How to concentrate in bad situation – What knowledge tell you


Western genius scientist gives us really lots of knowledge.
They give us the knowledge about the way of concentration to read book.
They tell us that we need classic music to get alpha wave in my brain. we need good fragrance to get aroma therapy effect. We need NASA made ergonomics safer to get ideal relaxation. I need Suitable temperature to active my organ. I need clear lighting.
At that time, I can concentrate on reading.
Knowledge is really functional, practical and useful. You will think the most you need is knowledge.
When we know the knowledge given by western scientist, concentration seems to be difficult. But oriental homeless can easily concentration in apparently unsuitable situation for concentration like a stinky, bad lighting, dirty, noisy and no-ergonomics bed. Not only environment, but also his critical life seems not to give him relaxation mind.
Why can he concentrate ? you who know the knowledge about concentration will be confuse in many knowledges and actual facts.
But western scientist give you the genius answer for it.
If western scientist sees this picture, they conclude that the best way of concentration is to become homeless.
This is new knowledge. What a fucking useful knowledge is.

He is reading book in really bad situation, stinky, bad lighting, dirty, no-ergonomics bed and…..

really noisy situation.

See his face.
He is fucking concentrating. His concentration never show us his critical side of his life. Yes, he is successfuly and completely concentrating.

If western scientist sees this picture, they conclude that the best way of concentration is to become homeless. This is new knowledge.

Scentists keep adding knowledge. They keep adding useful knowledge forever !
What’s a genius scientist is !
But dont forget that even if knowledge is many, truth is only one.


  1. Mike says:

    When I moved into my new apartment in Taipei I had to sleep on a no-ergonomics bed for about a month. I could concentrate ok, but my back hurt like hell. As soon as I could afford it, I went out and bought a western-style mattress. What a fucking useful thing it is.
    Oh, and welcome back. Fuck you for taking so long to update.

  2. Elaine says:

    yeah, it’s pretty annoying when I read about a ‘new scientific discovery!’ on – it’s like there’s no end to achieving a better life. But then again, a better life is just a state of mind, like you pointed out in this article.
    he kind of looks like saddam hussein btw…

  3. j says:

    Thank you so much for posting an update. I was worried your search for truth lead to problems (as you alluded to on Ninjashot).
    I wonder how you find all of these situations! One thing Westerner know is that Japanese man is good with camera 🙂 Thank you for sharing your photography and commentary.

  4. Ivo says:

    He can concentrate because he has fewer options to consider. He cannot watch TV or browse the internet for porn, he can only read the book.
    You are right Masa, becoming homeless is the only way to acheive this state of superior concentration.
    I need to do this to finish my thesis.

  5. jucaju says:

    nothing to worry about, pure concentration.
    i like to see your pictures.
    here in brazil i could only buy a crap-camera, bazilian have a slave salary
    my camera sux ass, lots of electronic noise on the pics.
    wish i was like you, with lots of spots, and lot of photographic potential.
    thanks man !

  6. Igirisuchick says:

    Hey Masa,
    I gotta tell you, I’m addicted to your site… hontoni josu desu yo.
    There is a man in my town in England who kneels in the street all day, every day. There’s nothing between his knees and the ground, and it must really hurt but I’ve never seen him move or even shift his weight. He just kneels there in the same place, at the side of the street, with his head bowed. Sometimes people are really bad to him. But he always looks like he’s meditating, or something. I don’t know if he’s concentrating or not. Either way, he’s one of the most peaceful looking people I’ve ever seen. I wonder what he’s thinking about?

  7. donbo says:

    please to post more-every day I fucking check for more masa.
    the homeless in my town do not concentrate well their head is fuzzy on the inside, Thank you

  8. Justin says:

    Ah, Masa. You always have some interesting point to make about seemingly ordinary situations. You have a very Zen mind. Wonderful!

  9. rolly says:

    I’d say it’s simple laziness. He doesn’t want to move because his newspapers would get messed. He knows that the band will move soon.
    I tried to enlarge the photo, but I can’t see the book that he’s reading. Is it a physics treatise, or an “idoru” biography?
    ===============from MasaManiA
    I think he should read “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living ” by Dale Carnegie

  10. Chemical_Burn says:

    Dude, your website rocks!
    Everytime I log in to check it out there is always something cool to see.
    Anyways, Hello from Puerto Rico.

