Asakusa samba carnival had already finished !

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Asakusa samba carnival is one of my favorite event.because we can stare swinging boobs legally likewise woman marathon watching. this is the most luxury event for poor middle class single man. But, oh my god ! this day i was ordered to go to work. this sudden job prevent me from seeing swinging boobs. I nearly died. But I never give up. I finished the work as soon as possible, and go to Asakusa samba carnival ! but
Asakusa samba carnival had already finished !
neally naked carnival boob dancers were hurry to go to home. No doncing, No swinging, never stop to be taken photo. they just were hurry to go back to home. this is the reason lots of photos are blur. these photo is sign of my tragedy, misery and chagrin.


  1. gnome says:

    looks like alot of fun! great pictures, sorry you didnt get to see it! when is it going to happen agian?
    ====================from MasaManiA
    Every summer it hold at Asakusa.

  2. 佐倉 says:

    “Every summer it hold at Asakusa.”

  3. Mnemesis says:

    kawaisoona Masa! But really, Japanese boobs don’t actually swing, do they?
    Though it is always good to see almost naked women, and some of them were damn hot.
    too bad i missed it, too.
    ====================from MasaManiA
    Certainly lots of Jap’s boob is not enough size to swing.

  4. stefmax says:

    こんにちは。 謝肉祭の非常に多くのきれいな女性。 日本のReggae の謝肉祭を訪問するか。 私はそれがバット及び胸の非常に素晴らしく、完全であることを聞く。 私は写真のそうよい仕事の多くのきれいな女性に会う。 私は実際に愛する: http://masamania 。com/アーカイブpic/asakusa_samba2004-44.JPG
    彼女は実際に私にセクシーである、 私の彼女の電話番号を彼女に頼む心か。 ハハ
    よい仕事Masa 、 私は仕事を愛する。

  5. the elf says:

    Hooray to swinging boobs!

  6. Tom says:

    waw.. it’s horrible
    even German disguises itself better.. for Carnival
    Good Photos, ciao

  7. dorac says:

    I agree the Asakusa Samba is a great event. Would love to see it live myself one day. Here is a link to some more photos :

  8. John says:

    Very nice! Better luck next year. I hope you get there early so you can get a good seat to see the swinging boobies up close (you lucky luck f****r)

  9. Rob says:

    Damn…I missed this too….when is the next one? I though it was help in the late summer not the middle of the fucking winter…but I guess you could look atthe girls and keep yourself warm ne?
    =================from MasaManiA
    here is official site of Asakusa samba carnival

  10. ootaliaoo says:

    woah….looks like a strange version of American Mardi Gras…some of the costumes are really pretty though!

  11. Miggy says:

    For such a technologically advanced country, Japan sure does have lots of above ground power lines as it looks like from the pictures. You barely see that anywhere in New York where I live. The power lines above ground sure do bring back a lot of nostalgia from the country I was born in: Dominican Republic, sigh.

  12. spinkick says:

    men should not dress like women…
    it is too disturbing sight…
    now i can’t eat for days.
    but the boobies are rejuvenating, especially jap boobies, even the small ones…

  13. Bionic ManN says:

    wow i really need to hook up with a japanese chic..

  14. Edward Rock says:

    (In Spanish) Amo a las mujeres japonesas… si existe otra vida, quiero tener una de ella como MI MUJER.. Son sensacionales y tan eroticas..!! Que vuelva pronto el carnaval !!

  15. Aaargh! Terrible and nasty,but original comedy `tupiniquin` i am brasilian guy for my dreams is fuck and slave of japanese bitchie! please help! quero foder essas niponicas metidas a mulatas brasileiras, e viva o samba japones que coisa ridicula!

  16. com says:


  17. J.E. says:

    Is it me or are Japanese women starting to look more like Latinas lately. But I still think Japanese women are overrated. Everyome goes around saying how they’re so fucking hot but they look pretty lame to me. I’ll stick with hisapnic women.
    Also I understand Japan and Brazil have a strong cultural exchange. Just take Brazilian Ju-Jutsu for example.

  18. chedogg74 says:

    I dident see any swinging boobs. the only nipples I saw were on a man!
    =====from MasaManiA
    Saddly nudity is baned in Japan.

  19. coldstone says:

    my grandfather had a problem with his enlarged prostate gland
    and he needed to have a colostomy bag attached to his leg that would fill with his urine and he made my 9 year old sister empty it and re-attach it to his leg for him (she now has a pee fetish)
    some of the people in your pictures are carrying the same kinds of bags with them, and some people are drinking from them!
    ======from MasaManiA

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