handicapped pro-wrestling, Dog legs

this time I tntroduce you to the handicapped pro-wrestling, Dog legs. the name of this show was name after the handicapped people’s leg that is similar to, This wrestling is fought mainly by handicapped people. But there are no fightiging that non handicapped people fight each other. Dog legs is purely for the handicapped fighter who want to beat up not only same handicapped people but also non handicapped mother fucker.
this match is based on the class that is allocated by the degree of their handicapped. “heavy class” handicapped fighter can fight by standing. “super heavy class” handicapped fighter can fight by knee standing. “miracle class” handicapped fighter is miraculous handicapped who is just miracle to come ring. match is based on this class.
this time fighting include, Blind person VS mentaly ilness person, Handicapped father VS non handicapped son, Handicapped male VS non handicapped female, and so on. This time I upload movie also, Enjoy it.
Dealing with handicapped people is very delicate matter. especially I think Japanese people are not used to talking about handicapped people. I dont know how handicapped people or their family think and feel, so sometime my comment make feel bad. but of course I have never such intention.

Lots of handicapped wrestler come in to the ring with suppoerter. because they are handicapped. it is difficult even to walk.

Does he tumble ? No, he try to enter ring. and just entering ring is very very hard for them. because they are handicapped. How can they fight ???

left fight’s name is ET, named after movie ET, I think. right fighter’s name is Watanabe, named after his real name.

Even jsut sitting is hard for fighter sometime. During fighting, how can i describe ? see this movie.

Breaking time seem miserable. They seem nealy die. But dont forget, they are strong handicapped fighter.

After finging gong, they head for the fighting !!!!! the movie is here, click it

Next match is fighting by male handicapped fighter and female handicapped fighter.

Live commentator is joking by microphone that it seem popular sexual position ! but handicapped wrestler is fucking serious !

Handicapped girl wrestler is really strong man ! but it’s not politically correct. I must say
strong physically challenged pre-woman.

This fighting’s winner is girl fighter, her name is Orochi. and the other fighter’s name is “No sympathy”. So people never sympathize with him even he is very pained face. movie is here, click it

Next time match is Handicapped person VS non handicapped man. THis handicapped man, Sekiguchi cannot stand. So non handicapped man was strapped his legs that he cannnot stand up.

Non handicapped man also become handicapped by this strap.

Handicapped man toutured non handicapped man who become handicapped by strap.
In this case, both fighter are physically challenged person. this fighting winner is real handicapped fighter, Sekiguchi. Yes, Handicapped beat up non handicapped ! movie is here, click

This match is transvestism handicapped wrestler, “Raman” VS Hirouchi who is nomal handicapped person.

Live commentator tell us that transvestism wrestler “Raman”‘s hobby is collecting woman’s underwear.

They are really handicapped so they almost cannot move. at first, Hirouchi ride on “Raman” and keep punching “Raman”. Raman never move. so referee break them.

from before fighting, Raman seem pained face. so every body think it is his nomal facial expression.

But he keep agonizing, so referee worry for him.

Live commentator tell us that because of his chronic back pain, he cannot fight anymore.

This match was abortioned. movie is here, click

Next match is both handicapped persons. this man’ name is “Wlof fang”. Live commentator say that he got individual bankruptcy. yes, He seem nice guy but he is not only phisically handicapped, but mentally handicapped.

The other fighter is “Koomuin” named after his job as a public officer. In Japanese, public officer is “Koomuin”

This match’s winner is Koumuin. Live commentator say joking that Wolf fang was beaten because of not his technique but his mentality. He is individual bankruptcy fighter, this is the reason. But I think Wolf fang is already strong mentality because he come to fight nevertheless his handicappe !!

Next match is God Father VS God Father Jr. or handicapped VS non handicapped or Father VS His son !!!
His son, Jr have fought in his childhood with his handicapped father on this ring, and now Jr quite to stand this ring. because Jr start his life as a real pro wrestler ! This match is memorial match for us and for his family !

Of course Pro wrestler and non handicapped Jr beat his handicapped father !

His father, “God father” say something after match. but because of his handicappe, it is hard to hear of his saying.

Almost everybody cannot recognise what handicapped father say. But everybody seem to understand it.

Next match is “Sambo” VS Nagano. THey can fight by standing up, so their class is Heavy class. Altough they can stand, it seem difficult to walk. you can check how difficult they walk by movie, click it

Next match is super heavy class. but their body size also really heavy.