  11. The animator from Valparaiso says:

    Hola Masa!
    Good to see a new update…i became to get bored these pasts days without your exelents reports (proof that im actually adicted to your website)
    Well, i can see this time that you take pic to a homeless, i must jap homeless are like kings in the streets if we make a comparison with chilean homeless…i heard that japanaese homeless are homeless by their own choice…i believe that’s is true…
    anyway, get relaxed and find some concentration being homeless is only a way to know more knowledge…go to a forest, lie down a tree and watch nature….and you get some knowledge…sure in Tokyo you don’t have a lots a forest but certainly, i guess, you can find a park and lie down a tree…
    Reading books make us forget reality (as drugs for drugs-addicts), maybe this homeless reads because he wants avoid his own reality…maybe that’s why he is so concentrate on his book…
    Anyway, reading es good, specially for that kind of people…With a lot of wasted time, reading is the most useful thing he can do…knowledge is power…but is not that so if you are homeless…
    I would like send him a lots of books, but none is in japanese, only in spanish…it’s a shame…i have a lot of them read yet in home…with pleasure i give them all to him for readin and gets some concentration and forget for a while his situation….
    well…this is it…interesting reporte…as always greats pics, i hope you’re fine…and keep up the good work…
    chao masa

  12. Leland Stewart says:

    Hey Masa!
    Greetings from New York City. I too check everyday to see if you posted anything new. I get so much amazing and delightful insight and enjoyment from your website.
    And you are right…Knowledge is Power. The pictures are great too.

  13. pm says:

    FINALLY A UPDATE!!!! I check this site several times a day for updates, and their have been none for like a mounth, I am addicted to this site!!!! 🙂 You really need to update more, like evereday !!! Please update evereday 🙂 thanks masa:)

  14. Michael says:

    All you need to know is that the world is filled with more people than it can support, and all of them need to make money. Once you know that, you can begin ignoring scientific research and just get through your life.
    Yes, scientists are annoying. I especially hate it when they go on about “chemicals” and how these are responsible for depression. Change the chemicals and we can restore normalcy! You’re not depressed because you’re mortal and helpless, like everyone, but because you’re a freak!
    And the health studies… One day they tell you fish has mercury, the next, that eating fish regularly cures dementia. So all I’ve learned is that if I eat fish I can have a clear mind to watch myself die of mercury poisoning.
    Great post.

  15. LC says:

    Hello Masa!
    You are truly an amazing photo journalist. Your stories never cease to amaze me with their eye-opening views on the world.You are an innovator of the blogosphere and a true bringer of change. My only wish is that you update more often, so that you may bless us with your wise words and priceless photography.
    Leon (from Canada)
    ps. Seems like Japan’s homeless are pretty well educated compared to that of third world countries. Most of the homeless/beggars you have shown seemed lke they were once well-educated or well off in society. Goes to show how cruel fate is.

  16. J@MeS BonD says:

    Welcome back Masa,
    You see, here you’re like a rockstar, and i wonder why don’t you create a political group to promote your opinions instead of doing it only on the internet ???
    Internet rocks for foreigners but is a bad way to comunicate with your own country, do it like a politician, do it like a real man -> face the dangers and don’t hide behind your computer…
    Greets, j@MeS BonD

  17. ... says:


  18. Giovana says:

    At least he is reading something. Here in Sao Paulo, Brasil, homeless people reads nothing.

  19. dr.kkkk says:

    nice to see you again!
    i’ve been waiting too long for your update.
    where were you, falling in love with someone?
    concentration is really necessary in bangkok, beside my room there are making a new apartment that far from mine only 5 meters!!!fuck thai goverment!!
    however my dad can read and work in that situation.
    it’s really interesting that homeless people in japan can read. in my home homeless can’t read or can read a little bit.

  20. Jeff says:

    Your photographs inspire both thought and questions.
    You’re a true artist, my friend! I look forward to the future updates.

  21. Orisha says:

    Hey Masa, finally an update!!
    well when i read a book i have the tv on, the music volume very high, that’s the only way i can concentrate to read a book, a very noisy place hahaha
    Greetings from Mexico

  22. David says:

    Hi dude.
    I really love the site by the way. its really helpful… kinda gives you a unique insight on Japan, which is just what i wanted.
    you have a great sense of humour as well. its Genius.

  23. Larry says:

    All hail the great western scientists the saviors of the world! The western world is the best! Anyways, we still have homeless in the western world. I was surprised to see that there are homeless in Japan. Here, the homeless don’t read, they just collect cans and bottles to recycle. I wonder, why would you dig in disgusting garbage for a can that’s worth 5 cents? It’s a very sad society. Even in rich, white, blue eye devil region there are homeless! Thanks for your reporting Masa. p.s. you should do a story on eropuri!

