    at least, please get along with me.
    thank you

  33. Colin Kae says:

    Hi masa, i dont hate all japanese even though i am a Chinese-Korean mix ( does that mean double hatred to Japanese? >.< ) But i do hate those Jap right wings who disclaim war crime your older generation comitted. I dont want blood to revenge blood, i still love the rest of japanese and got nice japanese friends. Peace, Colin Kae.
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your message.
    yes, if we are hated, we also want to hate back the hater who hate us.stop to hate is good idea.

  34. Chandler says:

    Try being American. Everyone hates us.
    =======from MasaManiA
    Sound exiting

  35. Chandler says:

    Yes and no. Living in Japan the Japanes smile and then say “Gaijin” and pull their children away from us, and dont let us into their restaurants. But I guess who can blame them with the way some Americans act when they come here.

  36. VLADMIR says:

    C.C.C.P mother fuckers
    red mafiya
    russian army
    cold hearted robot soldiers wa u say pussy

  37. Jackie says:

    Of course Japan is surrounded by angry countries~ The Japanese gov’t never acknowledge fully that they had invaded lots of Asian countries during WWII. Such attitude sure gets a lot of people angry~ In addition, so there are lot of other japanese who hate Korean and Chinese in Japan. So I wonder what are they going to do about that? Request the gov’t to expel these foreigners out of the country?
    =======from MasaManiA
    Same as America, Japan also government and public opinion is different

  38. myugenjin says:

    It’s about damn time Japan starts building their military up. I read an article on Mainichi that stated N.Korea had been stealing young & old Japanese from the northern coast since the 1950’s.
    But honestly who’s training these soldiers? Recently America sent 200 Delta Force troops to train China’s PLA who then taught the entire Chinese military.
    That japanese equipment is so new the paint hasn’t even been chipped. I hope Japans new army isn’t like the U.N.’s peacekeepers.
    We gave them state of the art and they turned it over to the Serbs without a fight in Kosovo (HBO documentary).
    By the way that 5th pic of the helicopter airlifting is artilery not a battery. Ya see battery’s need a command station and a satelite/radar station to pinpoint logistics then fire whether on a target in the air or on the ground. They come on big diesel type trucks (to big to airlift) with giant wheels then connect to each other with big cables to send/recieve commands like a network of computers.
    But even that artillery piece looks way to damn small and in one of the pictures it’s barrel looks atached to the vehicle as if it’s being towed. It’s probaly a heavily scaled down practice drill.
    Nowhere do we see any machinegun fire or troops storming buildings. Also the attack helicopter formation is bad. They fly like they do in those Godzilla flicks which makes it easy to shoot down. And even if they were practing they needed to fly in right angles at a 3-5 mile radius.
    I know this stuff cause I was going to join the Marines and researched many different armorments/jobs.
    And finally one of the armored vehicles which looks like a British SCARAB (LAV truck with grass on it) the man is holding an “SAW” wich is good for crowd control and light infantry but won’t do anything to an helicopter, Tank, or other LAV such as the hummer.

  39. Felipe " the latinlover" says:

    well i see the world and i think everbody hate everbody, the american are hate for everbody and they hate everbody, the latin people wel hate spain and usa, but between latin countrys exist hate, peru hate ecuador chile hate peru brasil hate argentina uruguay hate paraguay, africa hate europa and europa hate africa, india hate pakistan and pakistan hate india china korea hate japan and japan hate china and with korea have relationship love /hate, israel hate the arabs and the arabs hate israel.
    so i tell before mean one things everbody hate everbody so the best thing could happen is nuclear bomb destroy the planet and the hatye dissapear what do you think??
    ============from MasaManiA
    The only resulve is “No more peace, more fuck”.

  40. Felipe " the latinlover" says:

    well i see the world and i think everbody hate everbody, the american are hate for everbody and they hate everbody, the latin people wel hate spain and usa, but between latin countrys exist hate, peru hate ecuador chile hate peru brasil hate argentina uruguay hate paraguay, africa hate europa and europa hate africa, india hate pakistan and pakistan hate india china korea hate japan and japan hate china and with korea have relationship love /hate, israel hate the arabs and the arabs hate israel.
    so i tell before mean one things everbody hate everbody so the best thing could happen is nuclear bomb destroy the planet and the hatye dissapear what do you think??
    ============from MasaManiA
    The only resulve is “No more peace, more fuck”.

  41. Koril Dragonic says:

    That’s alot like how the Canadian air forces are… I live in a town dedicated to the airborn military of Canada, so I see them flying overhead and practicing every day. But Canada hates war, so we only fight because we’re forced to. I hope we never have to fight Japan!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Me too

  42. 42 says:

    I wonder if “The Onion” (a satirical newspaper) still has the ‘ethniclashistan’ article in its online archives…
    I am not a premium member, so I can’t search that far back, myself.

  43. Mike says:

    I like the Japanese Humvees: I wonder if they sell them to civillians?
    ========from MasaManiA
    I dont know

  44. Martin Mystery says:

    but say killing gaijin, Amerika have more power and russia too, remember japan is just a island its so easy to destroy

  45. Paco says:

    Senor Masa:
    Try to play the main theme song of “Lupin the 3rd” while viewing all the images, it adds more dynamism to your cool picture series.

