Fuck Bush is trendy in Japan


Shibuya young guy f**k bush !

I have no intend to be proud, but we won at the Russian war in the past. We wan to China, Korean etc.
but we could not win to America. We got atomic bomb twice and lost.
After that, Japanese law was made by America. For lots of Japs, going to America become popular dream.
Lots of students (especially hillbilly people) and baseball player (Yes, lots of basebally player is hillbilly) want to go to America.
Our prime minister, Koizumi scare Bush shit and obey US policy. We have lots of US military bases, coke, Macdnald, Disney land.
Yoko Ono run away from Japan to America and fucked by White people and live in USA. She is the symbol of Japanese dream.
If other country people see this situation, Jap seem ass hole same as US jack ass.
Yes, lots of snob people is that.
But don’t worry sir, some people also hate Bush. fuck Bush ! fuck bush is popular trend in Japan now.
I hope Japanese people who hate bush is not for following American fasion, but for the political reason.
And be careful, fuck FCUK is not trendy in Japan.