Comike 2004 Aug, Photo report 04/04

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I went to Comike 2004 aug, and taked a bunch of phots. Please enjoy sir.

the person who were declined to join by comike organizer

He was delcined. I don’t know the reason. He come to here to do cosplay. he come to here carrying heavy costumes. but anyway declined.

He was decliced. the reason is that there is possibility to injure by his hair.

Maily cosplayer’s aim is to be shoot. but sometime cosplayer also want to shot. this create such situation.

some person use camera build in movile phone. it is very populr in Japan. Movie phone communication is very advanced in Japan sir.

some cosplayer get angry if we don’t get permission from them. especialy if their costume is not complete.

If you try to take a photo, cosplayer strike their favorite pose.

this time comike, organizer watch out the person who try to take a picture the person who taking a picture. I was found by them when I shot such pictures. and nearly kicked out from komike. but run away.

This time comike is very very strict like a LA air port seculity. and I think there are variety of people in LA air port more than Comike. Are they afraid of terro ?


  1. Laso says:

    What the hell! ! why you shoot photos with a phone, but you can NOT call with a camera, SIR??? it is WRONG

  2. Rasputin says:

    Thanks for all the pics! Neat. I like the middle finger “Fuck You” pictures the best.

  3. greg says:

    why wouldn’t they let you take pictures of picture takers?

  4. August says:

    What a sad looking robot.
    I almost feel sorry for him, almost.

  5. d says:

    i am glad that i live in tokyo and i never see stupid retards dressed like anime characters.

  6. kj says:

    omfg! this s really something. thx for bring us these great pics.

  7. bunny2002sg says:

    That’s all I can say! 😀

  8. August says:

    “i am glad that i live in tokyo and i never see stupid retards dressed like anime characters.”
    They’re not all so bad. But then there are fat chicks and guys who look like women, and that kind of ruins the effect of anyone who’s slightly hot (kind of).

  9. Friky says:

    They’re so funny…..

  10. d says:

    the reason i wrote that is because so many people overseas have the impression that japan is full of people like that… no, this place is not a dork’s paradise.
    i drove by yoyogi park on that day (i was going to shindaita) and all that action was just contained there.
    i dunno what to say about all this… that robot looks funny, as do the people, i guess hot girls can get away with wearing anything they want, but the older people need to reconsider (although i shouldn’t really pick on them — everyone is allowed to do what they like).

  11. trabancos says:

    You haven´t played enough wen kids, uh????

  12. zip says:

    wow some good stuff and some horrible stuff.

  13. Nick Douglas says:

    Anyone should be allowed to dress up. Costume balls are held by normal-looking folks, including older ones. Cosplay is for the player’s enjoyment too, not just an audience.

  14. NelC says:

    I’m with you, d! These people need to grow up! Wear sensible suits — preferably grey — get a haircut! Go to work in offices, get drunk every night, have all the creativity sucked out of them until they’re little shrivelled-up zombies. All so they don’t embarass d and me by forcing us to share the same planet with them! Have they no shame?

  15. Kurami says:

    This is Great, Cosplay always crack me up. i also like the middle finger pics…

  16. Jonathanc says:

    It seems to be mostly dorky guys taking pictures of hot babes wearing almost no clothes

  17. Alex Stapleton says:

    NelC: Japan has a massive problem with social identity. People have a lot of worries about their individuality and hence stuff like cosplay is so popular. It lets people feel unique. It’s a symptom of a psychological imbalance on a massive scale. Not that your average western office drone is much better. But they are as unusual as cosplayers. Japan definately has a much wider range of abnormality though. From cosplayers to the office drones. That sort of mass exhibitionism is a lot less common in the west.

  18. zeni says:

    It’s why I like Japan. No shame, just fun.

  19. Jacen Lei says:

    hehe still i must say its better cosplayers in Japan then Goths in the US
    you take a hot girl and make her goth you wanna puke
    you take a hot girl and give her a sweet cosplay costume and its definate drool material (IMHO)
    still Cos-players > Gothics

  20. David Hall says:

    Are they all nuts?
    At least they’re not 40 and 50-something overweight geeks dressed like Star Trek characters.

  21. weareyou says:

    How are they being creative by copying some anime or manga?

  22. NN says:

    Que fotos tan maricas , como es posible que exista un lugar asi!!!

  23. Keith says:

    I am in love with every one of those girls.

  24. tore says:

    is the last one dressed as cammie from street fighter II turbo?

  25. dragonfest says:

    Check this site out

  26. Briony says:

    Is the chick in the last photo waring pants? Kinda looks like a cold day, thats a bit worrying!

  27. kilokan says:

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  28. Tahra says:

    This is wonderful. I love it that somewhere in the world people can go absolutely nuts and dress up however they want. It’s exactly what the world needs, and I think every country should follow suit.
    People who bash these people are probably too insicure and fridgid to have fun. They think the world is a serious place, and yes, it can be, but the world needs fun. And if this is some peoples way of having it, then I say “Good on them.”
    Get over yourself. If you don’t like what you see, stop coming here. Don’t post here, don’t bother us with your stupid comments. If you love this stuff, then by all means, post, say so, keep this site alive.
    I love what you’ve done with it Masa… Totally brilliant.

  29. robostone says:

    my favorite is the lonely sad robot in the first picture schlepping his busted up costume with his busted feet and plastic packing material from the inside of a box that housed an electrical appliance that he or she attached haphazardly to his/her tinfoil encased upper torso
    the empty boxes that he/she is dragging behind them-self is suitable for carrying the remnants of their fragile shattered ego
    still, he or she would still win an award at a Halloween costume party here in amerika!
    his/her pain does not go unnoticed
    I weep for him/her in silence : (

  30. Usagi says:

    wow! so many photographers! At american cons we don’t get nearly as many.

  31. Datsun says:

    I have cosplayed at anime conventions before; most recent was Alucard from “Hellsing”. Not all cosplayers are dorks and not everyone in Japan is some Otaku anime obsesed dorks. The problem is that some people take cosplay and liking anime (as the Americans say) stuff too far and it starts just being pathetic to others around them. Cosplay at anime conventions and other areas that have cosplay events is OK as long as there are no males who try to dress as ANY of the Sailor Scouts or female characters (my eyes hurt at that).
    Oh, and yes, hot chicks can wear (or not wear) anything and get away with it.

  32. supergeekgirl says:

    Fuck you, David Hall (among others). I don’t know why people even bother to look at these sites when it’s something they don’t care about cosplay, anime, or any sort of fandom.
    I hate it even more when people post about how “hot” they think a couple of the “chicks” are and how they wish only “hot chicks” would dress up in costume. God, just about all cosplayers are geeks. The whole thing started out with geeks dressing up as Star Trek characters (and other various characters), so why can’t people (even other cosplayers) accept our geekiness? A lot of us have, but there are still some cosplayers (usually the “hot chicks”) who go “OMGlookatthatdorkewshelikesstartrekwhatkind ofcostumeisthat!” when I display my geekiness. Hey, at a sci-fi con, I’m considered “hot”. Go figure.

  33. MOMO says:

    I still don’t understand what the fuck is going on.
    BTW, Asian pussy stinks.. take it from a caucasian.

  34. MasaMania!
    I can tell you all my life… I love japanese woman, they are so cute and beautiful.
    Have a nice day, and please post more… All the world is watching and waiting for news

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