International French language give Jap uncountable yawns.

Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara is sued by French teacher who live in Japan. Because he said last Oct. 19: “I have to say that it should be no surprise that French is disqualified as an international language because French is a language that cannot count numbers. ([…] Because French is a language unfit for number manipulation, it is perfectly normal to contend that it cannot be used for international communications.[…])The governor uttered these remarks during a meeting of a support organization for Tokyo Metropolitan University, which opened in April via a merger of five metro government-run universities and colleges. On Friday, Berkane expressed outrage at Ishihara’s remarks. Ishihara “can say whatever he wants in private, but as governor, he should not make such statements on duty,” he said. Tokyo District Court on July 13, along with 20 other French and Japanese. The plaintiffs are demanding an apology and 500,000 yen each in compensation.
As a Japanese, I am really shame of Shintaro Ishihara’s disparaging remarks about French. I hope French people win this case. But I am really worry after getting compensation, wheather French can count number of money or not by their language.
Judging from Ishihara’s behavior, we, Jap seem to look down on French. But it’s completely opposite. Almost all Jap longing for French. And it’s one of popular dream country. French fashion brand, Chanel, Celine, Cartier, Christian Dior, Hermes are very popular. We always order French-fry instead of “Freedom fry”at Macdnald.
This guy is also one of such French lover. The book that this guy read is French language reference book. He seem to be hard French language student. But you know, French is really difficult for Jap. The reason he open his mouse widely is not for pronunceancion of French language, but for yawning. The reason he is yawing is French language study is too boring. The reason he lost his hair is French language study is too hard. The reason I hope at least he can learn how to count by French language before he dead.

he is hard French language student. so he study even in train.

he seem to really strugle to learn French language.

Judging from his strange shape of mounth, he seem to try to pronounce French language.

He open his mouth so widely and put hand on it, what kind of pronouciation ?

No, he just yawn. even though French pronounciation sound is semilar to yawing voice.\

And finaly he fall sleep while studying French language in train. Myabe is not dead yet. he maybe just fall asleep.