Rave party in town park

When I was walking near the park, I heard attractive sound. I go for the source of attractive sound.
and I found it beyond the sperker.
He was shining. He had halo. He seem like a god !!!!

people start to noticing this nice sound.

Not only me but lots of people also were coming together like a mosquito who is lured with light.

Some people came here by bicycle with EVIAN. They never drink Coke.

Not only funky guys but also

Cute girls (small tit) came.

They start to ready for something.

Girl start to eat fried noodle with chop stick !

People waiting for something.

start anticipating

And somebody start something.

Children start dancing

And people start to move their body

We started dancing.

Sorry but I also was dancing, so I could not take a nice shot. haha

We went crazy. but tidy in some way.

until tired to sleep

We have rave party only in Summer season. Because winter is too cold.

Beforetime, we did it even in the middle of town.

But recently it is organized only in mountain or sea side by fear of arresting.

If we go to such party, it is more hard core. THis party is very neat because park is in the middle of town.

Japan is so crowded that it is difficult to hold party in town.

so this kind of party is always unexpectedly to prevent to be known by police or some trouble.

If we find it, we call friend by mobile phone. and people come together naturally.

and we keep dancing until police come.

Nomally town rave party is free.

But some coutry rave party orginiser try to charge even it is hold in mountain or sea side.

Town rave party is small happiness for urban people.

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  1. sounds like a fund time. can foreigners come to those parties? some of those ladies had real nice asses.
    =====================from MasaManiA
    Of course anybody come. Even police come. But it is difficult to happen to know this event.

  2. Your histories are always fun maybe because your country is so different to Spain, I like your site a lot. This rave looks nice but not very hardcore, does people do drugs on these raves in Japan, it looks everyone is very sober with their Evian and noodles 🙂
    ===========================from MasaManiA
    Could you please tell me the rave paty that is drug free. Yes, it’s difficult to judge wheather Jap do drug. Because our expression is poor. this always make foregin people perplex, angry and anoy. THe moment when Jap express our emotion is getting bill of house rent. Yes, our living cost is fucking high.

  3. Hey MasaManiA, sir,
    I came to your site today to find all of these great updates. I can’t tell you enough how much it cheers me up to come to your site. It’s my favorite site in the entire world.
    Since you are learning English I have a question for you.. do you think it would be difficult for someone who speaks English to learn Japanese?
    Thanks so much for all the work you put into the site. Nice women even though small breasts (or “breast problem” like you said in ayumi hamasaki van story, : )
    ============================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your message. It’s gald to konw the person who see my site. At least I can know there are two people on the earth.
    And regarding learning Japanese language, I think it is quite difficult for any foreigner. Speaking Japanese is not so difficult. but to read and to write is very difficult. Because we have two type of character. Even Japanese people cannot master all character. It is true. You can ask any Jap about it. What’s a strange thing Jap can communicate each other !

  4. Is there a lack of decent drugs in japan?
    ====================from MasaManiA
    No, we are just a poor expression even we are high on drugs.

  5. Hey when was that rave?
    I’m also into electronic music and party! I’m looking desperately for such parties! Could you mail me shortly next time you hear from such a rave? I’m in Tokyo! 🙂
    =======================from MasaManiA
    I will.

  6. nihongo benkyo shimashita!
    maybe i should start a site about fun things that happen spontaneously in america. but there aren’t any things to report on here.

  7. that was a very nice story. thank you masa!
    I remember when I was visiting japan and there was a rave in hara juku park. it made me really happy!
    I like that they happen without police permission, I always thought that they were sanctioned, but now I know and it makes me happy.

  8. Hey! Your site is kicking ass man!!!! It’s just so great to have this view of the “other” side of Tokyo! Thanks a lot!

  9. Hehe, a nice and a happy series of pictures.
    I wanted to ask about drinking and average Japanese people – how is it with them really? Do Japanese drink a lot at parties? How much drugs do you do?
    Or do you only start drinking when you get your monthly bills?
    Oh, also: learning Japanese is rather hard for a person who is used to the Latin (English, French and so on) or the Cyrillic (Russian, Belarussian) alphabets (like me, for instance). As MasaManiA said, learning to write it is hard.. I’m studying Japanese at the university and so far I’ve more-or-less mastered hiragana and katakana but the amount of different kanji characters is just creepy. Well, I guess that the Chinese, Korean and Japanese have a better memory than Europeans (and ofcourse better than Americans) have.
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your message. Drinking is very popular pasttime in Japan as well as smoking cigaret. To invite drinking is popular approach. When Bush came to Japan, our prime minister, Mr.Koizumi invite him to Japanese style pub although Bush is being abstention from drink. Mr.Koizumi must have difficult humor.
    Young people invite girl friend to drink. and after getting drunk each other, we fuck. This is very popular Japanese date style.
    Drug is not so popular. because it is difficult to find out drug dealer. So, lots of people make an effort to get high by drinking and smoking.

