Hey Chinese and Korean, protest Jap education ! Fuck in school !

Hiding is the most popular method in Japanese education. The reason of hiding is that our education’s priority is not thinking, but memorizing. It makes Jap non-thinking, memory macine. English class teacher hide translation to test the memory. Mathematics class teacher hide the name of theorem to test the memory. History class teacher hide year number of histrical event to test our memory. By the way, Chinese and Korean insist that Japanese education hide Japanese war crime of WW II in histry class. I don’t know it is fact or not. But anyway histry class teacher teach us there are lots of anti-Japan riot in china and Korea because Japanese histry education hide Japanese war crime of WW II in histry class. I hope it won’t lead actually war because I don’t want to add the the histrycal event to study in histry class. My brain is really poor memorizing ability.
Anyway Japanese education really like to hide. It maybe the most effective way for memorizing.. I don’t know this is good way for education or not. but I can say it’s completely wrong to hide in sex education. Our sex education never show us actual pussy nor actual penis, needless to say the way of actual fucking.. so intelligent student know precicely each name of parts of vagina and penis but they neve know how to fuck girl until arrested by police as a junior jumper. On the other hand, drop-out people can fuck very smoothly.
As a human, fuck is very important activity. But Japanese education seem not enough in sex education area.
Show the actual pussy and penis in school. Showing actual fucking is maybe more educational. fuck in the school for the name of true education !
I hope Chinese and Korean protest Jap sex education rather than histry education to see the teenager pussy in school.