Victorious homeless life

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Homeless life must seem miserable to you. Beforetime, I thought that there are some problems in our society and this create homeless..
But recently I beginning to think that the existing homeless people is not problem.
There are many kinds of people who can have home, who cannot home. It is quite nomal thing. The society that has homeless is not so problem. it is nomal thing..
because even homeless can get money in our society and can live in accordance with their level. And even homeless have shiny smile more than depress white colar business man who was tourtred by loan, boss, wife rule and customs.
and I want to tell you that certainly there are homeless who enjoy their homeless life !

Do you want to know the day of homeless life ?

My day start with the begining of business mam’s day.

I start begging changes to white collar business man.

I work seriously. I work hardly.

Yes, this homeless also working.

what a fucking tough day ! Today it is few rich man. I am very tierd.

and He rest to drink.

and I begin my job again.

My salay is deceded by his own effort directly. I have not boss to be afraid of. I am boss of my own.

I beg even to student who seem poor.

Lots of people just give him surprising face

Hey ! bum dude ! Are you really happy ? I asked him. and he replied.


When I have alchol and

I have cigger, I am happy.

I have a job ! I have life ! I’m also alive ! fuck you

and his day finish under the benevolence of unkonwn people with wisky bottle and ciggar.

It seem that he know what is happy.


  1. Jesus Jones says:

    My heart bleeds.

  2. bunny2002sg says:

    This man has learnt more about the simple pleasures of life than most people know…

  3. shakuhachi says:

    You have a great sense of storytelling, Masa. Another beautiful story, thank you very much!

  4. rich man says:

    that guy live like a king! we all should go to streets in japan

  5. DJ says:

    once I become a billionair or a millionair or a rich ass bastard I will vs japan and act like a bum and wear stuff like a bum haha and than walk aorund tokyo asking for money and sleeping near high class stores and if they kick me out I come back tomorrow and buy the whole store haha

  6. What are those machines our hero, the homeless guy, is hitting up people for money at? ATM? Train ticketing?
    =======================from MasaManiA
    This is train ticket macine. This homeless is clever. He knows that it is more easy to get money when people open their purse in front of ticket macine than just begging people on the street.

  7. Jingai says:

    Hi Masa,
    I like your page, but I don’t think your comments about the homeless are serious. If you’ve spent your time with them, you know their lives are very uncomfortable. I spent time with homeless in the park in Nagoya and asked “What’s the hardest part about livign here?” to one man. He pointed to his stomach and said “Food.”
    Why do you say homelessness is normal? Has it always been the same? America had almost no homeless 20 years ago. How about Japan?
    =================from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your message. I have never spent my time with them. But I have talken with many homeless, many kinds of homeless. and I know there are really misarable homeless. it is truth. But certainly there are homeless who enjoy their life as a homeless. it is also truth.
    This homeless is just a example of such homeless. And I never intend to generalize all homeless like this homeless. And I don’t think there were no homeless in America 20 years ago. Japan has had homeless in every time.
    and the most thing I want to say is that the thing we must do for homeless is not to change the society system but just help them directly every time when we feel to need help them.
    I have no interesting to solve the homeless problem. or I don’t think existing homeless is not problem. Existing homeless is just a reality. Why you think it is problem ? Problem must have solution. But homeless problem don’t have solution. Have you seen the person who have good idea to resolve homeless problem ? If there are solution for the homeless problem, just helping them is the only solution.
    Existing homeless is not problem. just nomal things. and helping homeless is also nomal thing. Theare are no society that have no homeless. and there are also no society that have no person who never help homeless.

  8. Cody in Tokyo says:

    he seems more happy than a homeless in the USA, good pictures.

  9. dork says:

    That is so sad…
    That’s weird though. Most of the homeless people around L.A are either drunks or drug-addicts. I once bought food for this homeless dude and he went crazy on me. Apparently he didn’t need food but money so he could buy drugs.

