Hey Chinese and Korean, protest Jap education ! Fuck in school !

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Hiding is the most popular method in Japanese education. The reason of hiding is that our education’s priority is not thinking, but memorizing. It makes Jap non-thinking, memory macine. English class teacher hide translation to test the memory. Mathematics class teacher hide the name of theorem to test the memory. History class teacher hide year number of histrical event to test our memory. By the way, Chinese and Korean insist that Japanese education hide Japanese war crime of WW II in histry class. I don’t know it is fact or not. But anyway histry class teacher teach us there are lots of anti-Japan riot in china and Korea because Japanese histry education hide Japanese war crime of WW II in histry class. I hope it won’t lead actually war because I don’t want to add the the histrycal event to study in histry class. My brain is really poor memorizing ability.
Anyway Japanese education really like to hide. It maybe the most effective way for memorizing.. I don’t know this is good way for education or not. but I can say it’s completely wrong to hide in sex education. Our sex education never show us actual pussy nor actual penis, needless to say the way of actual fucking.. so intelligent student know precicely each name of parts of vagina and penis but they neve know how to fuck girl until arrested by police as a junior jumper. On the other hand, drop-out people can fuck very smoothly.
As a human, fuck is very important activity. But Japanese education seem not enough in sex education area.
Show the actual pussy and penis in school. Showing actual fucking is maybe more educational. fuck in the school for the name of true education !
I hope Chinese and Korean protest Jap sex education rather than histry education to see the teenager pussy in school.


  1. Fuck Hello says:

    You’ve got a great point. Japanese educational system is based on getting as many people to do the same thing as possible. You learn to be identical in group, learning to memorize the same thing, but no logical thinking. Just follow the orders…
    Where and HOW did you take this picture?
    Is she a prostitute? Is she your friend?
    She’s wearing a school uniform. It’s such a good picture, it really spoke to me..
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you.

  2. tingao says:

    Many educated Japs Just like you dont know the fact in WW2, Most Japanese people are manipulated by right wings in Japan… It’s not the problem in the education, in deeper, it’s the extremly problem in your society. I believe people in far east will have long peace as long as the right wing parties disapper in Japan.

  3. Philstert says:

    What’s a junior jumper?

  4. TANK Ex Mortis says:

    The American school system is often similar to yours, in that it encourages memorization of facts instead of critical thinking.
    Speaking of school, I recently found this site: http://outpostnine.com/editorials/teacher.html . It’s the diary of a black gaijin learning about Japanese culture as an assistant teacher. I don’t know what you’ll think of it, but I thought it was interesting. It doesn’t pretend that Japan is the perfect country like so many Americans think it is.
    =======from MasaManiA
    THank you for your information.

  5. j says:

    “As a human, fuck is very important activity.”
    lol, great picture and excellent point.
    Maybe Japs should attack China and Korea again to teach them a lesson. Japs make PSP, Honda, Toyota (Lexus) and other great stuff… so Bush and US citizens will ignore because we can’t live without PSP and Jap cars.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    What’s a fucking interesting opinion !!!!!

  6. Tom says:

    Hi little jap’, your article is very interesting, before faculty, we have learned many things about japan in history & geography (so today i learn geo) and we ever learn that japaneses are people who love working, with this fucking cult of the boss (of entreprise)..
    So the japanese life(work)style of the pupils and the other workers are specially concepted for “machines” > out of bed, working, doing homework, bed..?
    what’s a fuck !
    The school uniform is the first sign of the big unity of a non thinking people group.. that’s like financial people.. who live for money exchange..
    I lost myself in my sentences 😕
    So, great work, fuckin’ little man you are.
    ============From MasaManiA
    Thank you for your understand.

  7. J Schnorng says:

    Yeah! Expose penis and pussy for fucking purpose! Support fuck for fucking good fuck!

  8. R. Elgin says:

    Well, I’m not sure where to begin. Here, in Korea, the educational system focuses upon memorizing facts as well, all at the expense of qualitative thought. They also fail to teach basic civics such as why we should take care of our environment and not throw trash everywhere like some middle-aged, drunken guy. Koreans are greatly undereducated about how democracy works and how to participate in it, thus they have some of the worst leadership in government (about the same as Japan).
    This is to say the educational system in Korea is expensive and FUCKED and it is the parents here who are being fucked — fucked by their own ignorance. It is a vicious circle of ignorance that causes many to send their kids to another country for a better education.
    The kids learn about sex through the internet, which is a poor substitute for a decent education.
    Koreans seem to believe that Japan society has never really been educated about their past crimes against humanity, about the Nanjing Massacre in 1937 or the biological experiments performed upon Chinese and Koreans. These conservative-yakuza types in Japan do make me wonder *who* is in charge.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes, I heard that Korean education system is very hard.
    and please understand that if we are hated heavily, we also start to wnat to hate back.
    War time Japanese and now days Japanese is different people already.

  9. 42 says:

    I have the feeling that junior jumper means something like robbing the cradle/statuatory rape. That’s what I got out of the context, anyway.
    US Army has the same sytem of teaching-memorizing creeds, but no one learning what they mean. It make the creeds very meaningless.
    If you want to see what sex education would be like if sex was actually shown, watch Monty Python’s ‘Meaning of Life’. In one part, the teacher brings in his wife for a demonstration of the techniques-she looked rather bored, though. British comedy may be dry, but it is still funny-sometimes it is funnier because it is so dry.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your opinion

  10. Pied says:

    Well… you’d like to see pussies in sexual education classes…
    Then, why not kill people in history classes?
    I must disagree with you on that point, though I’d rather like to see the pictures 🙂

  11. rolly says:

    This girl learned well at Japanese school.
    Just bend over, and follow instructions. An excellent student!

  12. Another view says:

    Not fair. Japan is not the only nation that commit crimes.
    Communist china also invade Tibet, invade Vietnam, kills lots of Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Falungong, kill lots of Chinese people during revolution. Communist china also hide and lie about these facts in their history books. Why don’t they protest against their government? These protest are communist sponsored.
    Japan doesn’t have army to make wars against others. China and North Korea has nuclear weapon to destroy Democratic Nation.
    Japan, Korea, Chinese women are beautiful. Communist and dictatorship are all worst.

  13. tingao says:

    China and Japan are increasingly inter-linked commercially and both are the only two super-gaints in far east. but we are extremly hard to be friends, or no way to be friends. one reason what i think is that in japs point of view, China is a communist country, represents envil and hell. It’s no problem about history for you guys, but the problem is present. Can you accpet a raising Communist country in fareast? to be honest, fucking in classroom implies the nature of japs, you dont have to so shy about this, every people around world notices this. you have great industry about it…
    ==========From MasaManiA
    thank you for your interesting opinion

  14. Kelly says:

    fortunately here in little England te education system is based more on understanding… especially sciences, english, maths etc… learning the formulas n crap is the easy part… its figuring out how to use them thats haaard…
    i think thats like the only up side to living in the UK…
    and sure go to war…
    war always means faster technological advancements hehe so go for it… i’m to far away to care ^_^

    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report.

  15. lucio says:

    as a German, we did the same shit 60 years ago, i sincerely feel sorry for that, it was a shame of our history. so i really can’t get the rational your ministers and councilmen who represent the government keep visiting and pay respect to Yasukuni’s war criminals. You started the fuse. For those who criticising china, think of south korea, that’s a democratic country. Imagine if our Chancellor Schroeder paid tribute to Hitler every year. What would you feel if you are French, British, Russian, European or Jewish ? PEACE for East Asia
    ============from MasaManiA
    But I think at least Hitler problem is not your fault

  16. Pectral says:

    It’d be a good idea for them commie Chinks to get their own distorted, lying, propaganda filled history textbooks in order before bitchin’ about Japans.
    Fuckin’ dumb Chinks!

  17. kogalstone says:

    my memory serves as a reminder as to how forgetful I am
    ========from MasaManiA
    irony !

  18. willl says:

    ..I wonder how many people here actually knew what the Japs did to the Chinese and Koreans did during world war 2.
    Let me refresh your memory
    -Rape of Nan King
    -Diseccting Chinese/Koreans alive for medical purposes
    -Chemical, pressure chambers, biological weapon testing on living people.
    Other stuff is too disgusting to discuss.
    I do not hate Japanese people for they cannot control their history, I hate those who continuously deny that they did such atrocities. Masa no offense, but you seem like another one of those brainwashed Japanese citizens. But like i said, I do not hate you because you are a Japanese citizen. The demonstrations were so intense because Japan want into the UN and they have not changed their textbooks for years, depite huge criticism.
    No country is perfect, Japan and China have had their share of bad past, but whats the use of keep hiding the truth, it only delays relationships between the two superpoweres and can get ugly.

