Truthfully the most coolest visual kei girl in Japan


masamaniaIt seems to be difficult judgment to decide what is cool, because almost all people are not cool. How can such people understand what is cool, let alone saying “it’s cool?E But in case of her, every body can say “cool?Eif we think about her costume from temperature point of view. Her shirt is apparently too much ventilated.
In Japan, girls hesitate to show their boob in public in addition that showing boob in public is strictly banned. This is the main reason Japanese girls wear shirts even though there is no necessity to hide their boob because of their flat size of boob. And I think that USA girls also need not hide their boob, because no country law banning to hide plastic object. Or they should take off t shirts rather than wearing it because at least t-shirts is made by natural material, cotton.
Anyway, in Japan, you cannot see exposed boob on the road so I was completely surprised when I see her. It’s must be not good manner to mention only about her boob. We should talk about her large mesh shirts as a one part of total fashion. Of course she has no intent to achieve porn effect. She is “Visual kei?Egirl. Visual kei is one of fashion featured by band artist who emphasize fashion. Her goal is not luring guy’s sexual passion, but to be successful as a visual kei fashion. It must be moralistic to talk about her total fashion after that, we talk about specific part of her fashion.
But beyond moral, I willingly started to mention one part of her total fashion at first. It’s because of her coolness. Even though her see-through boob upset people, but she is behaving quite normally.

She must be really the most coolest in Japan beyond moral !


  1. Maniac says:

    Nice to see you back man………..we have been waiting so looon for your update
    =============From MasaManiA
    Thank you

  2. maniac says:

    Hey man, nice to have you back. Thanks for sharing your work and keep posting.

  3. Shawna says:

    Even I would be surprised as well (im in canada~) see someone dressed like that~ But even if her boob is exposed it goes with the overall outfit~ Sassy yo.
    Ahh~ Masa 😀 I’m so glad you finally updated. I missed you ;_;
    ==============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  4. GGG says:

    Greetings from Spain and congratulation for such a great work!!!
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you

  5. I still say use the Albert/Masa picture on your site says:

    Thank you for the update, Masa. How long did she walk around with everyone ignoring her? How long before the cops tried to arrest her? Also, who was she cosplaying?
    By the way, this American is all natural-no plastic/silicon anywhere. If I decide to change any part of my body, I’ll go to the gym more frequently, or go to a tattoo artist and get more ink (nice back piece on that girl), get some piercings, dye my hair, or something along those lines. No plastic surgery for me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Is this what “visual kei” means? I thought it was some sort of otaku style.

  7. bonza says:

    I’m always stoked to see what zany things you’ll bring to our attention each time you update, but I’m particularly excited when you have fashion related stories. SO COOL! Thanks for your time and photos, man!! (^0^)/

  8. t says:

    I think that USA girls also need not hide their boob, because no country law banning to hide plastic object. <== I AGREE!!!
    She is cosplaying Ryuichi of LUNA SEA I believe.
    Maybe it’s her way of dealing with the fact he just married to a Miss Japan winner.

  9. MasaMania!
    You are back!, I’m happy.
    But I don´t understand why you hide her eyes? she was not agree to appear in your photo ? I should like to see her face

  10. Nsan says:

    Welcome back Masa!!

  11. balex says:

    Masa, are you cool too?
    Beside the girls, I also know the weather in Japan now very cool. Many snowstorms and avanlauches.

  12. I would not want to fuck her.
    She looks dirty.
    she has tattoos.

  13. vir-jin says:

    what is the difference between visual key girl, cosplay and those cosplay imitating bands? are decorer key girls? and goth loli?
    ===============From MasaManiA
    i will explain in future post.

  14. Hasegawa Takeshi says:

    I would totally fuck her.
    She looks dirty.
    She has tatoos.

  15. mdmc says:

    peace and low stress, masa… tanks for the update!

  16. Samurai says:

    I would totally fuck her.
    She looks dirty.
    She has tattoos.

  17. Deki says:

    Nice tattoo!

  18. pm says:

    Did the cops come and arrest her?

  19. Beth says:

    I really like this post. She is so cool! I don’t know if I could be this brave. It takes alot of courage to walk outside in the day like this. I’m unclear why she does this. It’s to show artistic apprciation? She’s more of a woman than me!Very natural…and pretty. I’m natural but I dont look that good.;)

  20. Wan Zafran says:

    Welcome back man! Was waiting forever for a new post of yours!
    Excellent usage of words too, I laughed when you said that American women need not hide their “plastic” objects…. very direct, aren’t you? 😛
    And what happened to her? After all, she was roaming in public like that. Did the police arrest her or something?
    ================from MasaManiA
    Japanese police is very busy to arrest ilegal parking.

