Polite Jap imply Fuck you

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This is vegetable shop that is unattended service. This vegitable shop has no clark. There are only vegetables for sale, and coin box that is easily removable. Yes, even though there are no clerk, they try to collect money !
are they lazy ? no, they are just a fucking goofy people who believe that other people will do for them what they hope to be done, paying money.
But they don’t trust customer completely. So shop ower put a billposter that say “Honesty is lifetime pliasure”. What does it mean ? It must need explanation.
Certainly this shop owner want to force customer pay. Yes, they should say more simple caution to force customer to pay. Ex, “Pay or kill you”. But shop ower never say so. Because we think asking to pay directory is rude in Japan.. but shop owner actually want money. But shop ower don’t want to be thought as rude man. So shop ower think up this indirect method.
At first, he teach people that the important thing for human is honesty. And then, if people agree with his idea, he will become honesty soon. And then, honesty people will pay even if there are no clerk at that time let alone taking coin box away. He suppose magnificient mind game. Are you surprising ? just a moment. You will surprise more if you know this fact. Almost all Japanese people actually pay money except politician and Amway salesman..
So asking to pay means that shop owner don’t believe customer. And it is rude. So shop owner never ask to pay directly. Just implying.. this is always typical Japanese act. Even Japanese foreign policy, we never say directoly, “Hey, China, Korea ! this is Japanese territory ! Hey Rosia ! give back our territory ! Hey Bush ! Don’t involve our country into the war !” Our ambassador just imply. ( I don’t know which territory is whose or something.. this is just a example.)
Anyway we always just implying. But Japanese people understand that implying. Japanese people know what implying actually meaning. But foreingner never understand Japanese implying..
Hey, foreingner, you should be careful.
Next time Japanese people say to you Thank you, the thing they actually want to say is not thank you,
but it must be fuck you !


  1. jimandjones says:

    What the hell does this mean?

  2. Rob Sayers says:

    Amazing… In America, everything would have been gone in the first 10 minutes.

  3. Louie525 says:

    A guy in my old neighborhood (suburbs of Miami, FL, USA) who grew fruit used to put it out by the road with a bucket and a sign that said “25 cents.” He didn’t say anything about honesty, just put the price up. I don’t know if people obeyed but I bet at least some did…I don’t know if that says anything about American society. I know in some other neighborhoods I’ve lived in, though, anything out for five minutes disappears

  4. Will says:

    I saw the same thing in Wakayama selling oranges. I paid and grabbed a bag of oranges, too. Why wouldn’t you pay? Maybe your commentary says more about the your way of thinking. Here in Vancouver you are on the honour system when you ride the skytrain. You can get on without a ticket (and you risk a very small chance of getting caught). My girlfriend, from Japan, was very surprised by this trust. Somehow, I believe, the fruit or vegetables would not taste as sweet knowing that you’d ripped off an obachan.

  5. 佐倉 says:

    fuck yeah dude
    you cant even leave your fucking GARBAGE out on the street on collection day without some motherfucker going through it
    as soon as the person who put the vegetables out left the scene, some random person would load his bag up and leave.
    no wonder the rest of the world hates us.

  6. Pangloss says:

    When I was a kid, we had to sell our cherries out by the road. If something else came up and we had to leave the stand, we just left a sign saying how much to pay. I can’t remember a time when we came up short on money compared to the amount of cherries missing. Most people are honest even in the US, believe it or not.

  7. Oni says:
  8. Factory says:

    There is a resturaunt in England that does a similar thing, although they don’t even put up prices, the customer decides for themselves what the meal was worth.
    Although if the customer pays too little, they refuse to take the money, they consider it insulting.
    I say, Fuck ’em.

  9. Adrastia says:

    In my neighborhood (I live in Philadelphia) the local supermarket had a candy display with a coinbox. You were supposed to pay 5 cents a candy. No one manned the candy display. The security guard was all the way up front and never came around there. Very few people actually paid for the candy they took. Infact, some kids used to try to pry the box open to get the coins!
    They no longer have that candy display there. Guess they were losing money…

  10. Nikki says:

    On halloween in America, some people who are not home (or are lazy) will put out a bowl of candy on the doorstep and put up a sign saying “Honor system,” meaning, take one only. Usually the whole bowl will be gone after 2 or 3 people.

  11. agg says:

    we’ve got the same thing here in switzerland, for flowers, apples and other stuff like that. and you know what; most of the poeple are paying. isn’t it great to got such things?
    masa you’re doing well, thanks.

  12. Steve says:

    I’m sure there’s places like that all around the english countryside and in ireland. But I think it’s more of an oldern day thing, and in places where people are happy to leave their doors unlocked at night….
    I think it’s pretty stupid to be this either ignorant/stupid/lazy, whichever it is they are being.

  13. bob says:

    Round here, the place would be cleaned out and would probably have a burnt out car crashed through it 🙂

  14. j says:

    Yo Masa, I am here in America, but Japanese American, and a while back, I basically forgot how to be Japanese, and forgot about IMPLIED STUFF. So, after years away, I moved in with my parents, and it was like a FUCKING REEDUCATION CAMP, and I got major shit for NOT UNDERSTANDING when I was being told to do something. Well, I thought things were going to get better when they started getting more direct, but, then, I started to understand that they were judgmental, paranoid, and racist people, who had expectations that bore little resemblence to reality. They were living in fear of life. FUCKING GREAT. Give me implications and dirty looks instead, thanks.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    You will understand completely the meaning of my middle finger. thank you for your message.

