Awesome ! secret police parade is done while you are sleeping.

In early morning, suddenly lots of police gathered. I ask one police, could you please tell me what happen ? police officer said, today is police parade. Could you please what time will it start ? and police said, “Oh, I don’t know it.?EOf course it’s lie. They seem to be afraid of information leaking to terrorism or something. Tell the truth, few week ago, I call to police department to ask about police parade information. But they never tell me exact information. They tell me only ambiguous information. this is their usual behavior.
it’s quite sad because I really love to see police.(atention; i love TO SEE police) and It’s quite unfair because when they catch and question to us, they never let us go until they can know our exact information. when they question to public people, they always regard us as criminal and keep trying to arrest by find out something criminal point in our answer for their lots of question, and if we decline to answer, they try to arrest us because of denial of police question. so we must always keep answering to police long question if we are questioned by them unluckily.
Hey, but don’t worry, I am Ninja shotter, who can take any photos and i took photos of police parade.
When I went to the police parade stage, surprisingly there were lots of camera crew. Yes, only major mass media is invited this show.
Police show started about AM 7:30 and it’s completely finish before AM 9:00. so almost all public people never notice what happen. because lots of people still sleep or start to get up in such early morning. it’s speedy and silently. This is police show.
For me who are bad man, police parade is really awesome. Surounded by lots of police is unconfortable, but it’s really important thing to know police, their uniform, and all kind of police unit. because i am bad man. You know what i mean.
Enjoy Japanese police parade.