  19. spinkick says:

    i don’t want anyone to teach me sex at school… i want to find out for myself in the back seat of a car or in the laundry room where you are suppose to learn about bad sex… 🙂
    =========from MasaManiA
    You are unhealthy.

  20. Brian says:

    what the fuck. Japan is the only fucking country in the world to continuosly distort a mass genocide when it’s completely fucking obviouse that they raped a whole city of women killed hundreds of people and even used spears to pick a fetus out of a pregant woman’s body. There are pictures and interviews that illustrate a japanese soldier presenting a fetus to a commanding officer as a fucking trophy. It’s not like they dropped a bomb and went on there way like hiroshima. These people went into the fucking city and killed, raped, tortured, men women and children with a disgutingly sick glee.
    A lot of you are just laughing this shit off or aren’t taking it seriously. I mean that’s like laughing off the Holocaust.
    To Masa and other people who visit this site, I am chinese, while I understand your situation, I hope you take the time to understand the chinese situation. You saying that you’re “not sure” whether the war crimes are true or not is like the Germans saying “I’m not sure the holocaust really happened, it’s controversial” That’s why so many people are so pissed off.
    There are thousands of people, pictorial evidence, and still people, ESPECIALLY, the japanese are saying that nothing happened or it’s controversial.
    To help you visualize what happened:
    MAsa, I know you’re all about TRUTH, and these photographs (which can be searched for on google too)tell NOTHING LESS THEN THE TRUTH. So please, take the time to at least understand the situation from our point of view as I have from yours.
    =========from MasaManiA
    The thing I want to say is that please dont blame our generation because at least we are born after war.
    Anyway thank you for your comment.

  21. Vlad says:

    Great stuff there Masa, but how the hell did you get that close without beeing noticed ?!?
    ============from MasaManiA
    they are my friend

  22. spinkick says:

    if there is one thing every man from every country and every culture in this world has in common, it is lack of pussy… in school… at work … at home … 🙁
    so let’s all forget the bullsh*t our grandparents did and start over with something we have in common and protest the lack of pussy in our lives… 🙂
    … as we say here in america, women have half the money and ALL of the pussy, so it’s time for equal rights for men !…
    ===========from MasaManiA

  23. georgehd says:

    Hey Brian,
    I can see where you’re coming from with your strong opinion toward Japanese people. But let’s put the situation in perspective.
    First of all, the Germans killed millions of POW’s during the Holocaust. It’s significantly more devastating than the Rape of Nanjing, in terms of casualties. To be fair, I would consider the Rape of Nanjing to be a smaller version of the Holocaust.
    Secondly, I think you’re asking too much from the caucasian readers out here. Do you really think they care about a war that involved asians killing asians? Asians in general, Japanese or Chinese, just don’t have as much influence as the Jewish do in American politics and media.
    Lastly, the Nanjing massacre occured in 1937. Did the Chinese people learn nothing of humanity and value for human life from the incident? If they did, why did the Cultural Revolution of 1960-1970’s occur? Why were families torn apart and patriarch’s murdered by sons. Why were the educated sent to die in labor camps?
    Lets face the facts. The Chinese were and are still guilty of crimes committed against humanity. At the very least, Koizumi apologized on the behalf of his country. When will the Communists of China own up to their mistakes???

  24. Revaddict says:

    in response to brian;
    Regardless of whether these things happened or not, is that website with distored pictures what passes for “objective proof” of whether it happened or not? Some pictures portray Japanese soldiers. Others very low definition pictures of corpses which could be from almost anywhere. Others mass graves with claims of it being from massacres; the claim of the honest people’s republic of China.
    makes me laugh! people believe anything these days! ha ha

  25. PW says:

    It’s quite pointless to state the countries that have done wrong over the years,every country has commited attrocities over the years.Even the nice and friendly peace loving Tibetans were vicious barbarians who terrorised the Chinese when they were in power.
    We should all stop looking back in history and build a better future.
    ===========from MasaManiA

  26. k says:

    all japs asians should die

  27. Pectral says:

    To Brian:
    Many, if not most, of the photos from brainmind.com are from events having nothing to do with the Japanese.
    What the communist Chinese have done is use random archived photos of atrocities committed between different groups of Chinese people, or from conflicts in Tibet, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc., and attributed them to Japanese military conduct in China during WWII.
    It’s pure Chinese commie propaganda.
    Please visit here for a better understanding and perspective – http://www.jiyuu-shikan.org/e/top.html

  28. Rusty says:

    i am 17 yrs old chinese, what i think is “we should just learn from the history, not to blame who did the wrong things in the pass, what’s the point of blaming the people or country of what’s they did in the pass. Save the energy for the present and stop the wrong thing happens again.”
    sorry about my bad english .
    masa i am really enjoying ur site and journals keep it up. cheer
    ===========from MasaManiA
    you know I am also bad english. dont mind.
    lets think about new thing to make good relation rather than past things to hate each other.

  29. Wow thats an awesome picture. =) And you make a good point.
    Fucking is a necessary action. Let’s get it on and show the world how its really done.
    =========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  30. An American says:

    Jap bastards, forget Pearl Harbor? I went to Yasukuni Shrine once and it stated Japs launched the Pacific war because they were threated by us and there’s no sign of regret at all. Hello? Japs, are ya all that mad? Tell ya a fact, Not ONLY Chinese and Korean hate you, so does Americans!

  31. Brian says:

    You can find virtually all the same pictures posted previously from a more reliable neutral source: WIKIPEDIA.
    Generally everyone in China (me included) has relatives that were killed by the japanese in incidents that encompass nanjing and many other places (nanjing was only one isolated incident) so it’s more or less common knowledge. Pectral, before you call it “commie propaganda” I want you go tell a Jew that the holocaust is just Jewish propaganda and that the pictures of the holocaust are atrocities committed between different groups of Jewish people killing each other.
    This attempt by japanese people (not all japanese) to play dumb and turn everything into controversy is a fucking insult.

  32. 42 says:

    To k,
    I was once told by a very intelligent man, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. I do not know if he was quoting someone else or if this was an original ‘quote’; however, it is very true. I would agree with getting over the anger and bitterness people feel over the past, but do not forget what happened. Use history as a lesson in ‘what not to do’ in this case.
    To everyone,
    Remember, too, that although the Japanese history books may be distorted in terms of ‘true historical facts’, the Chinese history books may be equally distorted. The truth is likely halfway between the two differing views.
    Not so long ago, I found a website claiming to have pictures of the atrocities that American Soldiers had brought upon the Iraqi people. Nearly half of the pictures showed the corpses of American Soldiers, yet ALL of the pictures hqad labels claiming that the pictures were of Iraqis. I wonder what the history books will say about it after our generation is completely dead and buried…

  33. Pectral says:

    To Brian @ May 6, 2005:
    There’s plenty of controversy surrounding many outlandish claims made by the victors against the vanquished. To hear them tell the story, the victors were all innocent little angels whom wouldn’t harm a fly, they were all about peace, love, and security, and only wanted to protect the vulnerable women and children.
    The fact is, they, the victors, were every bit as much the monsters of which they claim to have saved the vulnerable women and children from (e.g., Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the Tokyo fire bombings, Dresden, etc.). One can see this very thing going on in Iraq, today, as we speak. The state sponsored Zionist/JUDEO-Christian international terrorists, i.e., ZOG occupied Washington, D.C., have been and are committing numerous atrocities on a daily bases. However, the international Jew monopoly media, i.e., Reuters, UPI, AP, AFP, et.al., aren’t portraying it as a wanton, unwarranted, brutal act of armed aggression. They’re spinning it into a save the vulnerable Iraqi women and children act of generosity.
    As for the alleged Jewish HollowHoax (holocaust), and the outrageous, unproven claim that 6-million Jews were systematically exterminated (gassed) in German concentration camps is and has been challenged by independent historians who’ve uncovered several inconsistencies in the victors records, showing the numbers, literally, just don’t add up.
    The photo ‘evidence’ stored at the so-called ‘neutral’ wikipedia, are sourced from China, I noticed. Problem: There’s no independent, credible confirmation the pictures are, indeed, the consequences of Japanese military activities in Nanking. They could’ve come from anywhere at anytime. They could’ve been staged, altered, misinterpreted.