He is Takeda. Tatoo make him more seem strong.

THe other is “Takahashi”

In this time matches, this is the most vigorous mathch.

Most vigorous even though they fight by sitting. movie is here, click it

Next match is also amazing. Why ? because wrestler is big ? Yes, he is big comparing with his son. but the most surprising point is that he is blind ! and He fight with non blind !!!!

Live commentator is tell us that the other fighter is Hikikomori (
The Social Withdrawal of People in Japan.
)the person who never go out, never doing job, heavily mentalliy weak, but not handicapped .

This match was master pieace. Hikikomori fighter fight making use of blind man’s blindness. sometime he atack blind from behind, sometime he run away outside of ring, sometime he make referee fight instead of him. You can see this amazing match by movie ! Click here

This is the last match.

He, Tsuruzono is handsome guy. and he is strong. but the other wrestler, Maekawa beat him once. Tsuruzono is so handsome guy that during fighting, he always care his hair style.

And Tsuruzono win ! This is movie, click here

This is the Dog legs, super handicapped pro wrestling

Dog Legs official web site

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  1. waaaah! woooow! aaahhhhh!
    They are tough fighters! I wouldn´t wanna meet the likes of them in a dark ally somewhere…
    Shit, they really beat the crap out of eachother. They should become real, national STARS! Make them famous!
    They ROCK!
    Thanks Masa, for a good report on wrestling!

  2. I don’t think the server is to happy about the size of those movies. The entire site is quite slow today.
    Why did you come to watch the wrestling? Are many of the audience random people who want to be entertained, or are they friend and family of the wrestlers?
    =================from MasaManiA
    I went to want to see. Some audience is family, some is just wanting to be entertained.

  3. of course, the greatest handicap fighter in the world is ZATOICHI (Shintaro Katsu), the blind swordsman.
    ============from MasaManiA
    But Zatoichi is not real, it’s fiction, It’s imazination world. THis Gog legs fighters are really real.

  4. Handicapped pro-wrestling is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I feel like if I were to die tomorrow, I would not regret my life, because, if only for just once, I got to see retards kick the shit of each other. Life is good.

  5. In europe we had curiosity shows where people were exhibited to show their crippled legs and stuff like it until the last century.
    Shame on everbody that comes to see this show just for taking a closer look in private at the handicapped they never were allowed to stare at openly in public.
    shame on the management that makes money from it for that reason.
    For me every dog leg fighter is a hero. because they are fighting for success. To get accepted in this society like every normal non-handicapped person. I wish there was a better understanding for them in Japan.
    Are we watching a match or handicapped people?
    masa, I thank you for this report of truth, but just to imagine how many people went there for curiosity makes me vomit. One of the view things I really critizise in Japan is how people are treated and dealt with like one in a thousand, and if they don’t fit into the society of thousands they are made fun of, they are impure and you should better stay away from them. I hate if people get curious and laugh at the looser and the weak.
    Life is not a MARU BATSU GAME!
    from my view every single wrestler has it’s own history and reason to fight. They are so beautiful in their hope and dreams for winning. Does the audience know that? Does the audience see the soul behind their bodies? How many people are secretly abusing human rights out there? we should free the human race from taboos.

  6. It’s like watching Murder Ball (Para-Olympic Wheel Chair Football). It’s great to see people out there enjoying the team sport and having a good time. But it’s also funny as hell when someone gets tackled hard and falls out of their wheel chair!

  7. I don’t know whether to laugh, or say, “What the fuck…?”
    You display things that strike this commenter is extremely weird. Such as the helicopter fuck entry. Hilarious, but fucking weird.
    But I’ll keep coming back. Your website here is truly unique, Masa.

  8. japan is starting to mess me up.
    my first reaction was “cool!” but really, this is FUCKED UP.
    Masasan, thanks for showing the world the truth.
    ============from MasaManiA
    Not all Japan is like this.

