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We are in advanced tragedy.
Before time, Japanese samurai commit hara-kiri that is suicidal belly cutting. The reason of hara-kiri is to show brave mind to irresponsible chicken people. This spirit is taken over by the kamikaze pilot who attacked American battle ship as a suicide mission like a Al Qaeda.
But now day, Jap never do kamikaze attack event thought it seem that there lots of reason to attack US more than war time. Because these days, Japanese government order us to pay tax more than kill US people. We do Kamikaze payment to government pension plan even though we know we cannot get money in future for in return from government pension.
So cutter is no relation with such Japanese traditional culture. It’s a completely new trend, new culture.
She in picture is still teen age girl. But she get a tattoo on her scarred arm that say, “life is big scale sadomasochism play.?E I don’t know how such immature teenager reached to this truthful conclusion nor why she got that philosophical phrase tattoo on her beautiful feeble arm. .
Judging from her uncountable scars, she seem to be in misery. But she regard her life as a sadomasochism play that is one of method to get ecstasy. It means that her each scar must be her history of pleasure.
Japan is certainly one of rich country. But it never means happyful country.
Our happiness have lots of variety. But at the same time, our misery also must have lots of variety more than poor country.
I don’t think that poor country people willingly to cut themselves, because it is really painful and meaningless.
Japan is advanced country. Our happiness maybe advanced, but at the same time our misery also advanced. Poor country people struggle meaningfully to get food in every day life. but Japanese people struggle meaninglessly to cut ourself. Even if we are advanced, we are still in misery. We are in meaning less misery, advanced misery.
Do you still want to come to Japan ? If so, you also must be sadomasochism player. After cutting, you can experience happiness.
But Don’t cut yourself at least while using computer. There are possibility of electric shock.

P.S. I am really surprised that there are lots of cutters in the world when I posted former cutter report. I can know world people do it. But I still think that it’s only done in advanced country people. Poor country people never do. Because at least, poor country people cannot get even knife.


  1. R. Elgin says:

    I still don’t think I can understand the mind of “cutters”. I had not heard of such until your reports, Masa. Still, it makes me think and wonder . . .

  2. 気持ち says:

    そうそう、よく理解してめEThere is a saying “When been raping is unavoidable, close your eye and try to be 気持ち”.
    That’s the entire life is about.

  3. Wan Zafran says:

    That cutting looks REALLY painful. But I think the cutting in your previous posting, the one on that girl, was even more horrific. It creeps me out.

  4. GGG says:

    I do cut. It’s not understandable in such philosophical manner but as a way to release some sorrow, stress, anxiety, in a way… to get control in other terms, to achieve some catharsis or like you have posted to get ectasy (sexual or “spiritual” pleasure) tranquility. Some people try to find that in other ways, drugs, whatever…
    P.S: Pardon my English please! 😛

  5. Anonymous says:

    Poor people can get knives, but they’re not so stupid that they want to cut themselves for fun. Only rich people have the disregard for life to do stuff like that.

  6. turdburglar says:

    The poor struggle with the basic needs of life. They worry about where they will find food and how to stay warm. Their pain is simple hunger and cold. The rich have no worrys about these simple matters. Instead they worry about the meaning of life and where they belong in the world and how they will keep their money and not disgrace their family by ending up in a bad job. These are worries that can not be stopped by a piece of bread or an income so they go on forever. They feel no physical pain from being poor, only mental pain from complicated social matters.

  7. balex says:

    Masa, do you cut yourself? Maybe you blog to experience happyful.
    I also come from rich country, but I am not rich, so I come to read your blog so I can be happy.

  8. DeadlyFreeze says:

    America and Japan are rich countries and to poor countries even poor people are rich in america and japan. We still cant be happy, this is truth only rich poor american, japanese understand.
    Great report mesa!

  9. Shawna says:

    It is a masterpiece haha!
    ==================from MasaManiA
    i am afraid that in near future you get this phrase tatoo, haha!

  10. Caliban says:

    hey Masa, be careful what you say about America and suicide bombings – not because you shouldn’t criticize America, but because they will probably send the CIA/MIB to come and kidnap you, then ship you to some place like Egypt where they can torture you without legal complications – beware of black sedans, and dudes in suits and sunglasses in future…
    btw, self-harm (cutting) is pretty common here in the UK too – although not always associated with the S&M-scene.
    ==================from MasaManiA
    In such case, i can add report in my site. it’s not so bad for reader at least.

  11. Martini says:

    Hey, G8 report!
    Rich ppl have too much free time… Maybe… Cutters should try Martial arts or sports, it1S a great way of masochism and it’s healhy too!