  34. Pectral says:

    Oh, and by the way, this American loves the Japs, and the Krauts.
    Both are damn fine people.
    Don’t care for them commie Chinks or Kikes (Jews) that much though.

  35. kogalstone says:

    a wise man once told me,
    “I have but one regret in this life, and that is that I did not fuck as much pussy as I should have”, and then he told me, “do not let that happen to you; forget about the dumb shit and just fuck as much pussy as you can, and you will die a happy man” !
    I do not know if he was quoting someone else or if this was an original ‘quote’; however, it is very true.
    =========from MasaManiA
    It’s just one opinion. For me, fucking with love is enough. random pussy for just fuck seem no happy.

  36. yacheese says:

    I’m a half-Chinese Aussie and I just wanna say that when are people gonna realise that we’re all fairly well screwed up? I love Japanese people and generally speaking I love their culture, despite there being specific things that I can’t stomach. There is no perfection in humanity – certainly not in any one race of people – as glorious as we can be, we’re all tainted. God help us all. To quote a wise person (G.K. Chesterton): “What is wrong with the world? I am.” Both sides of my family were at war with Japan and on one side was a POW. Not good. But the events of the war also brought my parents’ families together in Australia. Good. I’ve been to Yasukuni Shrine and its museum and I was angered by its denial of the Nanking massacres. But I was also heartened by reading about it at the Hiroshima peace memorial, which admitted that many of the troops that took part in the massacres were sent from the military bases in Hiroshima. That memorial had the best approach I’ve found… that war is a tragedy on all sides. It’s like a car accident – even if you claim it wasn’t your fault, you still lose, and so does the other guy. There were great evils committed by all sides, and great deeds done too… but all suffer (even if it is good for economies and technological advancement). We haven’t learned much and we still are misinformed in schools, on TV, in newspapers etc etc. In Australia, the genocide of Tasmania’s indigenous people was not much more than a footnote in my history class. There were no certifiable photos to cite as evidence, but I believe it, because, well, there are no indigenous people left in Tasmania! Simple as that. Anyway, I say the only way to break the hate-retribution cycle is through forgiveness. I think admitting what was done first would help that – and I refer to all parties, not just Japan. If that makes me an annoying hippie, so be it!
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your good report and opinion.

  37. Petral = moron says:

    Please visit here for a better understanding and perspective – http://www.jiyuu-shikan.org/e/top.html
    Posted by: Pectral at May 6, 2005 03:26 AM
    if you want to direct readers to an unbiased view about past atrocities by the japanese, how about finding a independent source, instead of one made by japanese. of course the japanese are going to say ‘no we didnt do those things’.
    also, read the crap at the bottom of that site you linked to. No sane person thinks what the japanese did during ww2 was good, even the japanese government today admits they were in the wrong.
    ==========From MasaManiA
    I never say Japan never do anything at WW2, but at least I have not done nothing to chinese or korean or other asian people until now(I dont know about future).
    and I want to say that “Dont hate me because of WW2 affair.”
    I know Japan did wrong and I also know Chinese and Korean did bad thing during war. (of couse American also. and in case of American, they still doing bad thing.) doing wrong is human nature. American is really full of humanity.
    anyway we should think about nowdays problem more than histrical happening.

  38. petral=jerk says:

    furthermore pectral, it is blatantly obvious you have some dirt on the chinese, calling them com chinks etc. so don’t kid yourself anyone is going to belive your b.s. about presenting a NEUTRAL view.

  39. panda says:

    actual education is indispensable.

  40. Pectral says:

    To pectral=jerk @ May 8, 2005:
    In your post you forgot to mention the ‘dirt’ I have on them HollowHoax Kikes, too.

  41. Pectral says:

    To moron @ May 8, 2005:
    Okay, list some ‘unbiased,’ sources for me – if there even is such a thing.

  42. Pectral says:

    To moron @ May 8, 2005:
    Perhaps you’re referring to unbiased, independent sources like this one.

  43. Brian says:

    Maybe there isn’t such a thing as an unbiased source. But wikipedia is as one of the most legitimate and unbiased sources you can get, especially on the internet. The links you offer look like they were fabricated by some crazy conspiracy theorist.
    Anyway the chinese don’t hate the japanese per se. We just want a goddamn admission and a goddamn apology. Sometimes people confuse it into thinking it’s hatred. In actuallity I have a lot of chinese friends who really enjoy jap related media like certain pop songs, animes, or jap celebrities but when asked about what they think about the japanese, they go ballistic and paradoxially claim that they hate all japanese people for their wartime atrocities. blah blah blah…
    I have One chinese friend in particular who loves reading jap mangas. One day he started talking shit about japan and all the atrocities saying he hated the japanese because they killed a lot of chinese ppl. Then I asked him “Well why do you read jap mangas all the time?” And he got really confused. Still, he came up with a good answer. With a serious face he looked at me and said,
    “To know the enemy one must become the enemy.”
    -Sun Tzou, The Art of War. (not sure)
    So to sum it up we just want a GENUINE admission and apology. Other then that we chinese ppl love japan.

  44. ba-jin says:

    Singapore’s educational system is no different from Japan/Korea etc. We cram from kindergarten all da way to university.Can u believe the parents are also hiring tutors for kids at nursery level? And sex education has no sex in it.Only propaganda on abstinence and the glory of preserving our virginity. The only pictures of sex parts are rotten,diseased ones, results of VDs and dead fetuses from abortions.I’m totally traumatised.Will never know the real fuck.Oh and with the falling birth rates, they thought of educating the university graduates on how to fuck.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Yes, we, Asian need real fucking education !

  45. Pectral says:

    To Brian @ 05/08/05:
    The Chinese want much more than a admission and apology, I’m afraid. What they really want is compensation, i.e., billions of Yen, and to instill a perpetual guilt complex in succeeding generations of Japanese – as the Kikes have managed to do in many Western countries for their alleged responsibility in the Jew HollowHoax.
    It won’t end with an official government apology from the Japanese government to the Chinese people. Once/if a Japanese apology is tendered, the Chinks will begin the next phases of operation brainwash the Japs by making follow-on demands, e.g., rewrite the his-story text books glorifying the commie Chinks, outlawing Yasakuni Shrine visits by elected officials and Nanking atrocity denial, build Nanking Massacre museums and memorials, setup a compensation fund to send billions of Yen to the Chink government on a annualized bases, observe a national Nanking Massacre Day of Guilt and Remembrance…
    Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Kikes, HollowHoax, Kikeland, aka, Israel? Billions of dollars and Deutsche marks in Jew mom-and-pop welfare/extortion payments every year; HollowHoax memorials, museums, public indoctrination camp, aka, public/private school, his-story textbook HollowHoax propaganda, etc.
    That’s what the Chinks and their commie-Kike fifth column allies in the West want.

  46. R. Elgin says:

    Here’s some education, Chinese-style:
    It certainly is not pretty either.

  47. Garry says:

    You are right masa, fuck is important in schools! People have to learn it, it is a really important thing in life.
    However, learning fuck is no use if you hate other people, because the next generation might fight and kill each other again anyway.
    The most important thing is to accept people for who they are. Someone can’t help if they are Chinese or American, they can’t change their race. Imagine how fukking awesome it would be if nobody hated each other… A lot more opportunities for fucking!
    PS your site is the most honest site on the net, you know.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your understanding, and lets fuck !

  48. The Nameless says:

    If you want to argue about the Holocaust, think about this little tidbit, too…
    There is no REAL denying that many Jews died in the German camps, true. Ask yourself a question, though. When was the last time you heard about the Gypsies who were killed? Political prisoners? People with disabilities?
    I had a German teacher in high school who told us about his family in WWII. His family would have been considered pure German by blood, but he was not a Nazi. His family barely escaped from the Nazis; they didn’t agree with the Nazi’s politics.
    Not all Germans were Nazis. The Jews were not the only ones being tortured and killed. Should all Germans be made to pay reparations to Jewish people?
    Now, how did we get so far off subject, again?
    =========from MasaManiA
    Yes, not all germans are Nazi.

  49. Pectral says:

    To R. Elgin @ 05/10/05:
    Could you copy-paste the text here? I’m directed to a registration page when I click on the Jew York Times link.