  24. fat_otoko84 says:

    I wonder what these duo singing? a slow ballad song or upbeat fast song?
    ================from MasaManiA
    you can imagine.

  25. Felix J. Awesome says:

    My friend has the same shirt that the singer in that band has, only in black. He bought it at some hip-trendy shop in Harajuku.

  26. john says:

    deffin one scence to enhance another, power shift. “the power is your’s” captin planet; ha ha serious it works

  27. Chelsea says:

    First of all Masa, you are very awesome and so is your site. Thanks for writing so that we can be entertained. I always read your stories, they should give you your own newspaper!
    I think it is funny you mentioned scientists in this post. Actually there is a homeless person where I live in the US who used to work for NASA as an aero-nautical engineer. He decided he didnt like it and quit. When interviewed in the paper, he said he liked being homeless much better. Maybe homeless know something we don’t…

  28. Beth says:

    He doesnt look like our homeless to be sure! Maybe he’s just hanging out and enjoying his freedom for now. (not really homeless)I assume Japan is a relatively free country. Maybe he’s just exercising his right to do what he wants. Perhaps he’s just waiting until he’s ready to do more..or maybe he’s just lazy..LOL People are so strange here and everywhere to be sure. I love your site so much, Masa! You are my absoulute favorite blog writer! I’m sending you big kisses!
    And my kisses are difficult to win! Love you!

  29. Leonardo says:

    (sorry if this can be long)
    This gets me to a big thought.
    Is becoming poor the right way to live a good life?
    I mean: if you live a normal life you need to work to live, and might want to own a house, and have a family. Otherwise you could live by your own and/or in a rented house.
    So, it depends on each person what they want their own life.
    Making this clear, can get us to the second point.
    The more you want, the more problems you face.
    Let me explain better.
    Let’s consider you want a house of your own.
    Now, to achieve this result, you have to work, and work hard too cause houses are always expensive.
    So, to achieve enough to pay your house, you have to show that you’re a good worker.
    Now you have a house, just walls, ok?
    But a house with just walls is horrible, so you need forniture too; most of time people want really nice forniture, and we know that nice forniture, unless you go to Ikea (which forniture is nice, but doesnt last much due to cuts they make in materials), is very expensive.
    If you don’t believe it, well go see some design homepages, look at costs and then come back here.
    So, you have house and forniture. How much have you worked this far to achieve this results? A lot.
    Hey, but don’t forget that to live you need also clothes, cause you cant go around naked (i wish girls did, but life is never easy! 😉 ).
    To buy clothes you need to work, otherwise police will arrest you, and however you’ll get ill when it’s cold.
    Oh, and you need to move to go to work, so you need a car, and have to pay for it.
    More work and more stress for you.
    And don’t forget insurance that are always expensive, and regular checks a car needs.
    Oh, and fuel, which is becoming more and more expensive everyday.
    And so on.
    Ok, i won’t put in the list all things you “need” to live in a modern world, i think you got where i’m aiming, right?
    So, to live a life in good standards, according to modern world, you need to produce lot of work, keep yourself always updated (otherwise you’ll get fired and the company will employ someone else better than you), and have almost no spare time for yourself. This causes stress, health problems, and a continuous anxiety for your workplace.
    Well on the other side you still have saturdays and sundays to relaxe. But however you need money to pay your leisure, so it’s work however.
    Looking at this it seems like living in modern world with normal standards gives you problems more than what you achieve (i didn’t consider having a family that causes even more problems).
    So being an homeless is the right way to live good?
    The answer is: NO!
    Because, if you’re an homeless, you surely have lot of free time and surely don’t have problems linked to work.
    BUT, you still have to eat, and you don’t know if you will for that day.
    You still have to get heat, and being an homeless is not the proper way to achieve it.
    You still need, unless you are a lonely and selfish person, to have social relationship, and being an homeless really puts you in the borders of society.
    What if you get a cold? you need medications, but you can’t afford them.
    And if you need a surgical operation? You don’t pay taxes, so you don’t have the right to receive it* (not to consider private healthcare who simply doesn’t bother you).
    So life expectancy can be very low, like on your 40’s you’ll be like an 80’s, and die much faster.
    What is all this about?
    Simply: no matter how you choose to live your life.
    Life is always hard.
    *I know that on The Rights Paper you have right to have health care, and i agree to it, but in reality governments simply don’t care about you, and even more if you don’t pay taxes.