  10. Eduardo says:

    Sensei Masa,
    You are the Fuckin “Master of journalism”. Why intern for the lame New York Times, when you can learn from Masa. Your stories and photos inspire us all. I get more out of Masamania than CNN and Fox News combined.
    When will you be able to take on journalism students for internship in Japan?? If you do not teach others then regular mass media will remain fucking vapid and insipid.
    I beseech you, to please pass your knowledge and skills to the other student journalists. **I am making the face of the homeless man from ‘Song for Hopeless Homeless’**
    ==============================from MasaManiA
    Thank you. Your message give me invisible power. I still have lots of pictures and keep taking a photo everyday.(this morning I am nealy beaten up by Harley bike guy because I take a shot without his permision, but ran away and I could take his angy face. Yes, we need not go to Iraq to shoot a war).Please visit again. I greet you with fucking pictures.

  11. ahp says:

    Such a nice story.
    There are homeless people more or less everywhere.. Well, excepting countries like Norway and Denmark which have had socialistic governments for a long time now and have a great standard of living.
    There are quite a lot of homeless people in Estonia as well.. But as Estonia is a lot more poor than Japan, the homeless start thievery and stealing. Seeing homeless people usually depresses me as most of them haven’t always been such miserable people.
    All of your stories are great and interesting but could you, by any chance, make a story about crime and criminals in Japan? Thanks a lot,

  12. Rocketboy says:

    Jingai, there have always been homeless in the US, just like any other post-industral country.. “In the years following the Civil War, a veritable army of homeless men swept across America” from the book Citizen Hobo
    either way, Masa, thanks for the great website. It helps me to remember the good times I had a few years ago on your side of the planet.

  13. Matt says:

    Most people would walk by a homeless person, and never think about what their life is really like. They would imagine a story that may or may not be true. Thank you for having the courage to be human and to treat this person like a fellow human being.

  14. aaron says:

    good photostory. however, on your camera you should correct the white balance so the photos do not become green from the artificial light. It would make the colors more vidid. or do whatever, anyways the site you made is totally cool and amoshiroi.

  15. VanRotten says:

    I work with a guy who has a beautiful big home and is the most unhappy person I know,happyness is where you find it.

  16. dingosatemybaby says:

    This is, hands down, the funniest Japan-related website in existence. Informative, too!

  17. Japanophile says:

    Hey Jingai where the fuck have you been these past 20 years? I bet you were not even born. You’re just a product of the fucked up public educational system here in the US who teach you that anyone with money is bad and the homeless people are their fault. Of course there were fucking homeless people 20, 30, 40, 50, 200 years ago.
    Read your fucking history not what they want you to believe! Most studies prove that the homeless are mostly there by choice no matter the country. Like Masa said, history is formed by the government to get you to believe what they want you to believe. And sadly, you prove that correct.
    If the homeless really wanted a job they could get one whether it be cleaning toilets or flipping burgers, or cleaning tables. They are mostly homeless by choice.

  18. Clean Freek says:

    Even though she is not homeless, Japanese school girl treats Japan as a toilet!
    She is not a good girl, that’s for sure.

  19. bluestone says:

    this man is a rock star!
    you either shot this over a few days or this man runs back stage for a wardrobe change after every other song
    he has incredible features and is not afraid to show his emotions
    Sidhartha would be proud

  20. nyaaa says:

    if he gets sick or dies in the cold no one will help him. homeless people usually meet sad endings. it’s definitely a problem everywhere you go. being homeless is also dangerous… i remember a few years back in brazil, extremists were setting homeless people on fire, children even! do homeless people in japan get bothered by right wing fanatics, i wonder?
    it would be nice to just take this homeless happy old guy perspective, but it’s untrue… but “happy” hobos will always exist, i guess.

  21. idiot says:

    i am an idiot and i am lead by richard simmons

  22. Samu says:

    Did you know there going to give homeless people in canada free beer? No wait! free beer! They said beer + homelss people= productive citizen I think lmao

  23. Osiris says:

    Every bum has his day in the sun. Did you know if they put vitamins in beer and wine bums would live much healthier lives!
    Check it out. Its illegal in America to add vitamins to beer and wine! What the hell is wrong with us?
    Can Japanese put vitamins in liquor? Do it for the sake of humanity!
    Kudos to Clean Freek! Great picture. I once saw a bag lady take a dump on the side walk in Times Square. It was mid afternoon and she was a half a block in front of me. I had to step around a massive smelly dump (I just guessing it smelled).
    Nice photos Mr. Masa.

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