  9. I’m unsure what to think about this. I actually really like ordinary Japanese pro wrestling but this? I don’t know.

  10. Jesus christ vir-jin! Is there something you want to say?
    nothing to add, god rob- but I give you my middle finger 🙂

  11. How can I choose if this is right or wrong?
    BTW, Masa, I saw a BBC (English TV station) documentary about the Hikikomori phenomenon. I can relate with those young people because I’m more or less one of them. It’s hard to get outside into the harsh world but I think their parents shouldn’t ignore their situation and try to make their child more sociable. Maybe they should send their children to psychologists? Masamaniac, I’m not sure about it so I ask, What does Japanese people think about psychologists?
    ==========from MasaManiA
    It is not popular to go to psychologist in Japan

  12. Funking gr-r-r-eat gimp fun Masa-sensei!
    Wrester “Taro” here…Japan classifies me 1-kyu, “Profoundly Disabled” and I’ve unsuccessfully tried to enter the “Crazy Legs” competitions down Osaka. Saaa, gaijin dame. Zannen deshita. I’m guess I’m too big and genki/lively for their “super heavy class”, hee, hee.
    Anyway, don’t feel shy about showing these gimps and tards wrestling: We looove it!
    By the way. in the “Real World” I’m just an old gaijin salaryman who’s friends with Captain Japan (so you may meet me at the next interview).
    February 1, 2005 04:53 PM, my friend vir-jin wrote: … from my view every single wrestler has it’s own history and reason to fight. They are so beautiful in their hope and dreams for winning. Does the audience know that? Does the audience see the soul behind their bodies?
    Yeh, yeh, vir-jin. the freak show aspect is a bummer. But what the fuck. …the wrestlers are just having fun. Except for Dog Legs, they don’t wrestle for professionally. Hell, most of them are like “Koumuin” (a public servant) and me (a bucho) who have more than enough self-esteem than to worry about the “embarrassment.” You’ll see when we hook up later this month in real life, hee, hee.

  13. cheers Taro, as many times before- you made my day 🙂
    would have been great to see some taro wrestling pics on masa’s page- hee hee. fucked外人ダメなの?ホントニ残念でした!happy to see you these days!
    anyways, I don’t think it’s a clean competition cause there were also men fighting against women- so no way to compare it with paralympics.
    but I am happy about this report, cause the pics tell me- the couraged and beautiful were having fun!my pleasure!
    masa sensei, you’re the one and only!
    m(_ _)m

  14. I’m american, I always thought Japanese had lots of repect for eachother. The more japanese culture I see it seems your more like US(americans). We do the same thing, but instead we have homeless people who fight eachother (bumfights.com). It’s fucked up to me, and makes me feel kind of bad.
    I guess the world is not so different, we are really all justs fucks.

  15. Muahahhahaha! How pity of this poor handicap. Oh well, they must have an occupation or else they will continue to bitter themselfs of life.

  16. I think its great that the Handycapped Have a fun sport that they can do (side show or not ) I think we should encourge more handycaped related sports here in America ! well done you have opend my eyes

  17. Shame on everbody that comes to see this show just for taking a closer look in private at the handicapped they never were allowed to stare at openly in public.
    shame on the management that makes money from it for that reason.
    shame on you for spewing all this “shame” B.S.
    you don’t like it? bugger off.
    whats wrong with taking a closer look into the “private life” of retards? and its not as if a wrasslin match is terribly “private”
    just to imagine how many people went there for curiosity makes me vomit.
    we should free the human race from taboos.
    agreed. especially taboos that would otherwise keep the retards locked in closets out of sight and out of mind.
    let ’em wrassle. let folks enjoy it. chill out with the vomit talk, it makes you sound morally self-righteous.
    just treat everyone (retards & non) with the same basic human respect all humans deserve.
    ============from MasaManiA
    I think you are just a bias man who comment your opinion based only on your experience and imagination.

  18. Dooodes – Why is everybody against these people enjoying a sport that some of the “normal” people enjoy?!?!!
    For them it’s probably a big release of anxiety. This is probably wonderful for them, they get human touch.,

  19. Just when I thought humanity was at it’s lowest ebb, something like this comes along to prove me wrong. Thank you for reminding me that civilization is only a thin veneer over the natural savagery of our species. I almost fooled myself into thinking that our evolution had advanced somewhat…

  20. You know that as soon as Cartman finds out about this he’s going to try to enter.
    Ha, serve him right to get his rolly-polly butt bitch-slapped around the ring.

  21. Sport is sport, right?
    As long as they’re enjoying themselves and getting something out of it, I’d say go for it. Sports shouldn’t be entirely the realm of the ultra-overly-fit. If it is what these people want to do; I say go for it!
    If not…well….
    Just my .02 of whatever currency anyone uses.