  21. Jo-Ann says:

    It was alway my theory that if you took the coolest person there was always someone that was cooler than them in some way, I giver her alot of respect for having the balls to walk around like that in Tokyo, I am an American Girl and I am a 36″D and I contain no plastic, I am all natural!!! And i would not walk around like that, but it will be a different when I get my tattoo on right Breast, I might change my mind.
    Thanks for updating your site Masa!!! 239 more days until I am in tokyo. I hope I see you!I will show you my boob tattoo!!!
    =================from MasaManiA
    your tatoo must be large print. i apriciate it.

  22. Grul says:

    Good to see the Masa is back!!!!
    “I think that USA girls also need not hide their boob, because no country law banning to hide plastic object”
    An observation worthy of a true genius…

  23. McIver says:

    Doesn’t large tattoos on a wommen’s back mean she is a hooker in Japan?
    =================from MasaManiA

  24. alessandro says:


  25. a says:

    Very good this blog. Japan in some angles. Always that it will have a new text and messages I will pass for here! It was valid!
    Alessandro, Brazil

  26. niceguyjin says:

    It seems that your english skills have been improving. Have you been going to NOVA or GEOS?

  27. j says:

    Thank you so much for writing a new report. This is my favorite site on the internet. We all love you.

  28. She’s beautiful, Ma-san! You people worried about seeing her face can scroll down a bit and her face is not hidden, then use your PC’s zoom-in feature, that’s what I did. Can’t you guys see a cool woman without worrying about fucking?
    And then you wonder why more women aren’t as exposed in public! Actually, one hot summer in the 1970’s I was walking down the street in Venice, CA., it was so hot that day and I saw several women walking around with their shirts open (no bra, it was the 70’s remember.) just like us guys, the secret is to observe, not gawk, stare or make comments to the women!!!
    Nice to see your posting again, tomodati…

  29. samu says:

    I’m coming to japan in a month, maybe I’ll get to see Visual kei! yatta looks so cool!

  30. Robert says:

    It is so good to see you back! missed your work very mcuh I think there where quite a few of us that were worried about you also.
    keep on doing what you do

  31. Jo says:

    It’s been months since I’ve looked at your site. You never disappoint!

  32. Marc says:

    Good to have you back Masa !
    With regard to the boob lady.. are you sure it wasn’t a man ?

  33. IMGP0931 says:

    You know, I hope she used sunscreen…otherwise she’ll have one seriously odd looking sunburn. Besides, if she wants her ink to continue to look as good as it does, she NEEDS to keep it from getting too much sun.

  34. Brian says:

    Hahaha! Man Masa you are hilarious! This post was so worth the wait.

  35. haruka says:

    it is very brave of her to go dressed like that.
    welcome back masa ^_^

  36. icecap says:

    Hey Masa, tell us why you havn’t updated in so long. There have been rumors going around saying that you were in jail, is this true?

  37. The animator of Valpraiso says:

    OH!!! good to have you back dear MASA!!!
    and once again you surprised us once more….(and it seems you got surprised too by her )
    About that girl…she totally freaked me out…by the the way….hopefully that japanese visual key fashion still restricted today in my country….just teenagers who like visual J-rock wear weirds leather black clothes….it’s kind of bizarre….they walk by the street in summer with 30o c with black clothes and common ppl think they’re goths or something like that…. And i think that fashion are succesful only in japan…i mean that concept works just there…it’s kind of ridiculous….but what the hell….teenagers are always searchin their identity thru fashion like that…wearing strange clothes and following fashions…
    if that young chick walked down by the street dressed like that here, she’d probably being stared for a lot of time by ppl….but not definitively get arrested…
    Her tattoo is awesome….i don’t like tattoos, especially on chicks, but her’s great..she has a great design on his back…
    and more than showing a fashion….she’s challenging the japanese moral and ethic system so it’s brave of her….but still, i don’t think she’s cool at all…
    AnywayQuite great report Masa….
    keep up the good job 😀
    greetings from Valpraiso
    bye 😀

  38. Pat says:

    I see her and think bukake.. nice post masa 🙂

  39. her breast is not cool. her clothes arent cool. its her attitude. she knows the limits of japanese society and obviously is pushing the envelope. more power to her!

  40. Bob says:

    She looks like a man.

  41. theblackscorpio says:

    Wow, she rocks! And nice to see, you’re still out there 🙂

  42. R. Elgin says:

    Most interesting Masa. That looks like a clarinet case she is carrying.
    You have not really told us what was on her mind or what her life was like though. Was she weird or could she hold a decent conversation?

  43. miekler says:

    Thank You for taking time to prepare a wonderful great post. I hope you are okay now Mr.Masa. I worry for you, wonder where you go. I also wonder if ‘visual kei’ girl is person Mr.Masa may go on a date with. Thank You.

  44. harold says:

    She looks dirty.
    she has tattoos.
    I’m liking that back-piece.
    Therefore: Also cool, besides the outfit. Just wanting a cat-bath is all. 😉
    Welcome back, Masa, we missed you!