  50. Loki says:

    hey pectral, thanks for the link. its very interesting.i think ill shall link it to my site. great stuff. to massa, youre the best.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  51. Brian says:

    your last post was simply a guess built on top of the baseless “hollowhoax.” How do you know that’s gonna happen? You made it up. What about the “hollowhoax”? Prove that it’s not some crazy conspiracy theory. Try to use a more legitimate neutral source.
    Here’s some more pictures
    The site is from princeton. Since it’s a famouse American institution, I consider it to be legitimate and neutral.
    The next two links are chinese in origin so there’s a possibility that both are biased and they made the whole thing up. Read the site look at the pictures and be your own judge. In it you will find pictures and details of specific events including contests between japanese soldiers to see who could kill the most chinese people, piles of infant corpses, and more atrocities.
    As a final note, I definetely don’t blame all the japanese for the massacres, definetely not masa or any japanese from this Generation. Still I’d like to thank masa for letting me comment on his site. A lot of what I posted is shameful to japanese, and he, allowing me to post here is just further confirmation that he’s all about the truth; A stark contrast to the corporate media in japan, who’d probably ban me from this site if they were running it. Thanks masa! I think this will be my last post, cuz argueing on the internet gets kind of pointless after a while.

  52. Saint William. says:

    Let us face facts.
    China is a third world shit hole, only good for cheap labour, cheap manufacturing and Peking duck. (Which, in my entirely unbiased opinion, tastes better made in Tokyo anyway.) There have historically been only 2 decent things to come out of China: 1. Was Huang Di. 2. The boat to Japan.
    Korea on the other hand is just a third world shit hole. A third world shit hole that is populated by the world’s most argumentative race.
    Not forgetting ugly, self opinionated women and possibly the shittest cars every made. Additionally, no Korean ever (ever!), has had an original thought. Film, Manga, Video games, Cars, TV’s, suit cases (the list is endless) have all been copied badly from the Japanese. And before the arguing Korean wankers start, YES! Korea did invent nothing. ‘Cept maybe the World Ugliest Most Argumentative Women Ever.
    If Japan wants my advice it should do the following.
    1. Reinstate the Emperor as God.
    2. Build its own army.
    3. Invade Korea and really, really kick the shit out of the moaning toss-pots this time.
    4. Tell China to go fuck-itself. (Someone needs to and the Japanese are the closest.)
    5. Liberate Tibet and Inner-Mongolia and kick the commie, lying, b’tards out of Nepal.
    NB: The British education system teaches you how to fuck, but in such a way it makes it scary and we are also taught how to wank. Obviously in Korea there is no need to be taught how to wank, as Koreans are naturally wankers and there is, judging by the women, no need to learn how to fuck. (Too ugly.)
    On behalf of her Majesty the Queen Elisabeth II of Great Britain.
    Glad I got that off-my-chest, thanks. (Been building up for a while.)
    Saint William of England.
    ========from MasaManiA
    THank you for your bold opinion

  53. Donald Fisher. says:

    In a number of the links above, the quoted figure of 300,000 Chinese killed during the so-called Nanjing Massacre is a figure greatly disputed and certainly not supported by many international historians outside of China. This figure was manipulated by the Chinese American Iris Chang, a historian of dubious credibility. Figures quoted by other sources suggest the figure was closer to 40,000.
    The encyclopaedia Britannica for example quotes 40,000. (Or there about.)
    Many of the 40,000 were Chinese soldiers, masquerading as civilians yet remaining armed.
    This smaller figure is supported by a number of sources and backed up by some circumstantial evidence.
    For Example: Official Chinese documents place the total population of Nanjing at the time at around 200,000. There is also documentary evidence to suggest that a great many people evacuated the city prior to the Japanese entering the walled city of Nanjing.
    The figure closer to 40,000 is quoted by the organisations paid to deal with, and bury, the dead chinese bodies. These organisations were paid ‘per corpse’ and traditionally had a habit of over exaggeration for obvious reasons.
    Many of the photos in the above link are either:
    a) Modified, blurred and cut to argue a specific case.
    b) Not of dead Chinese but in fact dead Japanese and borrowed from other books.
    c) Prove that the Japanese had time to pose for pictures while executing Chinese POW’s, rather than madly massacring the needed 300,000 to meet Ms Changs figure. *
    And for this reason the photographic evidence used for the Nanjing Massacre is largely discredited.
    * It should be noted that around 2,000 Japanese troops were in the city of Nanjing at the time (I believe the others were following the Chinese army to Peking.) the Japanese would have to have been busy to kill the allotted 300,000 in the time frame provided. Certainly no time for posing or ceremonial beheadings.
    Some of the evidence to support the 300,000 figure is comical at best; with so-called eye witnesses unable to recount basic details of what they saw. Suggesting that some 90,000 corpses vanished completely leaving no trace what-so-ever. (Simply impossible.)
    Regarding Japans apology.
    Japan has apologised some (either) 32 or 37 times to Korea, China, the Asia Pacific or all at the same time.
    The Koreans once accepted the apology, then , later, rejected it.
    China prefers to use anti-Japanese sentiment to hide its own internal problems. By accepting the apology from Japan, the Chinese government loose a whipping boy. The Japanese are used politically by the Chinese government against their own people when the Chinese population become dissatisfied with their own corrupt, bureaucratic government. (I.e the nationalist policy of ‘Its Japans fault, remember the war??E
    In addition to the Shrine honouring the Japanese War dead (including war criminals) Japan also has a shrine dedicated to the people who defeated them in war. Much of which stems (I believe) from Shinto teaching.
    Other things of note:
    The British, to the best of my knowledge, have never apologised for the bombing of Dresden or the sinking of the Belgrano or many hideous acts performed during the rise and fall of British Empire.
    Neither the French, Dutch, Portuguese or Spanish either, during the rise and fall of their respect empires, have apologised for anything.
    The Germans have never apologised for the events in World War 2.
    The Chinese have never apologised for actions in Tibet or Inner Mongolia.
    The Koreans have never apologised for the massacres in Vietnam.
    Has North Korea ever apologised for invading South Korea during the Korean War?
    The Arab states have never apologised for the sale into slavery of several thousand Christian children during the peaceful Children’s crusade.
    The Russians have never returned some northern territory to the Japanese, stolen during the last moments of World War 2. (Russians still bitter over 1904 I imagine.)
    Serbia, Croatia, etc., are probably in need of some apologising.
    Many Africa states need to be looking around and saying sorry.
    … Need we go on?
    To use a well used phrase. ‘He who is without sin may cast the first stone?E or in other words, the Chinese and Koreans should consider their own history, carefully, before entering into arguments regarding other countries history and how it is presented to their own country.
    To suggest the Japanese are ignorant of Japanese atrocities during World War 2 is ludicrous, the Japanese, like the Germans are very much aware.
    Chinese and Koreans should also remember that in most westernised countries history is debated and constantly moving, while in their respective countries it is a matter of political dogma.
    All done from memory so…

  54. J says:

    while everyone’s bringing up shit about the past thats in the past and should be forgotten, let met add: damn you british for killing my great great great grandpa in the revolution! bastards! i’ll kill all you motherfuckers!!!!

  55. Pectral says:

    Excellent synopsis, Donald. Well done.

  56. kogalstone says:

    to downplay human tragedy is truly tragic
    when one tries to justify or accept the violence of men, no matter how eloquently crafted, fails to see

  57. Has anyone here read ‘The Angel of Pain’ by Brian Stableford? I thought the third interlude was quite interesting…
    Although I disagree with the characters thoughts on what really happened in the distant past, I certainly agree that history will always be distorted by opinions and the way human memory distorts that which is remembered over time.
    It might be a worthwhile read…the interlude is only 5 pages long.

  58. remember the deathmarch! says:

    philippines hate japan too! D:<
    ======from MasaManiA
    Dont worry. more other country hate Japan.

  59. Joey says:

    I agree that Japanese youngsters should not be blamed for what their forefathers did and the same goes for German youngsters. But the difference between Germany and Japan is that Germany openly admitted and apologised for the mass-killing of Jews (and also non-Jews). What I am saying is that Japanese youth should be taught the realities of what happened in WW-II.
    A lighter subject: in Holland we were taught by one of our teachers in High School how to put a condom on a dildo. The teacher had a huge swinging dildo and he showed us how to put on a condom. we were about 15 years old and we had much fun watching him and he was a real comedian but at the same time it was a useful lesson.
    In Biology class we were taught, using drawings, about male and female anatomy. Also that masturbation is a possibility and what happens when two people have sex. Quite useful and it did not lead us to be more willing to explore at an early age. Teenage pregnancies in Holland are really among the lowest in the world.

