Can you notice moon in Tokyo night sky ?


There are really lots of building in Tokyo. It’s really unbelievable that all of them were made by human. What a great creature human is !
Almost all things we can see from Tokyo ground is only human made artificial higher buildings ! even trees are planted neatly by human !
In the night, really lots of light and neon start to shine glittery as if day light. Who notice the moon in the sky ?
Comparing to the human made thnings, moon is small, dark and not-useful in Tokyo night.
But of course, moon is extraordinally great thing. it astonishingly influence human life. it is really important thing.
But we forget such thing in Tokyo night. We rarely notice moon in Tokyo night sky. Can you notice moon in Tokyo night sky ?
(In all pictures, there is moon. Can you find it ?)

[nggallery id=14]

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  1. Wow, it’s amazing how small the moon looks! Usually it looks huge when it’s so close to the horizon.

  2. Is there really a rabbit on the moon?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    No. but you seem to have rabbit brain or less.

  3. masa, please explain me that blue light in a semaphore. i’m scared!! continue your hard fucking good job

  4. great photos as always, masa! when i lived in yokohama, you could never see the stars, just the moon. maybe in countryside or smaller cities where there is less pollution.
    rabbit brain…haha

  5. I like the vantage point in the shots. You do have a photographer’s eye. I’m glad you don’t waste it shooting someone’s ass all the time.

  6. Man what an awesome pictures, those are really great by the way i love your blog and i live in mexico. and one last thing, about the picture of FCUK when i get it i let you know. Matane

  7. I was looking at japan’s city in your pics. Its so beautiful until I forgot bout the moon…look clean and neat compare to my country…

  8. what a great pictures, and realy great site!!
    all I wanna say is that it’s so natsukashii….seeing this moon, cuz on september the 7th(or6th) I WAS looking at this beautiful moon in Japan….cuz i were in Chiba at that time. I was so fucking bright and beautiful and I was walking my homestay family neighborhood and looking at the same moon as you…..wow….world is small…..
    and now I ‘m back in my stupid country, and realy miss Japan…..it’s the best place in the world(whatever you say or thougt), I have found my place in Japan…..nihon e modoritai…..
    anyway wish you all best cuz this is realy great site…..

  9. Hola Masa…
    what a Beautiful report you have here…
    Very cool pics, city pics…maybe boring for other people, but they are ok to me…. maybe someday i send ya night pics from Valparaiso, when i ll get a decent cam to take some shots at night en Valparaiso…
    Your ability to take such pics makes of this one of my favorites report…including that highways on…really great…
    Well..about the moon….it’s true…no one notice moon, certainly because theres is too many neon lights that “hide” the moon…sad thing, moon is inspiration for many people…including me…i like moon, moon shine with strenght here in the Valparaiso bay… and it’s big…no one apreciate simple things like moon…
    As i said, allow me to send you some pics when moon appears in the Valparaiso bay…
    And i must say, WOW! Tokyo is really the city of neon as there were said to me….too much neon everywhere…don’t you get ill sometime seeing all that bright light at night Masa? No one can notice stars and moon with all that brigthness at night…
    Do you acept night pics from my city Masa?
    finnaly, once more great report, i really like it..

  10. Masa, you’ve just had Typhoon Nabi (which killed at least 20 people) and now Typhoon Khanun is on the way (we’ll probably get it in Taiwan this Saturday)! Are you going to do a typhoon report?
    ===================From MasaManiA

  11. Masa, I love these photos. I would like to print them and hang them on my wall. You should sell t-shirts.

  12. Do you sell your pictures? You are a mania of the photo. Maybe selling would make you a “sell-out”.
    ========================from MasaManiA
    THank you.
    I am ready for selling degital photo book seriese in future.
    it will be really amazing one.

  13. Wonderfull images Masa, really nice. They are all very arty, didn’t know this side of yours. You have them in a larger form? For example on Deviantart? So I can use them as background for windows…*please* ^^

  14. I love city pictures. Do you have larger versions of these pictures that I can use as wallpaper and screensavers? I would love them if you do. Great work Masa-san!

  15. Oh, Masa,
    I have brilliant things to say about your photos, and a million compliments. But for fear of sounding stupid or making similar comments I will say nothing except that I think you are super-cool and I love your site sooo much. Please keep posting! Life is sooo boring without you!
    =====================from MasaManiA
    thank you.

  16. Is there a way i can get better resolution of your pictures? These really rock!
    =================from MasaManiA
    THank you for your interesting.
    sorry but now i am ready for it.

  17. Hello, can’t you make thing that when you press a photo, it becomes bigger? Because your photo is great but many of them are too small I think…..
    =====================from MasaManiA
    THank you. i will

  18. Wow, it is sad that no one really notices it. It looks almost lonely in all the pictures, like a little kid that has no friends. Beautiful.. Awesome site, truly <3

  19. i like this site very much..
    you’re writing is funny and deep at the same time, and you have good photo skills..
    moon is cool but distant..
    visitor 77777

  20. I am about to take a very long trip around europe in search for picture truths, wild people, and large buildings also!
    I will let you know how it goes, but you can see my writing/photo documentary-type logs on moneydick.com my friend.
    Love your posts. We all need to know what’s going on in noodleland!

