Tokyo university rock'n'roller

masamaniaHe have strong identity. It’s so strong that I cannot understand.
Totally amazing.
My friend tell me he is the student of Tokyo University that is the most top intelligent university in Japan, and he is also rockin roller.
I will not enter Tokyo university and I will not think up this kind of combination of cloth wearing never ever. He wear outfit very difficultry. He has certainly his own style.
How can i describ him? No you cannot.
He beyond word, beyond you beyond intelligence, beyond fasion and beyond everything.
because he is Tokyo university rockin roller.


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  1. quoting:
    Wow! He has balls. But the fact that no one else is looking at him is strange.

    DUH he has balls, it is japan too, nobody notice noone in japan regardless how outrageous your appearance. fuck you.

  2. wow! I am at the todai library quite often but I never met somebody like him. everybody wears suits most of the time. he should go to harajuku at weekends, he would make a lot of friends there. anyways, at geidai we have strange outfits too, and today I am dressed completely in green. made some people smile- hey, what else is outfit for? people that don’t know you notice you and people who know you don’t notice anyway.

  3. It seems that because he is very smart, it is ok to dress that way. But, if he was a homeless person, you would say he is fucking crazy! Like the homeless man with the toy car. Who is crazier? Everytime I read your stories I question many things. Thank you for the enlightment.

  4. someone get him a sandwich. cat food if he fancies himself a feline. something. quick. before his bones break under the crippling weight of his hair.

  5. Trop drole. My girlfriend is aroused by looking at him. He is super cool. Over here he would get lots of girls( and guys).

  6. In my city this guy would have been clubbed to death. Which is a pity. We need smart people in in neanderthal crack whore get ups all over the planet!

  7. There was a guy at my school who never wore shoes anywhere. He would walk barefoot to classes, in the cafeteria, in the woods. I thought that was very odd.
    But nothing compared to this. I can’t help but feel sorry for him and wonder why he dresses so.
    =============from MasaManiA
    You should take picture that person !

  8. he is FUGLY and looking scary.. but in japan, they are very open in their own sense of fashion.. i guess to each his own, get it???
    ===============from MasaManiA
    I think we are not so open for the fasion, this situation lead to such extreme.

  9. This should should wear some fucking JEANS if he fancies himself a rocker. I mean he’s got the long hair, the black boots, the leather jacket(around his arm) and the leopard top is OK but he should definitely WEAR SOME JEANS!(or at least any pair of pants) especially with those skinny legs.
    He looks like somebody mugged him for his pants. Jesus, And I thought I dressed like a freak back then.
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Thank you for your advice

  10. I live in a small hippie town where you can see guys in skirts all the time. My friend from my Japanese language class wore a skirt to class more than once. There’s also a guy that shaves his head and walks around downtown in long skirts talking to himself… He’s kinda scary, but interesting.
    ==========from MasaManiA
    Yes, i think lots of Jap think about hippie bit differently.

  11. where you around to hear the ‘popping’ sound?
    I’m sure there must have been an audible sound that was made when his cerebral cortex snapped!

  12. he is a garden variety manic depressive, years of systematic torment compelled him to change his identity, believing to be a woman bury those painful memories from his childhood, bad teeth, blurred vision (thick glasses)and his/her/it’s skinny frame suggest substance abuse, or maybe he’s just ……..

  13. Hey Masa,
    Why not making a short interview to some persons like this one? (questions as: Favourite film, food, experiences dressing that way, you know… they can share their experiences and point of view).
    ============from MasaManiA
    THank you for your advice. but lots of such people cannot talk nomally.

  14. His arms and legs would snap in a strong wind. His hair is very powerful, harness that power to feed the poor people of Africa. His thick sunglasses are good to create solar power to run big factories that make soccer balls. I wonder if he wears a thong underwear?

  15. I never seen something so much freak like that…………is a very sad person ,but he have intelligence .So i think is OK………

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