  60. 42 says:

    It still amazes me how backwards some people are. Teach sex in the same manner Holland does and you get fewer teen pregnancies. Teach only abstainance like in Utah and the teen pregnancy rate goes up. Yet so many still believe that teaching anything but abstainance gives teens the idea that sex is o.k. and therefore increases the rate of teen pregnancies.
    Once you make something taboo, people want it more. Let sex be considered a normal part of being human and quit pretending that it is so horribly evil and teens will stop feeling that it is simply a matter of showing how rebellious they are.
    Ahh, Joey, maybe I should go to Holland when I retire…Hell, I’m half-Dutch, anyway (a half-breed, as my grandparents thought of me).
    Masa, do you have a mailing address? I found a shirt that I think you’d like. I thought of you (and your middle finger) when I saw it.
    =========from MasaManiA

  61. R. Elgin says:

    Donald, the Koreans did apologize to Vietnam for their part in the war. Veterans actually went there to do just that. The current rabid attitude towards Japan by Korea is more so over Japan’s insistance that Dokdo (Takeshima Island) is Japan’s. That *really* makes many Koreans angry because they feel that the Japanese never are very honest in their alleged atonement for what was done to Korea.

  62. 42 says:

    Yet, deep down, I think its all about the fishing rights. The island’s environment is all but destroyed due to the frequent protests, so I doubt that its really an issue of land. It’s all saving face and financial gain.
    Some countries carry grudges too long, especially when the population of that country only care about ‘injustices’ that are tied into financial gain. The injustice that they complain openly about is remembered mostly due to history books, not personal experience.

  63. Edviziuz says:

    Yes, sexual education is very important to learn in school. But it should be taught with responsibility and seriousness. Unlike that episode of South Park.
    As for all these political debates against Japan/China/Korea/etc, people should worry more about what’s happening at their own damn country.
    So what if Japan, China or Germany committed massacres decades ago?, EVERY culture has done the same shit during history:
    Romans, Greeks, Russians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Spaniards, Aztecs, Incas, Africans, Catholics, Protestants, Pagans, Brits, Vikings, and the list goes on and on…
    You know those things happened, but you don’t really know the reasons of why they acted that way back then. Each nation has its own version of telling history, so you’re never going to know the entire truth behind it. Maybe it was revenge, maybe it was fear, maybe it was for economical purposes, or personal interest.
    In conclusion, history should be taught to learn from past mistakes and avoid them in the future, not to hold grudges that will only cause more shit to come until we nuke each other.
    Keep the good job as always, Masa!
    ===========From MasaManiA
    THank you. and thank you for your information

  64. woon says:

    Hi dear friend masamania,konnichi wa ogenki desu.
    im chinese man in my 20s but not from china,born in southeast asia.So philosophical and cultural wise albeit im the same with china chinese,but we have different outlooks.morever i am born after the war,im not a pro shina activists or protagonists,so i don’t hate japan.Contrary i like japan,i like the high quality graded products,the women,the nice sceneries in japan.I would love to go there someday too.
    i agree i dislike the japs who know the atrocities their ancestors commited yet they deny and refuse to admit.but note Im not refering to the present day youths,becoz like somebody mentioned,they are unknowingly brainwashed and enforced by government with this concept.I think History was taught so we can learn from them,be it mistakes,values,whatso.to improve ourselves,to forgive others,to forget.”History” the word derive from “His Story”.Whos story,??none other than jesus christ,lord and saviour.becoz he can forgive us sinners,so we must forgive those who trespassed us.Thats why very important to forgive others.thats the essence of ”history”
    But the japanese textbooks are alwys whitewashing history facts,so how can the japanese youths of today learn from their ancestor mistakes,judge and discern for themselves,and so as not to repeat them? you can always check out numerous info from the web regarding Nanking massacre,plus many other info during japanese occupation.of course Thats not to say china is perfect and must be placed on the pedestal either.They also conquer tibet,oppressed,and also during the qing dynasty so many corrupt officials kill their own people.china is also fucked up,they also deny this.So china ain perfect.But i feel if japan is sincere in apologising,they must do with an open heart,they must want to sincerely apologize,back your words up with action too.CHinese people must also be understanding,what past is past,morever it is the present day japanese,u cannot paint all of them bad,sure there are some a-s-s-hole kannah chao chee bye shibbal geseki,but the present day is the present day!how u expect them to know and to feel the remorse,if they were kept in the dark first of all? chinese must be more forbearing with the japs today,thats how i feel.in order to create a more gracious society,lest the counterpart will reciprocate in the same manner you treat them.
    By the way,back to the topic on fucking.Im not religious nuts,but I LOVE JAPANESE WOMEN PERIOD.WOULD LOVE TO MAKE HOT STEAMY LOVE PRONTO WITH THIS JAP BABES: RIEKO ADACHI, AYA HIRAYAMA, NORIKA FUJIWARA,aahh..the lists goes on..I love it when they try to act pure and innocence but very horny and powerful sexual persona inside them,HAHAHAHAHA!!! WANNA FUCK THEM ALL!!!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Gradually i am tired to talk about Jap war crime. anyway I do nothing to chinese and korean people. please dont blame me.

  65. zeonx says:

    hey masa,
    good site..
    now to the picture you are posting for this story..
    you can´t hide its source because i know where its from 🙂 🙂
    its from an japanese sex movie and the movie is all uncensored …
    well i did some uploads for you:
    and that brings me to the point: it prooves that you have access to uncensored pics of pussy and penis…
    so dont you think internet can be an educator too, which shows us uncensored pics of pussy and penis…?
    unlike some poor chinese people, japanese can educate themself with uncensored internet access.
    that means the explicit knowledge to fuck can be gained through the web.
    a quote from your story:
    “…so intelligent student know precicely each name of parts of vagina and penis but they neve know how to fuck girl until arrested by police as a junior jumper…. ”
    i understand what you are saying but this must not be true because of ‘selfeducational fuck web experience’:
    also i don´t think censored pictures hinder you from being a good fucker..
    you see what i mean?
    if you want to see jap uncensored pics than for example there is urabon-porn. I know these urabon mags from the web. its illegal uncensored underground porn. what is the story behind those? do you know?
    anyway, i know that you were a porn filmer (or are you still one?). so my question: did you just use some screenshoot from a movie and manipulated it for your site or did you shoot that film ? and if yes where did you shoot it? in a school?
    i mean i know there are a lot of jap sex movies which are playing in schools. how do they do it? do they shoot it in real schools and do they have an official permission for it? so the jap education system has allready its fucks schools in illusive porn movies. that really shows us the degree of importance porn (or ´h) plays in japanese society!
    please give some answers and i want to know the story behind the pic !!!
    keep it up and thank you!!
    =========from MasaManiA
    Amazing. I am really surprised that you can find out that movie !! Yes, it’s same movie. But you know there are no midle finger scene in that movie. because I am a member of that movie shooting. and while movie cameraman shoot fucking, I took the midle finger picture.
    Yes, I can easily get uncensored movie because I am in the porn business. and I know internet give us it easily. but uncensored pussy and peniss is still ilegal. The problem is wheather we can get easily uncensored picture or not. but seeing pussy and peniss must be legal. this is my point.
    anyway thank you for your reserch ! but dont tell anybody because I took that picture without permission from producer. hahaha

  66. R. Elgin says:

    Masa wrote: “anyway thank you for your reserch ! but dont tell anybody because I took that picture without permission from producer. hahaha”
    You really *are* a fucking photographer!
    hehehe . . .
    =============From MasaManiA

  67. how a person can be a good porn actor??? tell me masa
    =========from MasaManiA
    Just keep fuck

  68. how a person can be a good porn actor??? tell me masa
    =========from MasaManiA
    Just keep fuck

  69. J.G says:

    So much hate in these comments. Most of these haters don’t even know why they hate, they just do. Atrocities are commited by the few and to blame an entire nation for tragic events such as what occured at Nanjing, Auschwitz, Hiroshima, whatever is just perpetuating this hate. There is no reason to hold such broad, sweeping hatred for the actions of the few. All hatred will do is ensure that events like that will continue to happen again.
    As per the educational system, I found Japan’s system to be lacking in some ways but more efficient in others when compared with our Canadian system. The responsibilities given in the classroom environment and the respect shown for students in most situations is quite superb. All this cram stuff though, makes my head spin

  70. Daniel-Spain says:

    If japanese gobernment wants to hide the truth in the books to their people is its own business. Chinese change the books too, invade lands as the jap in the past, what about Taiwan, Tibet, etc etc And this is happening just now, not in an old world war.

