Tragedy cosplay gallery, 2004 winter comike report 01


Comike is hold on two times in yea, the most hot summer days and the most cold winter days. and cosplay space is in open air if it’s not rainy. Yes, this day was rain in cold winter.
comike is really crowded always even open air broad space. so this day’s cosplay event was really tragedy. This day was really cold and rain whle day and too narrow and extraordinary crowded.
No space for ideal pose for photo. too many cameraman and too many cosplayer and no space. Every cameraman try to get cosplayer and space for posing. while taking photo, other cameraman and cosplayer get into the frame of camera to take their photo. Taking photo was like a battle. It was really chaos.
i dont know why I took photo in such cruel situation. if i had a reason to take photo at that time, it must be for you. Enjoy !

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  1. is it common to wear these costumes in Public, Daily dress? cuz some of them are really cool & well, i wouldn’t mind wearin any in Public, yet i do live in america .. lol ..

  2. Another great report Masa!
    Wow….such amazing desguises…
    In my country we have cosplay contest, and a few years ago, i used to go to watch these contests…
    But i must admit these cosplayers are very cool….really great disguises…
    i must say that our contests are far to be amazing like in your country but they still fun…
    anyway…wonderful report…very colorful…

  3. MasaMania!
    I read you everynight and you don’t post, but…
    I leave you a little time and you make one million posts WOW, I am so happy! I have a lot to read.
    Thank you for thinking in us. I like your pictures and your post.
    Corpus Martinez

  4. very good sh@t ! i like these photos i think the girls are hot they guys have balls and most of all japan rocks!!!! i want to go big time

  5. wow I love to cosplay and have seen some very very very tragic ones at american anime conventions I’d love to go to one in Japan

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