Street car racing in Tokyo night sky, Roulette-zoku

If you look up at the Tokyo sky, you can see lots of highway if you are not on the highway. But the reason why we call it highway is not for the position, but the price of toll. Yes, we never say freeway. Do you know why Japanese highway tall fee is so high ? Because we can enjoy really high grade labyrinth atraction. It’s really so complecated.
And central highway are called Metropolitan expressway. and in it, there is inner circular route. and it is not called racing circuit, but it become racing circuit on Suterday night.
Amature street racing is very popular in Japan. and we call such driver, “Hashiriya”. some Hashiriya enjoy speeding. Some Hashiriya enjoy drifting technique. some Hashiriya enjoy customise. some Hashiriya enjoy cornering technique.
In case of Metropolitan inner circular route, Hashiriya keep going round to enjoy time trial. So they are called, rullet-zoku(group). They are really fast. They are incredibly speedy. So it is easy to become top among them. Just drive within legal speed. and you can be top because Metropolitan expressway is circular.
Dont police do nothing in such situation ? Yes, or actually they do too much. Police set up the tons of speed trap. and police keep to patrole whole days. so if you speed over bit, you get arrested in a express way. The meaning of express is applied to arrest.
But Hashiriya never be scare of police. They memorise exactly where speed traps are setted. and they have special divice to detect police car approching. and of course, they are too speedy to be catched by police. They are also professional of not to be arrested by police.
Today I introduce you Suterday night’s Tokyo street racing.