  71. dust says:

    Dear friends,
    Thank you to let me know what current Japanese are thinking about towards their history.
    I am teaching my students how to love Japanese and to forgive them, to cooperate with them for the peace of the whole world, now, I know I will teach them: keep forgiving them. They are exactly the animal asking for cooperation but made the Pearl Harbor. It doesn’t make any sense to hate pigs. They, are, pigs.

  72. Greg says:

    OMG! Jap is so stupid for not teachin the warz in history. This is a huge major event and Jap dont teach it! If they teach it the jap peeps might learn from it! As a teacher I think this is an outrage! Also i think Japan just doesnt want to admit that what they did was wrong. All the other countries admit that in the past they had wars and it was bad, but atleast they admited it. Japan is just to ignorant to see.

  73. Greg says:

    i think Japan just doesnt want to admit that what they did was wrong. All the other countries admit that in the past they had wars and it was bad, but atleast they admited it. Japan is just to ignorant to see.

  74. fuckingjap says:

    Donald Fischer you dumbass. That is fucking bullshit. Go do some real research. The 200,000 figure is a fucking estimate. The majority of historians in Japan agree the figure is from 250,000 – 350,000 deaths. The highly publicized Japanese soldiers appearing on newspapers showed that they had “killing” competitions. In one fucking day, the “winner” killed over 150 people. Within a 6 month timeframe, the amassed number of 2000 troops is fully capable of killing 300,000+ people. Foreign eye witnesses never refuted the fact that a systematic massacre was conducted.
    And may I also remind you that in Encarta Encyclopedia, the figure put Chinese deaths at 13 million (in terms of military/civilian ratio, it’s higher than that of any other country). Chinese Government estimates put it at 36 million – either killed or wounded during the war. And that figure is set at 20-30 million at some human rights websites regarding genocide. That is more than the Jewish 6 million total deaths, and Nanjing is just an example of Japanese war crimes – remember, during that time, rural/urban ratio in population was more than 10/1.
    Pectral and William, fuck you both, you fucking belligerent assholes, fucking douchebags. I sense a squadron of SU-30s and J-10s going your way and obliterating your fucking shithole.

  75. Putiano Spankstein says:

    Dear Masa:
    I’m so sorry you can’t have very good sexual education. In my country, the teacher when teaching sexual education, shows us his or her penis or vagina and makes us students touch it. Then we are shown porno movies in class and masturbate and fill the classroom with sperm and piss. Later on we make orgies with everyone in the classroom even the teacher. It’s very good and educative. I hope your country someday is more free at educating sex like us.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    YEs, we have really bad sex education. no girls willing to touch nor to show pussy. So we just rape girls for studying sex.

  76. Saint William. says:

    Dear Chinese whining bastard,
    Even if as you say 300,000 moaning chinese were irridacted from the earth (thank fuck) …
    Wasn’t it brave of the Chinese government at the time to leave 300,000 old, weak, females, etc to rot in the hands of the Japanese army.
    Why didn’t the Chink army defend the weak Chinks?
    Not worth defending? Chinese army crap? perhaps can’t/didn’t defend? Perhaps best thing for them?
    Oh-no! a squadron of ill-equipped crappy chinese warplanes, with cowardly chinese pilots, crappily not defending anyone except their cowardly retreating selves is not coming to get me.. Help! My country hasn’t been over-run by sniviling can’t defend themselves for shit Chinese. ARRRRG!
    Quickly everyone, don’t head for the hills, order a #22 (Beef in Black bean sauce) and a special fried rice as a dozen baby eating chinese, hand-over another island (Hong Kong) and whinge and compain like girls until they get it back.
    Shreak in terror as instead of handing over your Chinese Chicken balls (actual size) they quickly surrender, handover some territory to a minor invading force (japanese/dutch/british) and then cry like unborn soon to be eaten baby girls, until they get it back.
    errrrrrrrr… thanks Dr Research-China, but err, go fuck yourself.
    Douche-bags? Moi?
    I think not my little #35 (Chicken in quickly retreat from touble boil-in-the-bag take-away)
    St. William

  77. Saint John says:

    Saint William, you have graduated from the prestigious Racist Arsehole University..My congrats..mom and pop must be frikkin proud too!!!
    by the way, u are trying too hard to make urself amusing..

  78. Saint William. says:

    Dear St. John,
    What is racism when its against your own people?
    In England we have a poem:
    Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    This is racism. (see below)
    Chinese execution of Chinese during the glorious Cultural revolution.
    Chinese death penalty for Prositiution:
    Chinese death penalty & brutality on Chinese.
    300,000 Chinese evicted to make way for 2008 Olympics.
    Inner Mongolia
    pretty funny eh? I’m a funny guy.
    “Free inner Mongolia”
    Saint William.

  79. Per the 2002 USA Equestrian rule book, RULE XXVII, Article 2702, Item 9, a Junior Jumper is horse that is ridden by an individual who has not reached his/her 18th birthday.
    In Japan, a Junior Jumper is an individual that rides a girl who has not reached her 18th birthday.

  80. Steve Fast says:

    In America, the teaching of sex is all show and tell and thus is better than the Japanese memorizing system.
    For example, I learned sex from two sources at age 12. The first source was in a class taught by a priest who it was discovered 35 years later that he was molesting two of my classmates at the time of the class. The priest didn’t choose me because I was short and fat – not tall and skinny like the other kids. The second source was from a stack of playboys that the neighborhood kids found in the trash, stashed in the bushes, and spent the next two years reading. Being Catholic, I was taught by the church that sex was evil so it really didn’t matter what I learned about sex.

  81. Billy Steel says:

    OK, let’s air things out.
    1. Chinese are sneaky bastards and I wouldn’t trust them any more than I would trust an Iranian or a Nigerian. Like stepping on an ant hill, all those Chinese killed by the Japs were quickly replaced by more Chinese (is that all you guys do ?fuck?) and now there more than a billion of them. So where was the harm during WWII?
    2. Koreans are just plain angry. Who the fuck else could operate a convenience store in the heart of each nigger land in the USA? How can people still be upset that the Japs killed a few angry Koreans?
    3. Japs have so much honor that they over do it sometimes (like killing a few Chinese and Koreans). You put me in a row boat out in the middle of the sea with a sneaky chink, an angry slant eye Korean, and an honorable Jap, I’ll toss the chink and the kim chee eater overboard at first chance and look to the Jap to come up with some fancy electronic gizmo to get our ass home.
    4. Whatever the Japs may have done in the past, the have given us great electronics, great automobiles, hot pussy, poky man, sushi, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Thus, all is forgiven. The Japs are #1 in my book and the world’s book.
    5. The main topic is Japanese educational system hiding of dick and pussy when teaching sex education. You Chinks and Koreans, keep your atrocities to yourself. Also, spend some time looking here for your sex educational answers:

  82. kogalstone says:

    -billy steel-
    you are idiot of the lowest order
    your lack of understanding of human nature puts you in a sub-class of primates desperately seeking approval from the “grown ups”
    your crappy analogy of rub-a-dub-tub, shows your true underdeveloped thought processes
    I believe these other individuals in your little boat scheme, would also have noticed that you were sub-par, and thus would have had no problem with chopping you up into little pieces to use as bait to catch some sushi with, but alas I believe this would be a futile attempt, because I feel as if the fish in the sea, as well as the scum sucking bottom feeders you refer to as mom and dad probably find you as distasteful as the majority of readers of this forum do
    all the best to you little willy
    k s

  83. My true regret in life is that I don’t have enough 100 mph tape for everyone who keeps yapping about all the ___ people are _(insert insult here)_. Get over yourselves.
    If only I could start something new…kill all the people in the world who insist on continuing their stupidity. Kill by level of intelligence, not by ethinic background or country of origin.
    This would help put our overwhelming population back when it belongs and problems such as a worsening environment and wolrd hunger would be lessened, if not abolished.
    Honestly… Now, back to the original topic, I hope.