  10. me parecen que son todos unos chinos faltos de alegria y caretas come pijas de chuinchulin y tripas de morocho gorda

  11. f*ck off your journalist. it is one big sh*t. i hate this page. f*ck off everybody
    the best of culture is HIP HOP
    the best of famous person in world is EMIN3M
    the best of internet users is “rob3rt”

  12. Hey, Masamania!!!
    is ninjashot.com your site???!
    ================from MasaManiA
    Yes, but I have not time to post because I am too busy sir.

  13. i wanna go to japan
    i wanna go to japan
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    hey crazy masa man – let me be u for a day

  14. [quote]f*ck off your journalist. it is one big sh*t. i hate this page. f*ck off everybody
    the best of culture is HIP HOP
    the best of famous person in world is EMIN3M
    the best of internet users is “rob3rt” [/quote]
    You are a fucking loser.
    Your music taste sux bad.
    You are a waste of human space.

  15. Thanks, Masa, I’m enjoying the fuck out of this website. I’ve been looking for a place like this, with all the photos you don’t typically see anywhere else. I really like your writing, too, as an insider sharing your information. This place is valuable to me.
    Do you ever cover the goth/industrial subculture in Japan? I’d like to see that.

  16. I loved that story Masa! I like how you give us a brief history of the raves or anything else. It really lets us foreigners know how it all got started and just teaches us more about your cultures!
    Most of these people have said it, but your site helps me learn a lot! Thanks!

  17. pero que muy bien os lo pasais en tu pueblo, lo que no acabo de entender es donde esta la policeman, y esto hasta que hora dura???
    (i see you very well in your town, but i can’t understand, where is the police, and till what hour is that?)
    =========================from MasaManiA
    Police is there where you do really enjoy something everytime.

  18. Absolument ahurissant! Meme une rave ou une fete prend des allures de defile militaire. Les japonnais ont l’air si stricts, ca m’en donne des frissons dans le dos… Un grand souvenir que mes deux passages au Japon (surtout la deuxieme, hmmm Sakura…)
    Longue vie a ce site si decale qui nous fait connaitre la face cachee et le cote obscure de ce pays si meconnu!
    Sir Masa, we could meet ourselves next spring summer, I will come to Tokyo for the third time. I’ve great great memories of me and my friends playing drums & djembe in Shinjuku (police where not so kind so…) People were so astonishing there watching foreigners playing music in the street… 🙂
    prazZze from France
    ================================from MasaManiA
    I am looking forword to seeing you ! I will bring camera !

  19. Wow Masa, the girls have beautiful asses! Apart from the fact that they are J-GIRLS they have perfect asses!
    Urban way of life rox. And J-GIRL rulez.
    ==========================from MasaManiA
    But boob is misarable

  20. that’s cool…for a second I thought you were all dancing to the little girls who were singing..lol..
    “Raves” in america usually involve techno, glowsticks and drugs/drinking…I’m guessing it is not the same..??

  21. i remember this rave! the 3 little girls on the stage were sisters doing a cute dance routine! glad you have no pics of me doing MY not so cute routine! but where to go in winter???? ?
    ================from MasaManiA
    Oh, really ?? you were there ? I am looking forword to seeing you again anywhere!!!

  22. It is my regret that I’ve never been to one of these open air raves during my short time in Tokyo. There was one in Odaiba but that day it rained pretty hard so decided not to go.
    Where was this park, if you don’t mind me asking?
    kono HP saikin hakkenshita bakari, kekkou omoshiroi dayo…Tokyo no iro iro houkokushite kurete arigatou! mae mo Nihon ni itta toki nihonjin ni nankai mo tasukarimashita… chou natsukashii.
    =====================from MasaManiA
    THis is yoyogi park in Shibuya
    ogenki de!

  23. Who sponsors these events? And how do you know when they will take place. They look really fun man.
    I’m from Singapore, and if we had those here, the police would be on us in a flash.
    Plus alcohol here has like a 100% import tax about $10-$12 for a pint of beer 🙁
    ======================from MasaManiA
    almost these Sponsors are the person who just love these event. but recently the capitalistic event are incresing.