  12. ChinoxR says:

    Does that supposed to be an arm??? It just looked like a close ups to a carrot.. damn, crazy people!

  13. the boss says:

    i think cutting is really creepy. that someones are so unhappy with their life that they have to cut themselves to feel better. but that’s just my view of it. maybe a cutter think it’s really sad that some people play soccer to feel happy. i don’t know. but i saw a girl working at Lotteria with scars all over her arms and even blood while she was working. i felt so sorry for her but i didn’t know what to say so i didn’t say anything

  14. GGG says:

    Just what you said about how rich Japan is but it sure doesn’t show up with the people … it seems like it’s official government policy.
    Japan. 豊国貧民、E—–
    Look at her photos.

  15. 羽之助 says:

    Just what you said about how rich Japan is but it sure doesn’t show up with the people … it seems like it’s official government policy.
    Japan. 豊国貧民、E

  16. drummer24 says:

    rich people, poor people, rich country, poor country?? are you kidding? cutting has nothing to do with social status, or how fat your bank account is, you have to have some serious wiring issues to take a blade to your self, all the replies i read, points the finger in another direction, how about “personal accountibility”? if your problems are so bad that you have to resort to self mutilation, use a sterile blade.. btw, thanks masa for a deep look at japan you don;t see you the discovery channel.. 🙂

  17. Ameko says:

    I did cut some years ago.
    By now I think it was stupid and useless.
    But I did indeed need it. I can understand why people feel to need such kind of pain. In poor country you have pain and misery every day. In rich country you need pain, just to feel you are still alive. Not every body needs it. But those who are full of emotions, those who have nothing to use their emotions for.
    it is sad, really.
    But most people can not live without pain. may it be psysical or soul pain or anything.

  18. sinisterpunk says:

    With regard to the cutting issue, I think turdburgler said it the best.
    I think it would be funny to have Japan declare war on the USA. Then we could see what a few hundred megatons look like going off over Tokyo, a city of 30 mil. You know we won’t fight you Japanese with rifles as we are fighting the ragheads. We only fight weak countries, or countries that we percieve as being weak. Yeah, fighting is all we have left now that our government’s policies have fucked us economically. Well that’s what you get when the inmates run the asylum. But I guess it doen’t matter as long as GW’s friends get rich. Anyway, I admire the spirit of the Kamikaze. He is truly patriotic.

  19. Skeptical gal says:

    Although, I appreciate this photo and the commentary, something doesn’t look right about this arm. It looks fake. Not like a real arm and the scars don’t look anything similar to what I’ve seen cutters do. They usually try to cut in places nobody else can see. It’s a private ritualistic experience for most. Even the tattoo seems too bold in contrast. Maybe I’m just a skeptic.

  20. b_fen says:

    Her arm _does_ look a little odd, but I’m guessing that’s because it’s either a fresh tattoo (which, understandably, cause considerable swelling in the surrounding tissue) or because she’s actually torn up her arm enough times that the ammassed scar tissue has begun to resemble a skin graft. She also appears to have a number of tract marks in the crook of her elbow and the surrounding area.

  21. miekler says:

    So younger generations pay tax for old people pension, and younger generation will have no pension when they get old. Hehehe, that happen in all countries. Suicide changes nothing except make a mess for people to clean up dead bodies. At least people who cut and dont die can clean up blood mess.

  22. juicio says:

    In the future she may regret cutting herself, which will give her yet another kind of pain.
    Is drug use widespread in Japan? It’s my experience that drug users are the more likely candidates to cut themselves.

  23. this beauty is only skin deep. says:

    If she’s just looking for S&M play and something to show off, tell her to go to for ideas. I don’t know what they did to the ‘suspension’ section or the ‘corset piercings’ section, but she’d be sure to shock people if she tried either one.

  24. Kaze says:

    Japanese people are so influenced by popular culture. They will cut themselves when it is the cool thing, they will dress in cosplay when it is cool to do, and they will commit suicide when it is popular to do so. This movie is good : 自殺サークル. For english speakers, it is Jisatsu Saakuru, or Suicide Circle, or Suicide Club. It is a good movie, and it deals with this important issue.

  25. dementia says:

    I’m a cutter and I come from a poor country. I don’t think cutting has anything to do with a country’s economy. Well, maybe I’m mistaken about Japan cutters because it might be a trend there. Anyway, I don’t cut as much as that girl in the picture but the reason why I sometimes cut is because of depression. Think of it as taking out your anger about anything and punishing yourself because you couldn’t express what you think.