  22. Yo dude – my first reaction was – ‘wacky’ and to smile a little….
    But then as i got further into you post i began to see the same sadistic, empty, opportunitistic, preying on the weak and defenseless, shit that goes on with so many ‘entertainment’ shows here in Japan ….
    The problem here is that handicapped people are being treated as ‘freaks’ and will be pushed further into a corner – yes, able bodied wrestlers qualify for this ‘freak’ status too but definately lead 2 different lives – one in the ring and one outside.
    In this spectacle, the handicapped person in the ring is the same as the one outside – there is no mask or separation of identity between the two. In fact it is even promoted, – ‘Handicapped father VS non handicapped son’.
    And this is about as close as most Japanese will come to even contemplating what a disabled person is capable of. From what i have seen in my time in Japan most disabled people here are treated with stigma and aversion. And most people im sure go through their lives without ever meeting somebody with a serious disability.
    Is this a ‘positive’ arena for disabled people to express themselves? Maybe if you consider their physicallity to be their strong or interesting point.
    Or is it merely exploitation for the surprisingly ‘ordinary’ or ‘normal’ looking audience and the organizers? I think the issue here is the focus is on highlighting the restrictions of their disabilities instead of looking at how they can overcome them. With every disabled wrestling move or punch or kick (if they have legs) will be an afirmation of the audience/spectator of their own ‘wholeness’ and promotes ‘lucky its not me’ attitude.
    This is where the problem lies. Its bullshit to say that its a chance for them to express themselves, what it really is – is a chance for the audience to marvel at something they themselves are not, a mixture of sympathy, aversion, horror at the contorted bodies and faces, yet happy to go home safe – just after watching a horror movie.
    ‘Blind person VS mentaly ilness person’ that is the same as pure carnival ‘freak show’ stuff that i believe is illegal in most countries now – due to a lack of consent of the participants.
    But seriously – i glad you are showing us this, i didnt know it existed.

  23. Whoa Masa0-san, dis iz some wile chit. Do they have a naked version of this type of wrestling? Sign me up. What cities in Japan do they have this? I would like to go next time. We used to have stuff like this in the states, where people wresteled bears and kangeroos and monkey’s and shit until PETA got all upity, friggin hemp smokin’ panzies, they ruin everything. Do they sell theme food at these events? That would be cool if you could get like a retard shaped ice cream bar, or a hot dog autographed by one of the wrestlers.
    It is hard to tell from the photos. What kinda moves they got? Any Atomic Drops or Pile Drivers or Back Breakers? Andre the Giant(God rest his soul) would have been right in there. So would that midget girl in Total Recall with three boobies.
    Word up Masa-san, this is the shit.

  24. This is the best thing I have ever seen! Im telling all my friends about tard fighting! The only thing that could make this funnier is if you had a match between a tard and the Pope.

  25. this is great, if this makes you feel bad then you have no self esteem- the only reason you should have no self esteem is if you are, yourself, retarded… at which point you could not comprehend this text and these images because GOD HATES YOU AND MADE YOUR

  26. first no successe try even again harder!! all retard both head and body, always have the good chance to snap out of it. Always make handicap people have normal life, do normal thing, do not never put them in hole of dirt or closet!!! Celebrate difference and try to make all everyone better. the man who does the show is running to offer help, try to make better not try to make funoffering. good people who try to make retard life better. Celebrate!!! to dumb guys who think we all laugh hard, you the one and only who dont see in straight line. You gonna have to wrestle it up one day, fool brain!!!!

  27. Why would God create something He hates? That would totally go against his nature, man/woman/thing. And what does self-esteem have to do with anything? Granted, this could be seen as funny by some, and others as horror, but I tend to see it as a form of tension release fo these guys. It’s people such as yourself, Mr/Mrs. Ihateretards, that make the rest of our society so putrid. God may have created them that way, but not for you to judge or hate. They’re just like us. Sure, they may have mental or physical disformations, but none of these things can even begin to describe the handicap that you have in your heart. Your problem is that you fear them, and in turn make fun of them as some fom of sick pleasure. I’d like to see you, Ihateretards, get in the ring with one of these guys and come to their level. You wouldn’t last 30 seconds. MasaManiA, keep up the good work. Thanks.

