Advanced technorogy make us busy in endless priority choice.

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Handicapped people sometime move physically unimpaired peope by physically challenging. Sometime handicapped people make us surprise us by climbing mountain with one leg. Sometime handicapped people give us touching by sailing with only one arm. Sometime handicapped people tell us how little handicap is. And give physically unimpaired people the encouragement to live in hard society.
But in case of physically charanging by physically unimpaired people, it’s such surprise as threating our live.
I was enjoying driving by friend’s driving. Suddenly his handi phone ring and he answer it even though he was driving. and to make matter worse, it seem to be very important call because he put his hand on ear to block nose for concentrating the comversation of the other ear hall.
At that time, he was driving. And car is moving. His one arm hold phne, the other put on ear. So how did he streer ? Yes, he use his leg like in the picture
I know some handi capped people driving with their leg. They got such license by being trained. Such unbelievable charanging move us. But my friend’s unbelievable act make us want to move out from his car because it seem to be very dangerous.
I shout him to make him to stop calling while driving ! but my voice don’t reached his ear drum because his both ear closed.
You will think that he should concentrate on driving without answering call or stop car and answer the phone. But Tokyo life don’t allow such leisure mind. We are always busy. We must drive as fast as possible to arrive destination to finish holiday plan before job starting day and we must answer the phone at every moment to keep getting job.
If we think about priority for survibing, lots of happening seem to be eaqally important because advance technorogy bring many important thing at the same time.
Driving as fast as possible is important and answering moble phone is important. But phone during driving is illegal. So if we call while driving, we must pay attention to police to prevent from arresting.. Japanese life is physically challenge by driving while calling with pay attention to police.
Advance technorogy bring lots of important alternatives as the same time. So we are always busy in such endless priority choice. it is just helpful for making us busy. It seem to make our life hard.
fuck helpful advanced technorogy.


  1. stefmax says:

    It is just as bad over here but the people aren’t smart enough to use their feet. Most phones have the speaker phone option or the bluetooth headset which can be purchased. If you can buy a Lexus or Mercedes, you can afford a head-set. But most people can’t because they are paying it off for the rest of their lives.

  2. kasi says:


  3. ScareBabyForDie says:

    Ah. Multi-tasking. It takes much skill but is a pain in the ass.

  4. MadMax says:

    In argentina, if policemen find you talking by phone while driving you can get a ticket (Like US$100) or even get arrested.

  5. yakov456 says:

    Is that a Chevrolet Cammaro your friend is driving. I had one and the interior looks the same as that car. Thats a pretty fast/big car to be driving with your feet.
    =================from MasaManiA
    Yes, it’s Cammaro.

  6. Zuki says:

    Fuck U too, Masa! 🙂 Japs driving too slow compared to others!! There’s no way to blame they phone calling. 🙂 Take your seatbelt, and don’t shout. It’s as dangerous, as phone calling. :):):)

  7. Skull Rabbit says:

    I wonder if it is illegal in canada to talk on the phone and drive… because I see people do it all the time. Sometimes I even see people smoking pot when they are driving haha.. I know that is illegal though.

  8. Pat says:

    If phone in one hand and other hand blocking ear, how does one give finger?!?!?
    Can give toe instead!
    Fuck toe!

  9. sergioosh says:

    hmm, it seems he has an automatic transmission… it would be rather impossible with manual gearbox,right? Automatic is for lazy bums! Like me!

  10. Leonardo says:

    Why he doesn’t use a headphone?! 😉

  11. Thurston says:

    I am always surprised at the alarming number of men I see here in Japan shaving as they drive. Yes, Shaving! With electric razors!

  12. rgdt says:

    Have you ever smoked pot masa or done any drugs?

  13. JimNasium says:

    Why is there noise inside of his car? Are his windows open? Why doesn’t he shut them? Maybe he just has a noisy car
    ===============from MasaManiA
    Because he cannot shut window while driving and calling and putting his hand on his ear.

  14. Pirate Mike says:

    Float like a butterfly,
    Sting like a bee,
    Watch out Masa,
    It’s Typhoon Nabi!
    Technorogy and boring CNN tell me that a typhoon is coming by your house. Tsk, tsk … yet another physical challenge for Japanese life.

  15. Spike23 says:

    hahahaha, fuking dangerous driving.. i don;t trust man with feet drivign in car. prob crash and kill u all.

  16. Man, you seem to know some pretty dangerous drivers, what with this, the noodles, and the night street racing!! 🙂

  17. R. Elgin says:

    Labeling any technology that encourages one to drive with their feet “advanced” is an oxymoron.
    That is a scary driver!

