Benz riding Yakuza go to deep mountain for eating turtle


Almost all Jap know that turtle is good food for erection like a Viagra. But almost all Jap don’t eat it because it’s really grotesque and very expensive.
I was really regretted to join hot pot party when I see dead turtle with bottle of blood that my friend brought. He tell us with smile that that turtle is very fresh because it alive few hours ago. And he said happily “of course I bring turtle’s blood too that was squeezed from this dead turtle. Very fresh blood ! .

After ripping off carapace, he pick up lots of organs from turtle’s body and throw them into hot pot. This cooking need more brave heart than technique.
While cooking, he tells me his turtle story.

turtle blood

When he lost his way in deep mountain area, he found one simple sign board at the lonesome place, that just say “Turtle”.

It leads him to the shabby turtle shop, but some gorgeous Benz was parking.

My friend bring turtle to eat

In the shop, there are full of Yakuza who came to buy turtles. According to Shop master, most of his customers are Yakuza who drive all the way out here by Benz to get his turtles. Shop owner says that special people like Yakuza know turtle has special power!

Dead turtle but still fresh

Since this happening, my friend starts to go this secret turtle shop in Deep Mountain.

Even if I heard such story, my brain’s rational analysis still hesitates to eat turtle soup. But I already drank with beer and loose control.

I finally ate it and I was really surprised. It’s completely delicious!

now ready to eat turtle !

There were much kind of turtle organs that shape and color is different. But every piece of turtle organs was incredibly good taste.

After eating up it, I soon sleep. And next morning, I waked up with strange feeling. As if turtle head is grow from my groin.

Turtle power is really great.

Suppon, turtle is really delicious !

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  1. It’s amazing only yakuza eats turtle. It is very popular in Chinese restaurants. It’s not cheap, but not insanely expansive here. And true It’s delicious and good for body.

  2. Masa san, your blog is great, thats for write in english,my japanese is not very well and i live in argentina so i speak spanish XD

    bye masa san

  3. masa u are back again!
    or not? this post is from 2009 🙁

    I have been following you for YEARS, since from your first website. I love your work!

  4. Hi Masa! I know you must be busy, but I do enjoy your social criticism and I really miss your blogs. Please come back!!


  5. is this really Masa? I think its been four years since I read Masa’s blog. After few years, you are still in my mind.

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