  84. fuck jap says:

    Come on Jap~
    fuk jap’s everyday!

  85. dementia says:

    I don’t think there’s a country which lets schools teach fucking in class. Here in the Philippines, sex is hidden too and the use of contraception is forbidden by the Catholic Church. The youth still wants to fuck of course so a lot of young girls get pregnant.

  86. Odd video says:

    Hi Masa,
    In the USA in the 1950s, many American’s dressed like Japanese do now: button down shirt, nylon pants, black shoes, black horned-rim glasses. They also taught us sex in the 1950s using odd videos, such as
    I hope you enjoy it.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  87. Retard Sex says:

    Hi Masa,
    Do your schools teach sex ed to the mentally retarded? Here in America, we think it so important that the movie, “THE ABC OF SEX EDUCATION FOR TRAINABLES” (i.e. sex ed for retards) can be viewed over the Interent for free:
    It’s a hoot!
    =============from MasaManiA
    I admit america is great in fucking area.

  88. Hi Masa,
    In the manga, anime, and TV series GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka, Onizuka-sensei is an ex-motorcycle gangster who yearns to become a school teacher. In particular, GTO is the touching story of a 22 year old virginal street hoodlum who decides to become a high school sex education teacher … so he can sleep with all the pretty Japanese schoolgirls!
    See: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/reviews/display.php?id=18
    Is this Immoral? Sure, expecially of the girl is under 18 years of age. Unethical? Certainly. Illegal? Not exactly. In Japan, the age of consent for sexual intercourse ranges by location from age 13 to 17.
    Does Japan really expect that requiring a 13 year old to memorize sex education be good enough to prevent trouble. Man, Japan is wack!

  89. Billy Steel, you should not forgive Japan because they gave you pokemon (pocket monsters). Pokemon is one of the worst atrocities to ever come from Japan.
    The term pocket monsters could be taken another way. Maybe Pokemon is trying to teach kids that they should masterbate in an only partially subliminal way.

  90. There was a little Japanese guy sitting at a bar drinking sake. A while later a huge guy walked into the bar and he went up to the little guy and karate chopped him in the back. The little guy fell off his bar stool and when he got up the big guy said, “That was a karate chop from Korea.?E
    The big guy went to the toilet and the little guy ordered himself another sake. About twenty minutes later the big guy came back and karate chopped the little guy in the back again. The little guy got up and dusted himself off and the big guy told him, “That was a karate chop from China?E
    The little guy got up and decided he wasn’t going to take any more of this, so he left the bar. About an hour later the little guy comes back to the bar and he hits the big guy in the back. The big guy is knocked out cold and he’s on the floor. The little guy says to the bartender, “Tell him that was a crowbar from Sears!?E

  91. There was a little Japanese guy sitting at a bar drinking sake. A while later a huge guy walked into the bar and he went up to the little guy and karate chopped him in the back. The little guy fell off his bar stool and when he got up the big guy said, “That was a karate chop from Korea.?E
    The big guy went to the toilet and the little guy ordered himself another sake. About twenty minutes later the big guy came back and karate chopped the little guy in the back again. The little guy got up and dusted himself off and the big guy told him, “That was a karate chop from China?E
    The little guy got up and decided he wasn’t going to take any more of this, so he left the bar. About an hour later the little guy comes back to the bar and he hits the big guy in the back. The big guy is knocked out cold and he’s on the floor. The little guy says to the bartender, “Tell him that was a crowbar from Sears!?E

  92. There was a little Japanese guy sitting at a bar drinking sake. A while later a huge guy walked into the bar and he went up to the little guy and karate chopped him in the back. The little guy fell off his bar stool and when he got up the big guy said, “That was a karate chop from Korea.?E
    The big guy went to the toilet and the little guy ordered himself another sake. About twenty minutes later the big guy came back and karate chopped the little guy in the back again. The little guy got up and dusted himself off and the big guy told him, “That was a karate chop from China?E
    The little guy got up and decided he wasn’t going to take any more of this, so he left the bar. About an hour later the little guy comes back to the bar and he hits the big guy in the back. The big guy is knocked out cold and he’s on the floor. The little guy says to the bartender, “Tell him that was a crowbar from Sears!?E

  93. There was a little Japanese guy sitting at a bar drinking sake. A while later a huge guy walked into the bar and he went up to the little guy and karate chopped him in the back. The little guy fell off his bar stool and when he got up the big guy said, “That was a karate chop from Korea.?E
    The big guy went to the toilet and the little guy ordered himself another sake. About twenty minutes later the big guy came back and karate chopped the little guy in the back again. The little guy got up and dusted himself off and the big guy told him, “That was a karate chop from China?E
    The little guy got up and decided he wasn’t going to take any more of this, so he left the bar. About an hour later the little guy comes back to the bar and he hits the big guy in the back. The big guy is knocked out cold and he’s on the floor. The little guy says to the bartender, “Tell him that was a crowbar from Sears!?E

  94. 42 says:

    This is what I think he means…
    The little guy represents Japan. The big guy represents both China and Korea. China and Korea keep pushing Japan around, politically. (Complaints about the way history is taught in Japan, the arguement over who really owns the island between Korea and Japan, etc.) Japan walks away from the political issues, only to come back and kick China’s and Korea’s collective asses. China and Korea can’t even fight back. The moral of the story is: don’t fuck with Japan, you won’t win.
    This is not my personal opinion of how the real world situation really is, just my interpretation of the story.
    I hope that helps.
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you. FIghting is scarely.

  95. Edviziuz says:

    Maybe there’s some more symbolism on that joke. The crowbar that helped Japan, being from Sears, an American company. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  96. 42 says:

    The US has put out that if we have any more major problems with South Korea, we’re not just pulling back from the DMZ, we’re leaving. I’m pretty sure that’s the opportunity that Kim Jong Il has been waiting for…
    That’s how it went down a little over 50 years ago…

  97. Mikko says:

    In WWII, Finland was attacked by Russians. We allied ourselves with the Germans, hell, there weren’t anyone else around to ally with! What a horrible people we were, to fight the Russians side-by-side with our Nazi allies!
    Well, eventually we lost but we had fought so hard that we managed to keep our independence… you know what happened to the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, and East Germany. For them, it was a Russian nightmare just as bad as the German rule would have been.
    Now all that shit is over. Germans are no allies, nor Nazis. Russia is just a steady source of cheap alcohol, nuclear radiation and exotic venereal diseases. So it’s better to forget the shit that is in the past. Remembering is useless without learning!

  98. Well, you’ve heard enough about how the Koreans hate the Japanese because the Japanese have been revising history, in their eyes. Now the hypocracy…
    About a week ago, a group of Koreans were rioting (the national summertime pasttime in Korea) around a statue of Gen. McAurthur. They were trying to topple it over. Some said that McAuthur was an evil man who was trying to subvert the Korean people. Others in the group said that McAurthur was never in Korea, that it was all a story made by Americans to make Americans look like the good guys, when really it was Kim Il Sung who was the good guy. I guess killing off your own people and causing most of the rest to starve while forcing teachers to teach the North Korean children that the Great Leader fought off the Japanese single-handedly by throwing pinecones (supposedly, the pinecones turned into grenades and killed all the Japanese) and that he also invented, well, everything makes him a good guy. @@
    Now, this group wants to take everything mentioning Gen. McAurthur out of the history books, due to the fact that it is unpopular to think of Americans doing anything helpful.
    ===============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your report

  99. Round eye says:

    As a round eye sitting in America, this Japan-Korean-Chinese hatred ring is amazing. I’ve only thought of asians as cute pussy, such as
    It hard to think that you guys have thoughts other than providing westerners with some sweet putang.

  100. J says:

    hey masa did that guy actually bust a nut in the classroom? If so, where did he bust his nut? Did you watch the entire sexual encounter or just enough to take the picture?
    ====================from MasaManiA
    I was porn director

  101. Anti-hero says:

    Hey Masa, sorry to hear Japan has poor sex education. Maybe that’s why all the Jap girls are fucking every other race but their own. 🙂
    Stop using the “I didn’t do anything wrong to the Chinese, so don’t blame me” crap. Continued ignorance in Japan’s society will only bring your country’s downfall quicker.
    To all the self righteous jerk offs and muslim terrorist retards that posting shit about China, I’m sure your country is so perfect and magnificant. Go fuck yourself.