  24. Hello there!!!IM pedro from Portugal!;)
    Fiirst i must say that im Dj here, Dj Peter Daniel,and i live in an Islands called Acores!! they have green vally and lagoons,and I have played here a LOOOOT!:)
    mY BIGGEST desire was to b able to go there and wrecked the amplifyres with great SOUND! 😉
    pUT ALL Toyko JUMPING like in the pictures!
    And i have a question :
    DO u know the name of the Dj?
    BIG HUGH,great FOTOS:):)
    ========frm MasaManiA
    Oh, i dont know, if you come to Japan, please tell me

  25. unsa unsa unsa unsa unsa unsa
    this is the sound of the base that is stuck in my head from the last rave that I went to
    also, did you know that (EVIAN spelled backwards is NAIVE) ?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Fantastic !

  26. That is so bloody awesome. I love the progression of the photos as they progress from unmoving curious onlookers to people breaking out dancing in the middle of the night. Very very nice.
    =========From MasaManiA
    THank you !

  27. Watch out for your ears. Those Rave-/Techno-/Trance-DJ’s pump up the volume up 110dB [as loud as a starting fighter-airplane].
    At the last Rave-party, I had been at, I nearly lost the hearing on my left ear, because of it.
    Since then, I always have ear-plugs at hand, when I go to a night-club, etc., if the volume is pumped up too loud.

  28. These sort of parties are called “Moonlight parties”. They’re free, public, fun and unauthorized.
    Wow! I’m glad to see this get together went well and everyone had fun.

  29. Rave parties are the most dangerous parties out there..they have ectasy..rape drugs..& hiv diseases…ppl who go there r messed up

  30. well…
    firstly, i love you…
    this site pwns… amazing idea…
    i truly would love to be there partaying at such an event…
    I’m hoping to take a year out between college and uni and try and get a gap year thingy in japan… that I would love…
    then hopefully uni then working visa…
    this I woulf love…
    damn living in the UK…
    Kelly (often Chibi online where people are uneducated… didnt feel right here mind lol)
    =========From MasaManiA
    I hope, someday we can enjoy

  31. Greetings masa ^^
    I was wondering, i often listen to a japanese music artist named Merzbow. (he makes noise. i think the name of the music he makes is power electronics, but his music is noise)
    have you heard of him? do you know a place in japan where they play that?
    what kind of music do they play in japanese clubs or at raves anyway?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Depend on DJ

  32. Hello. I am interested in japanese parties. I will be in Tokyo during June. Are there any clubs/raves you reccomend? I heard about a DJ Masa who is from Tokyo Tekno Tribe Does he still spin? Thanks alot.
    =========From MasaManiA
    Sorry but i dont know

  33. Hey, love the site, I am from Australia but i’m going to japan next year for a 1 year exchange. I reallly want to go to some raves when I come over, so thanks for giving me some info on them!
    sangatsu kara nihongo o benkyoo shimashita.
    Hiragana and katakana are easy to learn – we leant them both in 4 weeks, but kanji takes a lot of time and effort. The grammar is very interesting and much ‘cleaner’ than English, i think.
    ============From MasaManiA
    THank you and i have not so much info about rave. when you come to Japan, if you go to club, and keep askinig about rave and you can get the infomation.

  34. Masa! That is so cool.
    I like the little girls dancing on stage. Hahahaha!
    I hear this event is called a Moonlight party in Japan? I don’t know, something I heard. A rumor.

  35. Hi, I’m from Ukraine, I like your site, I like your parties, I like you people, I like your fashion, I like Japan, I’m RAVE and some day I will go there))))

  36. Hey!
    i’ll be in Japan from the 7th to the 28th of october ! First time overthere! can’t wait anymore ;o)
    Same about raveparty… if you have any ideas, mail me!
    See ya!

  37. do the people in japan dress up crazy (like harajuku) for the raves like some americans do?
    I really like your pictures theyre really great. i love your site its awesome!!!

  38. people like you,or too good to be less,
    please let be more people like you,but not to much,searching and trying,the underground following…growing up without finding !

  39. Masamania,
    I think that your site is a brilliant read. At least it shows us a different side of Japan; the real side, that is. I’m definitely bookmarking your site, and I will be recommending it to my other friends too.
    I’m interested in the Japanese language. Do you have any advice as to how I may learn, and practice it? (As I don’t really have any Japanese friends.)
    ================from MasaManiA
    I think the most ignorant people about learning Japanese language is Japanese people.

  40. Hi there. I’m from Toronto Canada. I love to travel. I’m thankful I’m part of the trance rave scene and cannot wait to come to Japan. I love your culture and vibe, will be a blast!! Are trance/house clubs easy to find? Some wicked Djs come from Japan like Satoshi Tomei.

  41. These pics are good ! did you also rave while taking the pictures???
    any chance of a guest slot at one of these parties i would play for free!!!!
    (i play drum and bass and breakbeats!!)
    UNITED KINGDOM midlands……..

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