  15. aw says:

    This reminds of that Bad Religion song that goes “A handshake is nothing but a solemn fuck you”

  16. middle-finger salute says:

    Hey, how about this:
    Tokyo District Judge Shu Shibata ruled on Friday that the man who got beat up in a 1998 fight had to bear 20 percent of the responsibility himself because he provoked it with a middle-finger salute; the nature of that gesture, Shibata said, must be acknowledged in Japan, “although it is not as common as in the U.S.” [Japan Today, 9-8-01]

  17. phong says:

    hi i want you i need you i fuck you

  18. bluejives says:

    we korean people do not have problem of implied meaning. actually korean people in general have trouble understanding subtle meaning. korean people are very direct.
    to give example: my family and i went to korean restaurant. we order food, etc. food take long time to come. my father get upset. he complain in loud voice. after long time, food finally come. my father eat food. he dont like it. my father call waiter and say to him: “what the fuck is this? you call this jampoong???” finally, my father say: “let’s go!” my father only pay for food, not leave tip. cash register lady chase my father into street. she demand: ” why you not tip??” my father explain: “because your food sucks, your service sucks, your restaurant sucks!!! now get out of my face!!!” as you can see, korean people are very direct.
    sometimes, korean people will stare at you. if you look strange or different in some way. even though they know that you know that they are staring at you, they still stare at you. what the fucking shit is that? i’m korean-american guy but i have white girlfriend. when we go to korean marketplace or korean eating place, people fucking stare too much at us, especially middle-age ladies. i feel like saying: fuck you, mind your own business!
    another problem with korean people is they dont know the meaning of the word no. For me NO MEANS NO. But Korean people are very pushy.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    I also heard from my friend that his korean girl friend is really hot.

  19. bluejives says:

    yes masamaniac,
    korean women are very beautiful.
    japanese women beautiful also.
    so are chinese, philipino, thai, malaysian, indian, muslim, jewish, american black, carribean black, eastern european, western european, mexican, puerto rican, dominican, jamaican, south american, nigerian, morrocan, sudanese, egyptian, australian, russian, ukrainian, belorussian, latvian, lithuanian, estonian, kazahkstanian and white american women (especially one who grew up in south jersey and loves cats, dogs, cows, woody woodpecker, and vin diesel (to me he is fucking meathead) which is my girlfriend).
    all women very beautiful.

  20. Rolf says:

    “all women very beautiful.”
    You must be blind.

  21. j says:

    Some Korean chicks are really hot.
    Some of them had to get plastic surgery to get that way though.
    One other thing. You know why American’s can’t do “the honor system?” It’s because we don’t have any honor. We are some fucked up, tightwad people. All the richest people own most of America, and milk it for money, but not very much is “free” here. You have to pay to take a piss. You have to pay to drink clean water. Even free public schools are expensive, because you have to buy all kinds of shit for it. So, when someone offers you something free, even if it’s a fucking pencil, you just take it all, because you think it’s the last free thing on earth.

  22. DoctorJ says:

    Hey, funny LOL , when a Japanese says, “thank you” they might mean “fuck you.” I know this even as an American, but maybe that is better than American style, saying “fuck you ” all the time. A little HARMONY in society is not so bad, you know.

  23. La La Ru says:

    Masa, not all Japanese people can be bad. You’re not that bad. *shrugs* (^^;)
    I have a very good from Japan. She’s cool with me.

  24. naranjita says:

    when i was little i remember going by country roads and farmers would set up tables with melons and watermelons for sale. people could just go to the table, pick what they wanted and leave the money. i like the honor system and i’m sad that things don’t work like that anymore. is it stupid to have faith in people? i miss the “old country” :\

  25. CORNHOLIO says:

    It is normal thing in western europe countrysides. I saw things like that in Denmark, Sweden, Holland. Maybe Im an asshole but I used to pay for some home made honey-jar inserting money into coinbox.

  26. bay leaf says:

    i like the subtleness in which japanese act and speak. kinda makes normal situations/conversations more interesting when you really have to think about what they really mean.like a puzzle. plus most people talk complete bullshit all the time and if you’re gonna be that person do it the japanese way = short. i mean shit, geishas, amoung other things are professional conversationalists, i equat that to the language. but mostly-i’m-a-tell-me-what-the-fuck-you-want now seeing-behind-all-the-fake nicities-ain’t-got-time-to-f-around-punk also from miami, fl and must say in my hood that stand would be stolen, moved a block down the street where the thief would go about selling the produce direct in person as a cover to sell drugs.

  27. inuyasha says:

    how the fuck do you say fuck in japanese dudes?!
    ========from MasaManiA
    we say, FAKKU.

  28. Saqib says:

    Its damn nice of them if they trust people this much. You freaking idots!! Put off your sunglasses through which you see other people with the colour you chose for your spectacles.

  29. fuckers says:

    I think whoever wrote this article is fucked in the head. Too many drugs. Certainly he does not represent the Japanese people. He’s just a moron.

  30. Hiku says:

    well, if you put those shops in my country, I believe all the veggies will be gone in no time..
    on the second thought, the first thing that will be gone is the coinbox, then the veggies. It is also possible that the shop won’t even be there the next day.

  31. 42 says:

    In my country, the only thing left would be rotting veggies…eww, veggies! 😉

  32. TUUL says:

    THAT’S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. waffleninja says:

    It must work because you dont have any black people!!! We have something similar in the US. We call it the “honor code.” You don’t really see it much anymore. It generally works here, but at least 1 person all ruins it.

  34. Dargonxtc says:

    So you are saying that in japan when a person is being nice to a non-asian, they are really saying fuck you??????

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