  30. bleh says:

    what manga is he reading?

  31. Billy Bobb says:

    Masa san: you are the man.
    Fuck I am HAPPY!
    No update for long time, Fuck, maybe the street racers broke your arms and camera! You are alive!
    American homeless concentrate on what time liquor store opens for business.

  32. crv says:

    I’ve tried to adjust my computer settings to view your site since you made the changes, but nothing works. It’s disappointing, as yours is the absolute best blog out there. Please consider re-formatting.
    On another note, please do a shoot of low-level yanki-types hanging out at conbeni in Adachi-ku.
    Or, waiters and waitresses at all the Gusto on kanpachi.
    Or, ugly people waiting for other ugly people at Doutour.
    I miss Japan!
    ===============from MasaManiA
    it maybe help you

  33. Mike says:

    Hey crv
    They have Doutour in Taiwan too. I’m going there for lunch. If I see any ugly people I’ll tell them you say hi.

  34. Alex says:

    “Scentists keep adding knowledge. They keep adding useful knowledge forever !”
    Soo desu ne. My brain is full! No more!

  35. Schalk says:

    Hello Masa.
    Does this mean you will update ninjashot too soon or do you still have police trouble?
    Thank you for your site.
    And remember: Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. (Gandhi)

  36. フランク says:

  37. Matthijs says:

    Homeless people only life in the now. They are not distracted by problems at work, familymatters, arranging things. The only thing they can do is focus on what they are doing now because the only thing they have tomorrow is the streets. They have learned to let go of the future and the past. They have nothing left but what they do now.

  38. Harry Grundle says:

    Why the hatred for Westerners? That’s not humor, that’s bigotry. The fact that you do not understand the nature of science (which is practiced by Easterners as well as Westerners) does not justify your ignorant, racist comments.

  39. kurisu says:

    How can homless people get some free-sex? O_o

  40. You fuck suck man says:

    sucks… you suckxx

  41. ben says:

    maybe he’s deaf…

  42. This is a very funny writeup. I like the Engrish. It is so direct. I learned something about knowledge today…

  43. Mitch Dye says:

    So much Engrish in so little space, over such little time.
    Does anyone know what it would take to be a professional translator for some of this shit? Seriously… the original post aside, is every other post entered by good-intentioned English speakers, or has some Zelig effect taken over?
    I’ll volunteer to accept ANY translation consulting; meaning – Tell me what you want to say (in English) and I’ll tell you how to format it so it flows a little more naturaly, and not silly. has become a social icon of bad translation of Japanese to English. Instructions provided with “assemble-it-yourself” furniture and tools has become legendary. Printing the exclamation “fuck” on Japanese products is now a cliche’ joke.
    Send me your words before you post them… I’ll make them make sense, and not be fodder for ridicule.

  44. pandebono says:

    its the new soundtrack book combo live that the goverment is giving away

  45. Not kidding man but have you EVER though of doing a book? I would buy a book done by you! Your photos with your stories. Not proof read but in your style! I do not know about other people but the way you craft words make the photos more dynamic!
    No soft pussy english, right between the eyes stuff!
    I reckon 40 US dollars for a good book would sell!

  46. harold says:

    I have come to MasaManiA at random and find that I am visitor # 77777. Nice to be me 🙂
    Hey Mitch I think the Engrish is the shit, and necessary idiom to filter Masa output.
    Masa rocks!

  47. Rahn says:

    You’re assuming that he’s being laughed at for his English which isn’t the case unless someone is being an asshole. He has clear enough English to be understood, and the rest of it is flavor. Hell, he communicates better in English than some native speakers who wander the internet. There’s beauty in structure and tradition, but there’s also beauty in being fluid and alive and that’s what language will always be.

  48. pm says:

    update masa not kidding

  49. robo says:

    Masa, your English really is incredible and to-the-point. You really create vivid imagery that no native speaker of English could produce.
    Please keep up your wonderful work, and don’t change your awesome style!

  50. Brian says:

    Good english Masa. actually the only reason I come here is for the english. Fucking incredible english, and also, I can’t stop laughing.

  51. harold says:

    Wow! 1 week later and I am still the No. 77777 visitor!
    This is so fucking cool! And now she wants to have my baby!

