The reason fortune teller is in dream

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In Japan, there are lots of fortune teller on the street. and there are many kind of fortune telling, plam reading, face reading, card reading, fortune telling by star, blood type, birth date, bio rhythm, own name. as a journalist for the truth, I tell you that there are certainly fortune teller who have special ability to be able to see our fourtune. and even such fortune teller, at a glance, they seem very divine people. But in fact, fortune teller are also same suck people as us even though not worse than politician.
I have experience to be told my fortune by fortune teller. He told me I will be rich man ! I was really glad. I thought his prophecy must be correct. and then he said me “Please borrow money.” I gladly borrow money. But one day suddenly he disapear. Of course he have never give back debt.and I still believe his prophet must be correct. because if he didnt borrow moeny from me, I’m maybe rich now.
My advice. Believe fortune teller’s prophet. but dont trust fortune teller. and then it make your mind peace.
and this time, I introduce interesting fortune teller.

On the tokyo street, there are really lots of fortune teller.

not only left side, but also right side.


and there are really many kinds of fortune telling.

Hi, could you please tell my fortune, sir ?

Hello, fortune teller ? I want to be told my fortune by you, please ?

Hey ! what happe to you !

Oh my god ! you are in dreming !


OK, i look for another fortune teller.

Hello ? Oh, this fortune teller also in dreaming.

How about next fortune teller ?

Hello, madam ?

Oh my god ! she too, in dreaming

Yes, he’s also in dreaming.

Why are you in dreaming ?

It seem to be difficult to be in dream at such place.

It seems to be difficult to be in dream with such position.

There must be reason why they are in dream.

Oh, I see. these fortune teller is oneiromancy.

this is the reason they are in dream.

They tell your fortune by dream.

They are professionl oneiromancy !

but be careful, not all fortune teller is oneiromancy.

She is awaking. when I try to take a photo, she stick out his palm !

She must be not palm reader, but palm shower !


  1. brett says:

    what’s an interesting new report. fortune tell by dream seem extreme artistic new style, or is it old style?
    =========from MasaManiA
    i dont know

  2. vir-jin says:

    I was told fortune by handreading last week.
    1- I will be very famous
    2- I will get married next year
    3- I will win a price next year
    I of course believe Tokyo fortune teller!
    ======from MasaManiA

  3. Fuck Hello says:

    I’m a fortune teller, and I sleep all the time! XD
    No seriously, those are some good pictures. Not many people might want to know their future, so the fortune tellers can sleep instead.
    ========from MasaManiA
    Yes new fortune telling method

  4. DeadlyFreeze says:

    I see some fortune tellers have nice suits. Are they really fortune tellers or are they just working after their normal job?
    =========from MasaManiA
    You can ask fortune teller and they prophet

  5. ALexius says:

    Nice report, Sir Masa.
    Here fortunetellers are mostly bums or smelly gypsys, they don’t dress up in suits like your oneiromncys.
    ======from MasaManiA
    But at least they maybe dont sleep on the street, right ?

  6. Nathan says:

    Hi Masa! 🙂
    This story is cool and funny, great work!
    Is the fortune teller in the hat near Yoyogi station?? 🙂 I think I recognize this place 😀
    Mayeb I am wrong though??
    =============from MasaManiA
    Yes, you are right !

  7. cherryb says:

    lmao@ oh, you are in dream! soo funny. japanese ppl love to work and sleep eh? how can anyone sleep standing up?
    it’s soo good to read more of your work.
    =====from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  8. Shake says:

    Masa, the quality on these pictures seems different. Did you use a different camera? Also, do you think that fortune tellers are people without money?
    ======from MasaManiA
    I use lots of camera, and i take a phot in different time.

  9. i-freak says:

    I going to tell you all your fortune for free: one day, you’re going to die. And no one is getting away.

  10. rolly says:

    “oneiromancy”? Your English is too sophisticated for me. I had to look in the dictionary.
    Oneriomancy is a form of divination by the analysis of dreams.
    I have no idea how to pronouce the word. It’s a tongue-twister.
    =====From MasaManiA
    You should study more

  11. futurestone says:

    I get my fortunes from cookies!

  12. futurestone says:

    it looks like another outbreak of narcelepsy!
    or perhaps sarin gas!
    or maybe the fortune tellers are communicating with each other through this self inflicted sleep state somehow telepathically!
    or maybe they are just checking they’re eye-lids for pin holes?

  13. mr. mame says:

    keep up good work.
    you get A+.
    Please show me more of weird Japan.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    THank you teacher

  14. N says:

    Palm shower….hahaha
    Good thing she blocked your camera. You would have stolen her soul.
    Until next time.
    “Talk to the hand!”

  15. Hyou says:

    In New Orleans (where I live) there are lots of fortune tellers in big dresses and dumb hats. Most of them do not tell fortunes correctly, but there are some that do.
    In New Orleans, most fortunes are told using Tarot cards. Do Japanese fortune tellers use cards to tell fortunes?
    ==============from MasaManiA
    You know, Jap imitate anything.

  16. Paul says:

    I enjoyed your story and pictures about the sleeping prophits. I am a fortune teller at a Japanese bazaar here in Kansas City. I wonder if there are any Japanese Tarot Cards I can purchase?
    ========from MasaMania
    I dont know

  17. jeff says:

    Hello, very funny! I own a 2004 Helix. I’ve wanted one for years and now that I have one I love it still! I enjoy your website. I am also looking for a way to buy aftermarket accessories for my Honda Helix. Good Day to you!

  18. azko says:

    Hi, Kinzo-kun:
    It’s really funny report.
    I enjoyed reading it. Good refreshment for my lunchtime.

  19. herny says:

    i am dreaming of things and then later on in my life i see them and i think hey i have seen that before

  20. Terri says:

    Can you tell me what it means to have a star on my plam. I heard it was good, but not knowing what it means

  21. waffleninja says:

    haha, that’s hilarious that all the fortune tellers were asleep. Keep up the good work masa and fuck you.

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