  18. Sashi says:

    Don’t they have “hands free” kits over there.It’s inexpensive and it’s just like one part of the headphone that you stick in your ear.They sell them everywhere on the sides of the roads here in South Africa.. 😛

  19. j says:

    Hey Masa,
    “technorogy” = technoLOgy (correct English spelling)
    I know Japanese sometimes get confused with the “r” and “l”

  20. chee says:

    what type of car his driving? n is it auto or manual car??
    how fast!??
    Its Crazyyy! man!! X_X”
    ===================From MasaManiA

  21. zine2taka says:

    Masa,Is that thes ame guy that eats noodles while he drives too? Lol Masa you need to get your own car and stop depending on your dangerous friends!!
    Predicts Future: Masa Taking pictures with one hand and using the finger with the other one while driving with his Elbows, lol

  22. natto says:

    why dont you have your friends try driving camaro and eating nissin noodles and talking on the phone while street racing with the windows open.
    That would be a S W E E T article!

  23. Ryan says:

    Masa! Your friends are dangerous! They all drive without their hands on the wheel! Hope you don’t end up in a car wreck!

  24. Jordan says:

    I wonder, every time I saw car passed by or parks, I always seen feet in the window, dashboard, even outside the window when they are driving. Beside busy, is Japanese people too tired when they are driving???? it seems all of them relaxed their feet…

  25. pm says:

    Hey masa you never answered my question; have you evere smoked pot or done any drugs?

  26. bob says:

    yea masa, have you?
    ==========================from MasaManiA

  27. bob says:

    why not?

  28. Datsun says:

    In the future, could we all be connected by the Internet like in the book “Technogenisis” (by Syne Mitchell)? Where the net is not an external world, but an internal reality that connects everyone’s minds. Maybe people could at least then not have to steer their car in scary way to talk together!
    Really Tokyo has a very high pressure, and the suicide rate is high in part because of this; very sad. It seems there is also the sad trend of “suicide pacts” where people make plans to die together because they are scared to die alone. Extreamly sad; how many good people are gone now?
    People ask “why not?” about Masa.
    Maybe Masa just doesn’t want to try drugs. Maybe Masa “high” on telling the truth!
    I have never done any drugs and I don’t feel like I have missed out on something. I get high by driving my car triple digit speeds.

  29. Alex says:

    Hahaha. Leg steering is cute and inventive.

  30. Gohan says:

    I heard in Japan, Yakuza like driving American cars. Is your friend with the Camaro part of Yakuza?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Yakuza like Benz

  31. KE LOCO
    In Mexico if police see you drive that way you get a ticket…. but you can buy law…. for a few PESOS Police can forget what you did
    I hate MEXICO
    From Mexican

  32. Benny says:

    Yeah i agree tht advance technology does make our life harder. pple dun appreciate life now..
    Fuck the advance technology. they are for lazy bastards… PPL rather sms then talk on the phone.. pple rather use computer to chat rather then on the phone.. Anyway technologies has its pros and cons.. Fuck technology money diggers.

  33. citycatz says:

    your friends here & the one eating instant noodle while driving, they’re very interesting people, i think they’re so much fun to be with!

  34. citycatz says:

    your friends are incredibly talented at muti-tasking! i’m sure they’re alot of fun to be with.

  35. Oyaji says:

    You think your friend is bad? Look at this true news story:
    A Letcher County woman suffered a horrible injury early Thursday when her arm was severed in a car crash on the Mountain Parkway in Clark County.
    Jacqueline Dotson and her six-year-old daughter had to be cut out of their vehicle after the accident in which Dotson veered into the median and over-corrected, rolling her truck over the guardrail and landing upside down after flipping several times.
    Several people stopped to help, and it turns out, the good samaritans may very well have saved Dotson’s life. Sheila Vice, a nurse’s aide, and an off-duty EMT from another county stopped to help, and put a tourniquet on Dotson’s arm to stop the bleeding. Her arm was found near the accident still clutching a cell phone.
    Still holding the fucking phone!!!

  36. 42 says:

    Is that Clark County, as in the county Las Vegas, NV is in?

  37. Jackie says:

    I know I am a little late commenting on this “true news story” but I would like to tell the real truth. I did run into the median and when coming bac on the road I lost control and rolled several times. My daughter was in the truck and was not harmed. My arm was severed but there was no cell phone in my hand. My cell phone records showed no incoming or outgoing calls that morning. The police and fire departments reported there was no cell phone in my hand and my brother found my phone underneath the seat of my truck.


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