Japanese truckin style. cool customised car culture


at a glance, it seemed that these are just nomal cars. some car is very old so it cost lots of money to be just good condition to run. but they are spent lots of money for customise. such casuality could be cool. Turuckin is name of car culture. They customize pick up car as cool as they can. It’s maybe originally USA culture. But Jap also enjoy it. And lots of Jap people use Japanese car even though original truckin is almost USA car. If you know original trunkin, Jap trukin is maybe interesting for you.
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  1. I was under the impression that in japan if your car is more than just a few years old it gets very very insanely expensive to keep it legally on the road, these guys must spend all their money on these things 🙂
    Some of them are quite cool but some seem very low, if they go over a bump in the road it looks like they’d get destroyed.
    Also http://masamania-com.check-xserver.jp/wp-content/uploads/truckin01-017.jpg that’s a cute little one! that looks really old, though no doubt it won’t go over 70Km/h 🙂

  2. even when compared to american custom cars, it is dull! i would have expected one that can turn into a giant robot. or at least more decoration.

  3. cool, im from canada where trucks are very popular. I think it would be really cool if you did an article on off road motorcycles, because japan makes lots of them like yamaha

  4. eeer… bob have you heard of hydrolics? that’s how they don’t get destroyed when they hit a bump…
    what i really want to know is what’s up with the “for sale” signs… are they really for sale, or is this how they bougth them and didn’t bother to take out the sign?
    great pics.

  5. I noticed that many of them are left hand drive. Even many of the Japanese branded trucks. Why is that? Isn’t Japan a right hand drive country?

  6. the goal here is to be like american truck. left-hand drive conversion is the ultimate mod for your jap truck. the truck here that are best is the ford and chevy ones (american import), they always stand out since very rare in japan to see these truck. very cool hobby is truck modding in japan!

  7. Hey Masa…while your at it…get out and see if you can find out where all the old Volkswagens are being taken.

  8. Trucks in America are much better…Mexicans are the best at being creative…I expect Japanese trucks to be like robots!

  9. …..The pics look like they were taken in LA. Japanese low rider cars aren’t so hot; but then again Japanese motor scooters that the gangs have look so cool!!

  10. hmm i agree with the others. i would have expected more beauty with the customs trucks like an American custom trucks. these seem a bit decorated but nothing really stands out.
    they are nice to look at though

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