Misfortune Hunter, that name is mass media

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Fire ! and lots of fire truck comeand lots of ladder truck come to extinct fire, , and one mass media also come ! He also have ladder like a fire man. but his aim is not to extict fire.

He was looking for something.

At last, he seem to find out. yes, His aim is misarable scene. p>

but he didn’t seem to be able to satisfiy this misfortune, so start to seek for more misarable scene.

They hunt misfortune behind the misfortune stopper, fireman!

because they are Misfortune hunter

Not only news reporter, but TV crew also love to seek for misfortune.

He keep filming the misarable scene.

they are go into trance by shooting misfortune scene. is it good ?


fuck you Mass media !!!

but people warm to News man and give fucking face to MasaManiA

Which is truth? Which is right ?

Misfortune hunter or Misfortune hunter hunter?


  1. Factory says:
  2. h0ax says:

    Surely this is hypocritical of you, Masa, since you yourself are a misfortune hunter. The only difference between you and him is that he gets paid for his photographs.

  3. Bangkok says:

    What kind of camera was that guy using?
    Why do people look at you like that?
    ========================from MasaManiA
    I dont know about his camera. and I don’t know why people look at me like that fucking face. It must not be a face problem. because my face is not so bad, I belieave.

  4. katten says:

    You are to hard on Masa. Sure, he is also a misfortune hunter, but he is a misfortune hunter of society and the modern life, not misfortune hunters of personal tragedy like they are.

  5. kaudio says:

    A mass media tries to satisfy reader.
    It just reflects our curiosity, not people of mass media.
    So, we are the misfortune hunter.

  6. Bardamu says:

    Haha,I like how you shadowed the misfortune hunter.

  7. Chewie says:

    Misfotune Hunter,
    You stay away

  8. Chewie says:

    Misfortune hunter
    You are causing mother’s tears
    You are making money from my sadness
    Who will hunt you when misfortune
    knocks at your door?!

  9. Pangloss says:

    As the audience for Masa, does that make us misfortune hunter hunter hunters?
    ============================from MasaManiA
    Yes, you are also bad man !

  10. exus says:

    it’s not bad, report truth.

  11. Adamu says:

    It’s not as bad as when a cameraman keeps filming while a man is being beaten or murdered, although it happens all too often. Unfortunately these people need to hunt misfortune to make a living.

  12. Joey says:

    Try Thailand. Taking pictures of people killed in car accidents can really bring in some money there.
    BTW, I really like masamania. It’s sincerely the best blog I’ve seen on the web. I rewarded you with a link on my very humble site 🙂

  13. vir-jin says:

    mass media is the opposite of communication.
    communication starts when there is something you can laugh about.
    I laugh at myself being a misfortune hunting hunter hunter, being hunted by masa, who tells me I am also a bad person-
    masa!!! you are a misfortune hunting hunter and at the same time a misfortune hunting hunter hunter hunter.
    Now try to catch me- hee hee hee!
    ========================from MasaManiA
    Dont forget, I have midle finger.

  14. vir-jin says:

    I’ll give you a smile and my middle finger in return- the other middle finger I’ll need to take a foto of master masa, cause I’m a fortune hunter

  15. picstone says:

    I believe the last man in your photos (with the blue sweater)
    owns a convenience store down the street from me
    also I hate pretentious mass media photographers
    they think they take good photos, but they are only exploiting the tragedies of life around them in a very insensitive way
    the difference between exploiting tragedy and misfortune for the sake of sensationalism and selling newspapers
    and “capturing the human condition” is a sense of relation or attachment to the subject
    I believe this is something found in the soul?

  16. Juicio says:

    I majored in Journalism while I attended university. I quickly realized that the mass media exists only to satisfy its audience.
    Hence the mass media covers miserable events because that is what the audience demands.
    So who is worse: the mass media who covers the story, or the audience who demands that such stories be covered?
    It is a tough question that I have not yet answered. However, please realize that bad events occur whether or not the media publicizes them.
    The danger occurs when the media uses its power to influence events and to “spin” stories (spin means to add one’s opinions to the story).
    Good journalists present factual, unbiased information in the story, and they allow the audience to reach their own conclusions. Opinions can be included so long as they are attributed to their source.
    Bad journalists will mix their own opinions and prejudices into the story.
    The journalist is not a judge, but a seeker of truth. The people must be their own judge. The journalist who passes judgement is a danger to their society.
    Of course the journalist has an opinion, but the true skill is to remove one-self from that opinion. The journalist must describe events as they are in reality, like they are bringing the audience to the story so they may decide for themselves.
    This is the difference between the author and the journalist: The journalist brings his audience to THE reality while the author brings the audience HIS OWN reality.

  17. Don't Panic says:

    I’m glad the photographer didn’t help-he was probably trained to take pictures and not to fight fires. If he tried to help, it would be very likely that he would actually hamper the firemen’s efforts.
    Of course, with all of his equipment, he was probably doing so, anyway. Couldn’t he take pictures from across the street and zoom in using a different lens?

  18. Datsun says:

    1. What happens when soldier is killed in battle? Mass Media pigs get hard on it! Report it and tell only gruesome details to manipulate public opinion. Let people make up their own minds about what they think.
    2. When murder happens? It becomes a braking story with live coverage!
    3. When Katrina happen? Mass Media only show suffering, death, and play the “blame game” Stupid mass media, say something that matters!
    4. When accidents happen? They make sure to get close-up of blood on road!
    5. When something bad happen to some person and maybe die? Mass media interview family right after to get a scoop and human angle. They ask; “how do you feel?”. Stupid mass media, how do you think they feel? They feel bad, that’s how!
    6. When Olympic athlete lose race? “How do you feel? What do you think happen to you that you lost race?”. Again, how you think person like that feel! Leave them alone!
    7. When snow storm happen? They outside telling us how cold it is and how the roads are bad. No duh mass media pigs, tell us something we don’t know.
    8. When people have their own thoughts? Mass Media tell people how to feel and think. Stop being so conceded mass media!
    9. Mass media never unbiased even if they say different. Mass media always have agenda. CNN, Fox, and others all have bias one way or the other. One type of bias just as bad as the other.
    10. So much more, but masa’s server would not have the space for it.

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