  28. I have to say I was quite surprised that something like this actually existed, even in Japan, where the most unusual things seem to find a home… and succeed.
    Not that the unusual is necessarily bad.
    What I mean is: all this patronizing makes me SICK!
    Do you think these people are there with no knowledge of what their purpose is? I noticed mental illness was mentioned, but for the most part, it just seems to involve people with physical disabilities.
    They’re handicapped, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do whatever the hell they feel like just because some of us ‘normal’ people find it offensive.
    Why is it offensive? Did you ask any of the fighters if they feel offended or diminished?
    Do you think that just because someone can’t walk or have complete control of their body, they’re automatically IDIOTS who can be subjected to mockery by the rest of the ‘normal’ world?
    How is this any different from the Para-Olympics anyway?
    If they feel comfortable there, and no one’s getting hurt, well, let them do whatever they fucking please!
    If you feel YOU’re the one getting hurt, shove it! Just look away.
    The guy who just won that fight and right now is feeling stronger and more accomplished, freer and better doesn’t really give a shit if you think he should be quietly resting on his wheelchair, back in his room, drooling all over himself while he’s watching some stupid game-show on television.
    He just kicked someone’s ass when people like you said he couldn’t – and that makes him feel great.

  29. This is so great I am shaing the link with everyone I can think of. Good job, people. Showing us something real. Fuck CNN.

  30. What’s wrong? Why shouldn’t Physically Challenged people enjoy wrestling? No problem, Pro-Wrestling is huge in Japan, all people welcome! Mas, better to write Physically Challenged. English speakers don’t use the other any more.

  31. I love retarded folk! They’re absolutly fantastically amazing. They’re so funny. They say and do hilarious things CONSTANTLY, I could watch/interact with them all day. ANYONE WHO SAYS THEY HATE RETARDS NEEDS TO WAKE UP AND GET A SENSE OF HUMOUR. They’re simply wonderful and the world would be a very VERY shitty, sad place without them. This wrestling is a great example of how quality they are, it’s genius. So what if people are making money from it? The guys obviously want to be there, they’re doing something, being appreciated, cheered by fans and most importantly – being loved. Thankyou Masa for the pictures and clips. I will share these with all my equally enthusiastic friends. x

  32. when people of retard mind do manure on themselves…then stop. Until then let them be going!! There is never no wrong with those who try. All you other country foreigns need to stay on your own custom. dont knock mine around. I wish i could manure on all you americanos. and austrila and europe you talk about words you dont even know of!! you all make all angry.


  34. C’est pitoyable, honteux serait le terme le plus approprie pour decrire cette horreur. Que la honte vous deshonore!

  35. movies are not working 🙁 handicapped people need to fight too!
    =======from MasaManiA
    Sorry but for the too heavy traffic, I shut down movie now.

  36. Yet another example of how every human being is so special. To those who mock them, eat shit and die, Please.
    Thanks MM.

  37. HAHA tard action never been funnier. Nothing like watching two handicap tards fighting each other.
    It woulds be funny to see a blind tard grab a deaf tards nuts but not hear a scream/
    Lets get some tarded chicks so we can see what tard pussy and tits look like.

  38. Well, the people that organize events such as this and allow it to happen will have to stand before God when they die and give an account of their life and deeds while here on earth. May Jesus bless them and convict their hearts of the evil they spread, and may God turn their hearts from it. Thank God this world is only temporary!

  39. japan scares me, after what im seeing, i agree with them doing it if they want to, but thats why there handicapped…they dont know what they want..

  40. Wow…. i’m truly amazed. This is the kind of thing that you always dreamed would happen between to special ed kids at school but never did. To anyone that hates it, you’re wrong, if these guys want to beat the shit out of each other for our entertainment then they’re more then welcome to.
    Thanks to the creators of this site.

  41. fuck following a trend…everyone likes this shit cuz they think it’s “cool”…its not. its worn out and boring. fuck this shit. go listen to slipknot and eat your instant macaroni, you fucking losers.

  42. i still haev respect for those guys because they are capable of releasing an album such as Calculating Infinity. BUT…Irony Is A Dead Scene made me want to vomit…there new stuff will probably be lame too. we’ll see.

  43. Everyone who thinks this is interesting needs to check out the kung fu movie “The Crippled Masters.” These guys kick ass! Don’t watch these people wrestle because you think it’s funny; watch because handicapped people want to wrestle too!