  46. Ramen Rider says:

    masa, you look like you have some seriously expensive photography equipment. *points at godzilla and individual helicopter blades* Ive noticed this with your street pictures too, some of them are rushed but they have minimal blur. Care to share details?
    ===========From MasaManiA
    Not so expensive and I have no skill and no knowledge of taking picture. If you have some knowledge, you already know it.

  47. drop by says:

    yo not sure wat does white ppl bitchin about that 20yrs old helicopter crap… Japan has the latest and coolest tech in this world.. FYI.. white fags.. most of ur tech came from japan and americans just configure sum of it.. so that u stupid assholes can use it.. and ohh yea masa dude i got to say u got sum tight pictures and shit like that but dude.. how wer u able to take em ? i mean like if u look at all the picture u posted there was not a single civilian in the area except for the photographer… dude u got sum serious connection… i dont think that was a public show.. that place look deserted..

  48. drop by says:


  49. Jarl says:

    This is very awesome Masa! I didn’t think the japanese had an “real” army, although compared to the American elite forces, they don’t really have a chance. What do you think about japan sending soldiers to iraq? And wonder what japan would have been if they had won world war 2!?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    It’s no problem that Jap army go to Irap, but they should beat off USA army. sorry it’s Japanese joke. hahaha

  50. Chris says:

    For the blind and retarded: The Godzilla picture is here http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/archives/pic/airborne49.jpg.

  51. Elizabeth says:

    I believe let’s make love, not war. How hard is it to stay angry with an enemy if you are both naked together? Lol! Soon a compromise will be made! Good photo shots, Masa! You are becoming my crush! I am addicted to this site now! Love you!

  52. 42 says:

    I knew a guy (I’ll call him W.) that was getting drunk in his room when some other guy (I don’t know his name, so I’ll call him X.) came in to start a fight. W. took off all his clothes and said, “This is how we do it in Chatanooga (sp?). Yo, whazzup? You can’t fight a naked man? Bitch! You want me to wear som’in when I beat yo’ ass? You best dress me, bitch!” X. put W.’s boxers and socks back on him and then left with a really ashamed sort of look on his face. W. was still spewing out insults at X., even after X. had gone home. Drunk soldiers do some crazy things.
    Strange compromise…
    I just had to share…

  53. jordan m. says:

    NICE PIC MASA!!! I like Japanese military unit uniform! reminds me to the World War II German Panzergrenadier unit, especially to the camo uniform. You know, your military is nice too that aid Tsunami victims in my country. I hope you support your troops masa!

  54. arkane says:

    Jap army look like retards. US Navy seal can kick their ass any day!

  55. Stress relief = less suicide says:

    This + helicopter fuck…
    It’s similar to the shirt in T-shirt hell…
    Soldiers need Hummers, too.

  56. sinisterpunk says:

    At least you are not a fucking traitor to your country. Many people in USA would gladly see our country conquered. Fuck all trators, beeeeyaach!!!

  57. sinisterpunk says:

    To Drop: White people have as much a right to bitch about another race as any race does. Fuck you and all yours, cocksucker.

  58. shut up says:

    there is only one race, the human race. so fuck you whitey!!

  59. I hate morons. says:

    1st sentence…one race…human race…
    2nd sentence…whitey
    That is truly one of the most pathetic posts I have ever seen. I don’t even need to argue the point…shut up has already proven his idiocy.
    Some people make it too easy.
    Seriously, when it comes to one ‘race’ bitching about another ‘race’, just think: if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you want to whine about another group of people, it’s only fair to expect some backlash. Personally, I’d prefer if people just stopped with all the us vs. them based on skin color b.s.
    You’re right up there with this guy, shut up.

  60. shut up says:

    i was being ironic, ‘i hate morons’

  61. UXI says:

    Your irony has failed you.

  62. MasaMania!
    I didn´t know that Japan has armed forces. Now I know. I love military weapons, but I hate war.
    I don´t know why I only see Cobra Chopper… if they are elite I should wait see Apache Chopper. Anyway, it looks very well … I try to imagine how fast they can kill and make me afraid :S
    MasaMania! you are the best!
    P.S. If Japan attack Mexico, please, tell to Japan Army that kill only politicians and president. People don´t like war.
    ================From MasaManiA
    sorry but Jap army never kill your country politician. instead of that, Jap amry send Jap politician to your country to destroy your country

  63. Rollin' says:

    Nice, Masa. Have you ever seen the American cartoon ‘South Park’? You’d love the ‘Chimpokomon’ episode, in which Japan tries to take over the US using an anime-based line of toys for kids to collect and the line ‘you have-a very large-a penis’ for the adults. It almost works in the cartoon. Hilarious!

  64. KEY says:


  65. kana to kanji says:

    we have many aircrafts here who uses sym-31 fuel ang fly high in the sky without wings.have u any.
    u cannot produce such an aircraft in ur country just we can do so as we are richest in that very matter. u are poor and needy and hungry as u dont have such technologies.

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