Advanced technorogy make us busy in endless priority choice.


Handicapped people sometime move physically unimpaired peope by physically challenging. Sometime handicapped people make us surprise us by climbing mountain with one leg. Sometime handicapped people give us touching by sailing with only one arm. Sometime handicapped people tell us how little handicap is. And give physically unimpaired people the encouragement to live in hard society.
But in case of physically charanging by physically unimpaired people, it’s such surprise as threating our live.
I was enjoying driving by friend’s driving. Suddenly his handi phone ring and he answer it even though he was driving. and to make matter worse, it seem to be very important call because he put his hand on ear to block nose for concentrating the comversation of the other ear hall.
At that time, he was driving. And car is moving. His one arm hold phne, the other put on ear. So how did he streer ? Yes, he use his leg like in the picture
I know some handi capped people driving with their leg. They got such license by being trained. Such unbelievable charanging move us. But my friend’s unbelievable act make us want to move out from his car because it seem to be very dangerous.
I shout him to make him to stop calling while driving ! but my voice don’t reached his ear drum because his both ear closed.
You will think that he should concentrate on driving without answering call or stop car and answer the phone. But Tokyo life don’t allow such leisure mind. We are always busy. We must drive as fast as possible to arrive destination to finish holiday plan before job starting day and we must answer the phone at every moment to keep getting job.
If we think about priority for survibing, lots of happening seem to be eaqally important because advance technorogy bring many important thing at the same time.
Driving as fast as possible is important and answering moble phone is important. But phone during driving is illegal. So if we call while driving, we must pay attention to police to prevent from arresting.. Japanese life is physically challenge by driving while calling with pay attention to police.
Advance technorogy bring lots of important alternatives as the same time. So we are always busy in such endless priority choice. it is just helpful for making us busy. It seem to make our life hard.
fuck helpful advanced technorogy.