I'm never lazy man ! Just a dreamer.

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One day, two young men battle on the street, silently.

I’m never lazy man !

I’m never lazy, but always making effort. though, I am not rewarded. anyway I am making effort very hardly. Please extent your helping hand.
I don’t want to die because i have a dream.
please, goddess, please.

My dream is …

GOD, BUDDHA, Everybody !

Althogu I am always making effort (escape) for dream, cannot get a good result. It is my pain. but I am always making effort, really.
Before devil takemy life, please give your helping hand, please.
I sometime fall flat by anemia.
please give me some food or drink.
anyway I don’t eat anything from morning.
please give me CD walkman.
because I want to listen Super Eurobeat 130.

their war is continuing

They heavily make a effort…………to sit on the street for their longing dream.


  1. Da Con says:

    Are those people watching him on the last picture. I though Japanesse people didn’t do that. Stare.

  2. wow, those guys are so cool. next time i see a beggar on the street im going to give him a burger.

  3. bunny2002sg says:

    Makes me wonder…
    What is their dream?

  4. Maiden Hell says:

    Being homeless is one of my worst nightmares…

  5. Sven says:

    I can relate to that guy because if was homeless without a CD player the first thing I would do is try to find a walkman so I can listen to Dave Rodgers and SUper Eurobeat for a really long time, that would be my dream.
    ======================from MasaManiA
    You are Idea man !

  6. Neoh says:

    this only remind of what Jesus did say 2000 years ago, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. if only the gospel of Jesus may reach them and give them a new prospective of what is life is all about.

  7. brett says:

    homeless person are without a home but if they have super eurobeat they are not without life!! masa you agree?
    ========from MasaManiA
    That’s right

  8. Morihei says:

    With food, drink, and a super eurobeat cd life is good.but life would suck if you had all that but a cd player. Something to guresome to think about.

  9. La La Ru says:

    Is that Ayumi Hamasaki in the background?
    ========from MasaManiA

  10. bob says:


  11. pirloui says:

    to bob: capital letters on forums often rhymes with low eyebrows.
    Had you noticed that? – Many people have.
    And for the beggar, I hope he gets his CD walkman, music will do him good.

  12. EXODUS says:

    They are the Cleanest Bums Ive Seen. In Australia, they are Hairy mofos, and Smell bad.

  13. Katy says:

    Are you kidding… Japanese people stare all the time at foreigners. I was in Japan as an exchange student for a year and then 3 summers… I’ve never been stared at more in my life!
    Masa, great website. When I was in Tokyo I saw a lot of homeless like this and it’s too sad. I took a lot of pictures of their signs saying things like “I lost my family” or “My company failed and my wife left me” and I felt so bad for them. I always gave money because there stories are so bad. I love your website, you’re the most honest journalist I’ve ever come across.
    Take the advice of the homeless, Masa, don’t give up on your dream!

  14. bliz says:

    Are they really homeless or are they making a statement/social experiment? Maybe they are competing to see who gets more stuff…

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