  52. Chelsie says:

    Masa, I am obsessed with your site. I am thankful you do what you do. It’s the raw truth……it’s beautiful. It’s inspiring! When I come to Japan we must have an adventure!I love you masa! xxoo

  53. shouriwa says:

    I’ve been sleeping on ‘out of the question’-ergonomic matress for the last 11 months. And still counting, not very pleased. But, hey there were times when I feel so calm when I curl on it.

  54. happy_visitor says:

    Great site, thanks and please keep going
    AND don´t change a thing, I think the language is OK as it is 🙂
    However, your picture links on the main page are broken and by the way,
    what´s up, why are you off-line – I hope no real problems!

  55. DSJewrff says:

    Dangerous, sexy Japanese girls know how to concentrate if bad situation comes up:

  56. waffleninja says:

    homless children concentrate better and do better in school. it’s a scientific fact.

  57. pm says:

    you seriuosily need to update more masa. I find myself coming to this site less and less because there is nothing new

  58. rex says:

    maybe he is band manager and sleep in cardboard box for publicity

  59. nonSTOP_service says:

    What’s up motherfucker?! The bum is trying his godamned best to read that fuckin book. Concentration is key. But who knows, maybe he actually LIKES that music. I dunno.
    If some stupid ass japanese punk ass kids came along and started rockin out, I’d be all up in that shit. Hahaha.

  60. Gaijin Masa says:

    Hi Masa, this is my first post here on your most awesome website! We have the same name, you are Masa, and I am Masa, except mine is only a nick name. 🙁 Anyway, I was supposed to do a big english project, but I found your website and stayed up until 1 a.m reading it! I decided that you speak the truth, and when I go to Japan, I will be prepared. 😉
    As for the guy reading, I know I can read in the most crazy situations too. My parents turned our house into a daycare (the kids stay and their parents go to work, leaving them here)
    But I can still read. You speak the truth, my Japanese bunshin. 😉
    We should combine our powers someday, your truth plus my hentai = the greatest Masa tag team ever!!!!!!
    P.S: My nickname besides Masa is also the Hentaikage. Remember, omanke is healthy for men everyday!

  61. Tuul says:

    WOW That’s great!!!!!!!!!!!
    goood luck!!!!!!!!!!!! in anything

  62. pm says:


  63. pm says:


  64. Gaijin Masa says:

    Yo, Masa has a life too you know. 😉 He needs time to speak more truth, so give him some breathing space.

  65. Josh says:

    WTF? your website is seriously broken. The only browser I can access this page with is LYNX (a text only browser through a unix command line) Safari gives me a redirect to whatever that is. I was getting a “Fedora Test Page” before. None of my friends can get through either. Has someone hacked you?
    ============from MasaManiA
    please refer this page if you want to see my page by any browser.
    it’s not hacked. I just re-direct Japanese visitor to that page to protect the person who allow me to take pcitures.
    and thank you for your visiting.

  66. pikazz says:

    I think I have better day than you ^___^

  67. Sarah says:

    Do you like gaijin girls? I live in Tokyo and want to drink beer with you!
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Thank you. but i have fiance.

  68. nico > Nues says:

    incredible, you realy did it ?!

  69. south says:

    hey, masa, where are you?
    did you get a new job? or are you sleeping under a bridge somewhere?

  70. nico > Nues says:

    incredible, you realy did it ?!

  71. nico > Nues says:

    incredible, you realy did it ?!

  72. nico > Nues says:

    incredible, you realy did it ?!

  73. pm says:


  74. Ryan's Girl says:

    Hahaha.. I love your Engrish… good grief, this site is hilarious!

  75. travwell says:

    Wow! I can’t read unless there’s absolute silence…actually, I can’t read if there’s anyone else in the room…I must have an undiagnosed case of ADHD, haha. And I wish every homeless person I met would use the change I give them to buy books! People are such fascinating and interesting creatures.
    I beg to differ with Mitch Dye, although I think his suggestion’s a very good one…I love Masa’s broken English! I mean, “I FUCKING LOVE MASAS ENGRISH.” I think it makes this site a little more genuine. If you’ve ever seen a Japanese product with English on it, then you would know that a lot of Japanese people have terrible grammar and sense of the English language. “Engrish” can be found even on commercial products. Part of the culture, you see.
    I’m Japanese, by the way.
    But it was a very kind offer Mitch, you should consider working for some real Japanese companies…those posters for English lessons with “Engrish” on them annoy the hell outta me!

  76. Andrew says:

    Who’s the band?

  77. lumpy pea coat says:

    That’s fucking right on point. Knowledge is useless, and underpants are fucking annoying.

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