  45. zach says:

    interesting stuff masa
    cant wait for your next post

  46. the_dude says:

    Wow… Masa dude… i’m the 7 7 7 7 7th visitor. How cool is that!…

  47. Meru says:

    Alright. Visual kei is a fashion style by jrock~ If you search up about an cafe, alicenine, gazette ect you will find many jrock styles which are called “Visual kei” there is also oshare kei which is more of a “poppy happy pink cute” diffrent from the normal dark cool punk look. Yes I am a japanese girl though I was not born in japan but know much of my culture~ Not to mention ! Visual kei is NOT always cosplay. If a person is cosplaying a visual kei band member then it is called cosplay even though it may be visual kei.I dont think she is cosplaying anyone. Masa thank you for updating!

  48. Sashi says:

    Masa do you like girls of colour??
    I live in South Africa and here it’s socially acceptable for black girls/woman to expose their breasts since it’s part of their culture.
    …But I don’t think the same applies for white girls though…

  49. Sashi says:

    Hey Masa do you like girls of colour??
    I live in South Africa and here it’s socially acceptable for black women/girls to expose their breasts since it’s part of their culture.
    …The same doesn’t apply for other races though,except for on the beach.

  50. UltraNEO says:

    Wow! It’s truly nice to see you back Masa! ^^ You know, one of my friends in Japan claims he’s unable to access your site… dunno why. Thankfully here in the UK, I can see everything in full techno colour! 😀
    She has a that’s a really kewl tattoo, although I don’t have any, yet.. One can truly admire the work and effort that has gone into brining the artwork alive; however, I can’t imagine how much it might of costed. Do you know are they expensive or not Masa? I’d love a wild dragon with a shiny perl in one of it’s paws.
    From what I’ve been told, most people in Japan care more about their work/career than what’s going on around them, is this really true? Maybe that’s why nobody else has notice.
    ===================from MasaManiA
    Japanese tatoo is incredible expensive.

  51. michelle says:

    Ok that is interesting and yes what a great tatoo on her back. Um..ya know not all american women are plastic and you would be amazed by what some of them wear out in public hehe. Anyway this is a great site, now that I found it going to have to come back more and check it out.

  52. meichu says:

    i like the tattoo on her back!
    i heard that the traditional way of putting tattoos would take a long time to apply, but very much worth it!
    welcome back masa 😀

  53. alc says:

    I was getting worried that you stopped updating. Buisy or is there just not much to masamania about lately?

  54. IMGP.... says:

    I know what you mean…the difference in technique (tattooing) means a difference in time it takes to heal and changes the look of the ink a bit. I have considered trying to get part of my next piece done in the more traditional style that is still used by some Japanese and a few Americans who learned from the Japanese.

  55. tom says:

    Doesn’t the irezumi tattoo indicate that she’s a member of yakuza?
    ====================-from MasaManiA
    anybody can have irezumi by paying money

  56. alastor says:

    Nice update Masa! We are waiting for more!
    -and more greetings from another spanish-

  57. Oyaji says:

    Masa — This girl would be very cold walking around Harajuku dressed like this in February. So cold, maybe her nipples fall off. When did you take these photos? I was in Tokyo last month, but didn’t see you.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    this photo is serveral years ago

  58. Riki says:

    I noticed that the time in those photos should around summer, am I right? However you post it so late, now the day almost end of the winter… but anyway, thank for your effort and looking forward to your another fucking amazing story.

  59. Anubis says:

    In russia i newer will see this…

  60. clrscr says:

    Tis normal clothing for grls
    in Sweden during summer.
    Net-shirt, tight tanga underware,
    ice cold beer with lemon…
    (Wish that summer was here)
    Tis better late than never.

  61. shouriwa says:

    finally, I am trully excited with your exposal !

  62. Elisa says:

    Wow nice to see you back. Yeah, as seen above there, she is cosplaying Ryuichi Kawamura from Luna Sea

  63. vanggirlie says:

    it’s looks like the people around aren’t even looking at her. maybe they are trying hard not to look at her.
    she really does have guts going out in that outfit. she looks like a independent and strong woman.

  64. toe knee says:

    Masa, you are trying to fool everyone. She is a MAN.

  65. Shindjisy says:

    Hi from Russia))) cool site!

  66. bitamin says:

    Hi Masa, I know you’re always saying that foreigners have an unrealistic understanding of Japan, that we always think Japanese culture is cool without really knowing what we’re talking about- but seriously I think you should take a step back and appreciate where you live.

    I would love to live somewhere where the things you feature in your blog happen, and where the people you photograph for your blog live. Where I live right now is a really boring place (Hull, England). Nothing interesting ever seems to happen here, and it’s fucking killing me because I don’t have enough money to get out of here. Trust me, it’s a hundred times shitter than any part of Tokyo could ever be. So my advice to you is enjoy living in Tokyo- appreciate all the weird shit going on around you. At least it’s not dull, right?

  67. Lena says:

    what makes her cool is her bravery it takes some brass ones to be able to walk around Japan like that

    I <3 VK!!!

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