  44. I agree with Andrew.
    Masa isn’t degrating handicapped people. They just want to be treated like a non-handicaped wrestler because they are taken seriously.
    It seems very fair to me, Masa even presented information and pictures of a non-handicapped man with his legs tied up to make it fair in spirit for the hanicaped wrestlers.
    There are handicapped martial artists and wrestlers, and they’re just as skilled as the non-handicapped ones.
    I heard the WWE in America had a wrestler with one leg. (I don’t watch wrestling, but I heard it on the news.)
    Not all the wrestlers mentioned are mentally disabled, but rather motorially handicaped.

  45. If you read the article carefully you will notice that some handicaped fighters won the match. ^_- Come on, that’s cool.

  46. Where can i fidn a link to download some of these clips of them boys and girls wrestling, i wanna actually see it to believe it!!!
    ==========FROM MasaManiA
    Now i close the down load gate because of band widhth problem

  47. Wanna know what is really cruel, here? Everyone thinking that just because people are physically or mentally challenged, they should not be allowed to wrestle.
    Should these wrestlers be discriminated against, just because they are different? Maybe Blacks, Asians, and Latinos shouldn’t fight’ either. Only Whites like me.
    Hypocrites, take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.
    Masa, keep on posting-I love your site.
    ========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  48. That’s some funny shit! Can they tie balloon animals?
    ========from MasaManiA
    No, they can just tie your neck until you become hanicapped.

  49. this is some fucked up shit how can you all have retards beating the hell out of each other you all need help and who signs for the retards to fight ne way cause you know most of them can’t walk yet alone sign a fucking contract but if this shit is serious sign me up and i’ll fake a slobberin retard then get in the ring and proceed to give a retard a beating that his crippled ass can’t handle and become the haddicaped wrestling champion lol give this bullshit up or put them in a death match hell it japan wrestling we want blood not slobber come on now ….medevil

  50. That’s fucking hilarious.
    If you don’t like it, Instead of whining incessantly, go the fuck away.

  51. The handicapped people go in voluntaringly right? Do you know how this league began? (was it by handicapped who wanted to fight, or people who wanted to watch them fights?)
    This reminds me of ‘Bum fights’ in America, where college boys force homeless people to fight each other for money, but with better intentions. If it is the handicapped who enter themselves in battle,then this is a very inspiring thing, Dog Legs wrestling
    ============from MasaManiA
    IT’s quite same as other pro wrestling. the difference is just people. but battle is not so actionfully. you know what i mean.

  52. To those whom are saying mean things, against it or not: You’re totally misunderstanding Masa’s point. Grow up.
    Masa is not a bad man of bitterness.
    I have seen handicapped martial artists before in American movies.
    Masa’s point of view isn’t about exploiting. It’s about freedom of a minority.
    Though I do agree, it is alittle unfair for a disabled fighter to fight against someone who isn’t. There’s an advatange and disadavantage to a fair fight.
    ==========From MasaManiA
    But it’s not fight but just a show.

  53. Exactly. I don’t think you are exploiting them but seeing them as a minority. Wrestling is a form of entertainment.
    Well, at least that’s how I feel.

  54. To fuckingchinks, You are beyond the most retarded thing I have witnessed in my life! I give you my middle finger, and then I give it again with both hands! You are not worth wiping the dog shit from any of these fighters shoes!

  55. Outrage or opportunity? Quite like paralympics, this is a sports event. Yea, some people go to see how people weaker than themselves are humiliated. But it would be wrong to deny a group of people the chance to wrestle.
    A few years back, a group of my friends made a short movie with a handicapped protagonist. He got humiliated in every way and the movie showed little sympathy for the guy. It was aired on an underground tv channel. Some people said it was the best piece of comedy they’d ever seen. Others blamed it for insulting a minority group.
    To the latter group of people I would say “fuck you”. In my opinion, the movie just tells a story, albeit sad one (or hilarious, if you like). The ugliness of this world is in the eye of the beholder.

  56. I’m a paraplegic and I’ve felt for a long time that there should be a wrestling organization made up of physically challenged athletes but I don’t know how I would go about getting one started.
    ============from MasaManiA
    In case of doglegs, the founder is staff of handicapped people’s school.
    and certainly some handicapped people want to fight on the ring.

  57. Hello,
    I am very interested in these events and would like to know how to go about getting tickets to watch. Can you please email me with any information about further events.

  58. fucking retards need fucking barbed wire cage, or doped up virgin on a pole match,retards on speed with knives taped to hands,glue broken glass to the mackie’s hands feed im laxitives and see if he tries to wipe his retard ass.

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