  102. Hebitsuikaza says:

    All countries hide the things in their past they are ashamed to talk about, especially when it involves what people do doing war (people do sick shit during war) and there are still people around who fought there and will complain if they are grouped with those who were doing those things.
    And tests are pretty much run the same way whether you are in Japan, Germany, Australia, England, South Africa, Brazil, America, whereever…
    The only thing strange is the approach to sex education.
    That’s the breaks though. Don’t like it? Become a teacher and change it yourself!

  103. kogalstone says:

    I just had food poisoning ~ man did that suck !!!
    3 days of excruciating pain, shitting, puking, and more pain
    pain like someone is stabbing you in the gut and then twisting the knife
    fuck and there is nothing you can do !!
    I am now a lot more humble and I can appreciate hare kare
    (I understand the pain, and am honored by the practice)
    I love chinese food, BUT I WILL NEVER EAT AT DRAGON CHEF,

  104. Marcohahaha says:

    Fuck talking..~ Start the war already ~ It is only during WAR time that human can find turth fun, the power to take lifes of others, and at the same time to protect yours… what a great game…. Life is boring nowadays but with a war, everyone will become happier then they are now.
    At less for the lost ones, the will have a goal.. to stay alive.. and many heros will be made, story to be told and half the world popurlation… as there is too many people, it is all only benifi

  105. hll9586 says:

    hey MASA.. i am korean.. and i’d like to say that not all koreans despise japan and japanese for the mistakes of the past.. i for one have many japanese friends back in the United States.. I’d like to say that I am ashamed of those koreans that hate the japanese for the past.. please forgive their ignorance.. there’s no reason for them to blame japanese for what had happened.. i think the japanese are cool and peaceful people.. i don’t see them in the headlines of newspaper for causing trouble in korea and the united states.. keep up the good work Masa.

  106. hll9586 says:

    hmm… masa.. i see so much hateful comments.. if someone made a hateful comment towards the japanese.. would you allow it to be posted? or.. do you just allow racism towards all other countries but japanese? and all of you saying “fuck china, fuck korea”.. what makes you so damn proud of your country?? every fucking country’s made a mistake.. so shut the hell up please.
    ================from MasaManiA
    it’s fun to see lots kind of opinion. if you hate someone who is being hate, you also become the person who hate.

  107. dave says:

    g her ass is so huge people . her ass is so round. 😀

  108. Sisyphus says:

    I live and work in Japan…maybe 7 years now. The problem is there are lot of stupid people in Japan…but they are usually old. Maybe I’m wrong…but I really wish they’d die soon. I stand on the train and think “this old man with his bad natto breath…he is walking dead man”.
    I hate listening to old men complain about young men. They complain then they go get drunk and piss on the road or vomit in the train station.
    The only problem with young men is they sometimes behave like women. Too feminine… because mamma raised them while dad did free overtime at his office.

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  110. モロキ弾 says:

    Hey Masa, this article has a lot of truth to it, of course.
    I think that there is also something else that I, as well as many other readers, would like to hear about — the school life of Mr. Masa.
    Did you have a peaceful school life? Was it harsh? Were you forced to study until early morning to get good grades? How were your parents?
    You could maybe write a whole article on this.

  111. I don´t know what to say… except, what a beautiful ass
    is this history …. to be continued ???

  112. m mike says:

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  113. m mike says:

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  114. m mike says:

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  115. m mike says:

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  116. martin says:

    class room is for study not to do some orgy party.
    by the way, hiding true historycal moment is a common thing for some corrupted goverment or nation on the whole world.

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    i am fucking Chinese-Canadian ..so what.

  121. TWkicksCN says:

    I’ve been in china for almost 6 months.I hate the way the chinese behave.IMO they are the most barbarous species in the world.all they do every day is making fun of and bitching japan.
    I’ve heard enough vicious jokes concerning Japan since i came here.and most suprisingly they make fun of their south korean allies too,hah,”kao li pang tzi”as what they always refer to the koreans.so korean people should really wake up!!!!the chinese are the one who hate you most,yet you lick their commie arses very day!dumb ass!
    And don’t you chinese have anyting else attend to other than manacing and oppressing you own people and neighboring nations? And stop invading our beautiful country taiwan with prostitutes and dirty illegal immigrants and criminals.
    I pity Candada for letting millions of chinese in.most of the immigrants from commie China these days are astronaut kids who get wasted and spoiled ‘cos they are raised in corrupted state-owned commie leaders’ families while most of the chinese people still lead a very hard life. Wait and see your country soon become a wasteland and third world country,canada you are going down with them!

  122. daniel says:

    The only reason Asians and Western countries are accepting chinese by the million is because of their rising economy. China will eventually have the largest economy in the world, overtaking Japan and the United States.
    I am Korean and I like Japanese people, except for racists, more than Chinese people. Of course, there are racist idiots in Korea as well. We’re equal on that matter.
    And to BRIAN who was WAY WAY up, the difference between the German government and the Japanese government is that, *every year*, the Chancellor of Germany apologises on live Israeli television.
    The thing which angers the Koreans the most is the Dokdo/Takeshima debate. Although history from Korean, Chinese and Japanese tells us that Dokdo was Korean land from around 500AD, the current Japanese government denies that Korea ever ruled Dokdo, which is a total lie. They base their facts that they were in control from 1903 over Dokdo, several years before the annexation of Korea- this in itself angers Koreans because it sounds as if we were willingly up for annexation with Japan and so on. However, although the Japanese banned the Korean culture and language, killing tens of thousands of demonstrators and burning down Church halls all across the Korean peninsula, it did bring lots of healthy changes to Korea.
    So yeh.. ^^ As a Korean, although I believe with all my heart Dokdo is Korean, and always will be and disagree with the Japanese government, I actually like the Japanese people! (and believe me, most Koreans like Japan!) it’s just because of the Dokdo issue.

  123. hanamadoi says:

    I think Chinese is going Anti-JP Educational. But so many teacher deny that, they only tell us the truth.From elementary school to university ,Chinese teacher and artery medium always insist Japan’s crime.So it’s easy to explain why most Chinese are hostile to Japan.The truth is many Chinese families use products of SONY,JVC,TOSHIBA,Panasonic……

  124. alan says:

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  125. armando says:

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  126. 戦争肌合

  127. 戦争肌合

  128. David says:

    Wow, I’m Canadian and I can’t believe that Japanese are actually so fucking ignorant. Yes, the holocaust and the rape of nanking DID occur. No, people shouldn’t keep bashing Japan for doing that shit, but Japan shouldn’t try to deny it when it’s so fucking obvious. What pisses me off is that they teach their students that this shit didn’t happen at all! Go fuck yourselves.

  129. bum says:

    =====================from MasaManiA
    I delete repeated same words.

  130. Rick says:

    No need to say “fuck China” or “fuck korea”
    cause that makes you worse than they are…
    there are lots of people in China who hate ALL japanese people, and it’s disgusting.
    Try to keep yourselves above that level in Japan.

  131. Crazy Dude says:

    japan apologized already, why are you guys keep on dragging this

  132. j. matsumura says:

    i’ve been reading this entire thread and it’s funny! koreans/chinese and other asians may bitch and moan about the so-called past atrocities japan has committed, but don’t you think it’s time to move on? how is teaching japanese students about this history going to help anything. the new japanese generation after the economical bubble is already westernized-lazy, full of freeters, etc…giving them a guilt complex for something they didn’t do is just ridiculous.
    i’m japanese and think what happened wasn’t very pleasant, but what does this past have to do with japan now?
    it’s not like japan has the military or means to even repeat this anyhow.
    i believe that many non japanese won’t admit it, but they all have (love/hate) inferiority complexes.
    and just for all the pro-japanese “haters” in all of us i’ll tell you a story that my grandfather told me (and he was in ww2).
    “kim chee is not really a korean food!” the rotting hakusai was preserved with togarashi and whatnot. these less then desirable war rations were distributed among the zainichi or japayuki koreans, because my grandfather and his japanese comrades did not want to give them their regular food.
    i don’t know if this is true but my grandfather swore by it. it’s funny that japan may have accidently created a staple-diet cuisine for a country with many anti-japanese sentiments.

  133. cioty says:

    Keep writinng!

  134. KAM Jam says:

    Do you have telephone numbers of Japanese girls who fuck gaijin?

  135. Hatch says:

    Well… do you think it is necessary??

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