Street musician need strong vision as a musician in stead of sunglass

masamania Musician have poor memory. If you go to classic orchestral concert, you notice that all orchestral members cannot play without score. Even cymbal player who klap it only few times seem not to be able to memorise score. I cannot understand why classic orchestral musician cannot memorise their score nev er the less their music have been played million times from classic era. They must be realy poor memory. But they are still great because they actually play instrument and sing. Modern musician cannot play nor sing. They just move their mouth rhythmically in accordance with pre-recorded tape. The reason Mich el Jackson, Madona, Britony keeping to move around stage with sexual costume is that they try to get audience attention except their mouth by audience. In such situation, what can we hope to street musician ? I nev er blame this person for his poor memory. I nev er condemn this person for his poor technique. But I wis h this person have strong vision as a musician. No need memory, nor technique, but strong vision. Very strong vision in stead of sunglass. if you Click the “READ MORE” link ! and see the last picture, you will understand what I want to say. He maybe cannot play without score. and he also maybe cannot play without strong vision.

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  1. Is he using someone elses music?
    ============from MasaManiA
    Yes, Japanese famous folk singer’s song.

  2. LOL! It’s great Masa! And you’re absolutely right! I hate pop-comercial musik.. It have no soul.

  3. hahahaha, this is a great photo!! (the last one).
    i play guitare myself, and i think musicians can learn the music without sheet.
    when you go to classical music concerts, you can see the sollist hasnt got any sheet of paper, yet he plays he’s eyes closed moving and dancing on the freaking stage (i was impressed by a great concert i want to here in france).
    thanks for your great reports on Japan, i’ve been reading you for a while now, and i’m thinking of doing something similar about Paris, wich they shamelessly call “the most beautiful capitol ever”…lol
    dja mata!
    ===========from MasaManiA
    Thank you

  4. i love every photo you have taken for this site. Please never stop taking!!
    question: do you get permission before taking pictures of people? (i.e. Japanese child eating McDonald’s)
    ==========from MasaManiA
    thank you. about permission, depend on person.

  5. Maybe he found a picture of a undressed lady in his book ?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    You are comedian
    Hahaha no Masa you are the comedian.

  6. it’s me again! i want to know if you asked the boy with McDonald’s if you could take a photo of you giving him the finger. 😀
    =============from MasaManiA

  7. Finally a new update, thanks Masa.
    If this guy wouldn’t only sing for the money he wouldn’t need a damn songbook because it seems like that’s the music which he isn’t really into.
    So FUCK YOU street musician!!!

  8. i want the teddy on his guitar… ^_^
    at least he’s doin sumthin… i bet with the amount of practice he puts in he’s far better than most of the crap popular ‘artists’ around…

  9. I’m glad you have updated. I thought you were in prision or something for a while. Keep up the great work!

  10. The glasses look really stupid. He has a funny-looking face, he should work in comedy.
    And the doll hanging from his guitar is…is…I don’t know the word in the English language that expresses how retarded that it looks. What is he, a 16-year-old girl?
    ===========from MasaManiA
    you are so acidity.

  11. Hey Masa,
    I love your reporting-techniques and the way your mind works.
    A friend has recently come in contact with J-rock and she loves it. Now I’m also beginning to like it, especially music by Gackt and more. My friend says Gackt is like the prince of japanese media. Can you tell us more about him, his status, as you’re like a media-watchdog. Thanks for your time.
    =========from MasaManiA
    Gackt is not so popular. There are lots of certainly fanatic fans. but not so popular.

  12. Professional musicians have to play much different music that is technically demanding. It is too much to memorize most of the time though good Jazz players memorize up to 1,000 and more tunes. How well they play them is another story though.
    I try to memorize but sometimes I need fucking sheet music too.
    =======from MasaManiA
    In such case, you also need strong vision.

  13. Wow….once more a nice pic…and an interesting
    Well the truth is i have no idea that some jap instrument’s players have bad memory to remember every note… I can say here in Chile, the situation is not the same…Instrument’s players after a few performances remember every notes and can play songs without score…however, it’s amazing, in a country where people use their memory 100% to learn (as you explain in the “Hide educational things)” , the pic with the naked ass’s girl, i’ve read it too, LOL ), are not able to learn some songs or rythm…
    i guess not every people are able to learn things usin memory, myself i’m very bad and poor tu use my memory, but because of my future work, i don’t need it =P
    I suggest you you to tell that mister to buy new glasses to see…
    Well…this is it…don’t stop to take pics…your site seems to me very interestin…
    Keep doing this exelent job here…
    nos vemos!
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you and have strong vision !

  14. r u really japanesE? u sound like an american faking it with the bad english and living in japan
    i hate those white perverted american guys in japan going for jap gurls
    =================from MasaManiA
    If you read FAQ section of this site, you can know who I am.

  15. busking can be a lot of fun … but all my friends who do it improvise and make music up on the spot. they aren’t trying to be a radio, reproduce someone elses tunes … they’re adding their character to the street and the moment. they don’t need any song books or scores!!! same with jazz musicians 🙂

  16. MasaManiA: That si me in the 3 pictures!!! why you tak e me picture with out permmission. i will sue you for invalding my privacy!!! fuck you
    ============From MasaManiA
    I am sorry.

  17. it seems as if Mr street musician is playing along with the score when suddenly he turns the page of the sheet music only to find a polaroid photograph of his girlfriend in bed with his best friend ! that bitch !

  18. Ah youre finally back!
    thats a very funny picture!
    great work, Masa!
    ===========From MasaManiA
    THank you

  19. Just maybe the old poor guy has some spoiled child who rewrote his score.. And now he’s thinking “What the fuck? I play this song for 20 years and I don’t remember this part.. I’m getting old. Umm how did they do it in the Jisetsu Circle again?”
    =^.^= greetings from Slovakia
    =========from MasaManiA
    THank you

  20. I played violin in high school. We would have to play our music at concerts and we always had our books on a stand in front of us, whether or not we knew our part by heart. Many times, it is only used as a prop, so to speak.
    The musisian looks like a cartoon in the second picture. His expression is so exaggerated, it’s funny. Maybe he wants to branch off into comedy, as well.

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