  26. trash_palace says:

    i cut, i think bruises and cuts are somehow a sign of beautiness… the logic is:
    or at least that’s my perception.
    i’ve never known anyone else that cuts (i mean personally, cause i`ve seen LOADS of cutters over the internet). i cut cause i find it easier to deal with physicall pain rather than psychological pain, so i cut to distract myself through troubled times.
    im new in here, i`ve just found this site today and been looking around previous posts and i dont know if you`ve already started one about trevor brown, he`s extremely popular in japan and thought that you might either know of him or would like to see some of his work.

  27. camillo says:

    Cutting ? what’s the use? I rather kill myself. earth is hell.. when you’re dead you’ll be in a different place. let’s see how romantic you are so be dead.

  28. D says:

    I do cut, too ….I don’t people who don’t go through this will ever understand…but also we pathetic cutters will never understand how people can live “normaly” XD~
    Well…at least I know it’d pathetic and haven’t lost my humour and can laugh at other emo people *g*

  29. 古兵 says:

    sorry for english.
    i know how that girl feel.
    and strangely i have same thing written on my arm.
    my friend wrote it on me.
    but sometime i wonder if alive.
    japan such repetive place.wonder if it dream.everyday on train i see same people,looking same way.悲しい、E
    i work in gosurori store and get weird look from some people when they see my arm yet i seem same thing on theres.
    yet im still teenager[18] and i realise how misreable japan people are

  30. I am a bit sadomasochistic but I would never cut myself.
    I see the wristcutting is just as popular over there as it is here. Mostly done by people pretending to be sad over small issues like failed realtionships and such.

  31. barf says:

    cutting yourself is not good i think. people should not blame themselves because the world is shit.

  32. Nanori says:

    is it wrong that i find it funny?
    are Japan kids that stressed that they have to cut themselves? a suicide tax is silly…there should be programs that help prevent suicide, a TAX will not help!
    what if you are poor and cannot afford it? then what?

  33. McIver says:

    One time when I was really drunk I burned myself with a cigarette. I don’t why I did it but I remember that I was so drunk it didn’t hurt. I felt no pain and I remember laughing when I did it. I guest I thought that it was cool that I felt no pain. I still have the burn mark from the cherry on my right hand. I think it’s going to be their forever.

  34. Admilson says:

    Hey MassaMania, congratulations for your texts, i love then all, love your photos too, anyway, about the auto-flagelation of this people, in the other text (about the “crazy girl”) you said somthing about only in japan, here (in Brazil) we’ve some moviment doin’ that too, but isn’t all people, and we call them “Emo” ’cause they are linked with and style of music called Emocore, anyway, i think that it is.
    I hope you to read this.
    i’m sorry about the “engrish”.
    see you

  35. pm says:

    People cut them selves for a varity of reasons, some gain a sexual pleasue from the pain and/or they want release from emotional pain ect. Some people just do it for attention, esecially ones who call attention to their cuts, or cut in obvious places such as the wrist, arm ect.

  36. Colin says:

    Whenever im sad or lonely i come to your site. it always cheers me up. ive had this fascination with japan and its culture and reading your unbiased journalism has inspired me to travel to japan one day. i would appreciate if you responded to me so that i can feel like i have a friend.

  37. Sakura no ippai says:


  38. zenhill says:

    hey, i got one for you all, im fairly well off, i have a decent job, and im truly happy. I have also experienced years of being quite poor and I was just as happy then. why am I so happy? because Jesus changed my life. A lot of you may not want to hear it and Im sure ill cop a lot of criticism for saying it, but im just telling the truth.

  39. Jes[sic]ka says:

    Cutting may not be meaningless to the people who are doing it…

  40. Person says:

    I cut and I live in Canada, because if other people can kick, punch, slap and other hurtful stuff to you then why not hurt yourself?

  41. tom says:

    you know, you should take up exercise, it’s just as painful as cutting but you get a cool body not scars… try it… fuck you.

  42. Nana says:

    I think self mutilation is for idiots, I don’t see why people do this, if you’re fucking depressed, cutting isn’t the solution…
    I think human youth these days are all rotten…

  43. Jacopo says:

    MasaMania, your blog is beautiful.

  44. True. FUCK governemnt Kamikaze taxes!

  45. drcolossus says:

    living in Japan since about two years and have never cut myself! Cutters are just all lame emos too weak for this world!

  46. Tara says:

    I’m a cutter, but I live in a poor city, and I’m not very happy I’ve never been happy, all my councilors tell my parents I’m a very Negative Child. You know not all cutters are advanced, and sometimes we don’t need knives to cut ourselves. Some people do it for fun or they just love the feeling of pain, most do it because of depression, it’s a phase of growing up. Some people do it because they feel they deserve to be punished. I do it to let out my emotion’s and to feel alive, and to know I’m not dead. I do it because I want the numbness to go away, to feel in control that’s why I do it.

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