Japanese business man's vomiting life

What’s a lack in common sense to vomit in the train ! Even if he must be drunk, he could manage to vomit outside train. Almost all people do so. At least it maybe be a minimal manner as a member of society.
He must be suck beast.
But, hey, see his outfit. He wear suite neatly. Yes, he is Japanese business man.
I don’t know why but I feel pity for him more than anger. I can imagine his dairy life.
He must get up same time in the morning to go to company. He must get on the same train. He must do same job with same people. He must be scolded by same reason. He must do same over time work. He must go to drink to same bar. And he must go back same home by same train.
His life is strictly managed by same routine like a machine, because he is Japanese business man. His vomit happening is the only moment when he can be human in his mindless daily life.
But even if he vomit on the train sheet, he must go back home as soon as possible. He cannot clean up it even though he maybe feel sorry for it. He must go to company next morning punctually. So he must go back home to get ready for it.
Vomiting is the only freedom moment for Japanese business man. Let’s vomit for Japanese business man life.
P.S. i recoment you had better give your seat to old people & handicapped people in Japanese train. It’s Japanese manner. You already know how rational manner is in Japan.

He vomit on the train.

Vomit is scattered on the train floor, on the train sheet on himself.

Normaly people dont get on the train when they are nearly vomit.

But he must get on the train, because that is his routine.

Normal people dont vomit on the train. vomit outside train.

But he vomit on the train. because he is Japanese business man.

People sometime cannot help vomitting but at least they vomit outside train.

But he vomit in the train. and he must go back home without clean up vomit on the train.

He wipe his vomit on his suite but never wipe his vomit on the train sheet.

This is Japanese business man life. it could make you vomit ?