  21. masa, is there any way you can put up full size pictures of these? they are very pretty! they would make very cool backgrounds
    ===========from MasaManiA
    i will sell them

  22. Shakespeare comes to mind with a moon shinning bright.
    Once upon a midnight dreary, comes a soul that is full of weary, Amongst the full moon of pain and dreary, comes a love that is surely worthy.

  23. these pictures are amazing! tokyo is always a mysterious city but there is something even more alluring about it on a full moon night…
    your pictures capture the feeling soooo well!
    ahhh tokyo – whats not to love??

  24. Wow, the last 2 look more like a videogame than real life. Great eye, Masa.
    I always thought about how the nighttime sky gets harder and harder to see depending on how bright the city is. I would guess that you can never see the stars in Tokyo.
    Can you see them Masa? Or maybe only if you go to a rural area, like Hokkaido?

  25. Masa, very good articles recently! And these pictures are all very beautiful. It’s sad to see the moon so mall though. I am glad that you are still paying attention to it in such a busy culture!

  26. Masa.. did u use tripod in all those night shoots? nice pics!
    the moon reminds me mid-autumn festival, did japanese celebrate it?

  27. Hi Masa, it’s the 2nd time i visit your website and i can say that it’s hilarous, sooo fucking good pics
    Greetings from Mexico

  28. Hi Masa, it’s the 222nd time i visit your website and i can also say that it’s hilarous, but im also getting boed as hell with your Tokyo Night Sky, so UPDATE NOW YOU LITTLE YELLOW DEVIL!
    Greetings from Taiwan
    Pirate Mike

  29. i see many tiny japanese moons and a large intergallactic UFO!
    i’m also glad that masamania.com is being updated again 🙂

  30. Wow. I am really beginning to enjoy this site. It does seem kind of sad that the moon appears so insignificant. But at the same time, Tokyo’s neon texture is extremely beautiful.
    Thanks for the great pics.

  31. Hey MASA. Tokyo actually looks good compared to Perth… This place is probably like Japan’s Tohoku area…
    My GF is going to Tokyo at the end of the year. Do you suggest any places for her to go to?
    Do you know any Puroresu Shops in Tokyo?

  32. hey Masa! just wanted to let you know that these pictures are so beautiful. you are a fucking great photographer. i hope that you get them published in a book or other collection – i would totally buy it!
    i live in New York City and it is the same way with the moon here, too. you can never see it because of all the buildings and lights. you have inspired me to go out and look for the moon at night! too bad it is going to be cloudy and rain tonight. 🙁

  33. Someone asked why the moon was so bright and small in Japan, while it was large and dull in Canada. I think that Japanese people are small and bright, just like theire moon. So that makes Canadians….:p

  34. I just wanted to say what a pretty pictures! Just the way you make them… amazing!
    And uhm what that bright light on the last photo? Is it fire?

  35. Deam Masa,are the pics getins smaler on this site? I think they where a lot biger before. You’r pics are wery nice make them bigger smal pic is harder to see.

  36. Masa, you’re lucky that you live in a beautiful city like Tokyo, I live in Brussels (the bloody capital of Europe) and the buildings, streets, even the sky is ugly here 🙁

  37. Beautiful and small
    One more light in Tokyo
    Great, yet all alone
    Masa-sama, your photography amazes me. Your words amaze me.
    I doubt I’ve ever respected somebody so much in my life.
    Thank you for being Masa.

  38. Seeing all those photos makes me really sad, only a week ago I was still there with my fiancee T_T
    But no worries, Tokyo sky will be mine once more after we get married and I move there ^_=

  39. I envy your photo skill and the way you shot the picture,its crystal clear,and a beatiful sight of tokyo city.

  40. the night i first read your post i was looking at the moon from shinjuku station and thinking how fucking weird it looked. it was the first time i looked up and actually recognised it as a physical object. seriously.

  41. What I like is not the pictures as much as the idea of you running around a city trying to take pictures of that little speck of light, the moon.

  42. awesome photos from a friendly country,you japans are great and your buildings too.hope someday when still young ,of course ? will have a chance to see Tokyo.by the way,I am Turkish and you understand why I adress you Japanese people friendly. take care ,lovely japans

  43. I was in okinawa around these picz…fuck that place yo….Ur picz remind of video game, like the next Gran Turismo on PS 10.001! Now Lets picz of the SUn!

  44. ah, come on, you can’t take pictures like that with a regular camera!!! but you know what, it’s true, you can always see the moon in tokyo!

  45. Wow, I love the last picture. It sort of reminds me of Salt Lake City in Utah. It’s beautiful from a high view.

  46. This is my first time on your site, and I’m
    really glad I found it. These are my favorite pics. Good Hunting.

  47. Masa, totally gorgeous work, like always.
    I really love your images, I will buy some when they are on sale, I think they will make a really fucking lovely Christmas gift for myself and my boyfriend Taka.
    Again, wonderful.
    A Canadian reader.

  48. tsuki wa kirei da yo.
    the moon is indeed beautiful.
    thanks for sharing, now i know why a lot of Japanese songs and stories write about the moon. 🙂

  49. Wow, that second last photo of yours is magnificient. You really are very smart of how to capture photos. With the grass and the building in the back lit up, it was amazing to me.

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